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I just got back from a trip to Minneapolis and had a interesting conversation with a friend who lives there. He said that Minnesotans have a different way of life, he called it "Minnesota Nice" and because of this the people there can be difficult to read. He stated they often don't say what they really mean, by being overly polite and are in fear of stepping on toes. Like they don't want to upset the balance. He also told me that he of course doesn't feel that everyone there is like this. This has just been part of his experience thus far (7 years) in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes". With that being heard, I feel like I've got a little insight on how the characters in Fargo have been portrayed.

Over the last four episodes Bill has gone out of his way to protect Lester, handle small town business (snowplows) and completely ignore evidence. Molly has gone behind Bill's back to investigate Lester, hasn't been able to lie to Bill and looks defeated whenever she gets shuts down. Lester has been trying to think of the right story to get out of his predicament, hide his connection to Lorne and try to fix his festering hand. Oh and Gus can't decide if he should or should not go after Lorne. Seems to me all these characters are being too polite to accomplish what they want. It has been frustrating (in a good way) to watch them fall all over themselves to not go, do, say and grab what they want. After this episode I believe they can longer ignore the path(s) that has been set before them from the beginning and that they need to change how they've been going about things. Could our characters be changing from "Minnesota Nice"? Are they about to get real? You betcha!

Molly has finally realized that she can't hold back any longer. There is way too much for Bill ignore. He really can't be THAT blind to what is going on in his town anymore. I'm glad she didn't back down in her approach and got the permission she deserved. She doesn't waste anytime with this. While Lester is in Toxic Shock and in an ambulance she presses him. She asks if his deal with Lorne went south because he didn't pay him. It's a moment for Lester to come clean, he does a little. He only admits that he never paid Lorne. ARGH! Come on, just admit that you never hired him in the first place! Sure Lester was delirious but he could pin almost everything on Lorne. I know he won't be able to get away with his wife's hammering (Lorne taped that conversation) but he could try. I'm not sure why I'm so "let's see how Lester can get out of this". Maybe it's because I feel sorry for him. He has been put (at first) unknowingly into a situation he couldn't possibly of comprehended. He has been bullied by a lot of people all of his life and I want him to turn the tables. Or maybe I don't want him to go down alone. Lester can't underestimate how smart Molly is and needs to up his game to her playing level.

Gus is still struggling with his guilt in letting Lorne go. Even though he is suspended he looks into "Frank Peterson" and reflects on his interactions with Lorne. He can't seem to figure out what he wants to do. He wants to protect his family but also do the right thing. Does he let a man go who he knows is guilty? After a heavy conversation with his neighbor about sacrifice and giving. Gus decides, "Nope!" He will go after Lorne. He calls up Molly so they can get together, join forces and share evidence. There was a sweetness from both of them in this phone call but you can't shake the feeling that it may end badly. Lorne has caught Gus retracting some steps and is now observing/ stalking Gus.

Lorne is now implementing the final stages in his blackmail plan. Even after he locked up Doug "to get some rest" and drove Milos further off the deep end he remains the same. Calm, calculating and ever knowing. His speech about wolves raising the Romans would be enough to creep anybody out. We got a little peek to how wickedly smart and insane he is. This might have been too much for Milos because he has dismissed Lorne and will pay the blackmailer $1,000,000 to keep his son safe. Lorne has been one of the most fascinating characters to watch but he is also the most complicated. Sure we get little tidbits here and there of how twisted he is but what is his motivation? What makes him tick? I'm not sure I can be happy with he is a psychopath who creates chaos for the fun it. WHY!? Just give me a little bit, please? ;)

Some Thoughts/ Questions
-I have to admit that I was a little perplexed in how the episode opened. Lester's shotgun origin story was humorous but I'm not sure if it and the whole "let's show buckshot going through Verne into Lester's hand" was necessary. I think most of us have guessed or knew what was in Lester's hand and the effects of the buckshot seemed out of place because the other episodes haven't had anything like that. Maybe it's that each director takes 2 episodes and passes on, so that's why it felt off.

-Loved Number's and Wrench's interrogation of Lester. "If you puke in here, I'll kill you. I will actually kill you." made me giggle. Who was that suited badged man that gave them Lorne's picture? Is he higher up than Bill? A different department? Will he play a role in dissuading Molly? Has he already?

-Milos' son was onto to something with who purchased the crickets. He just might be "smarter than your average bear". I hope that Lorne doesn't decide to use the "first born plague".

-It was nice to see Verne's daughter Bernadette. Before this episode I was fearing that Verne's presence was fading. It was a sweet scene between Molly and Ida, so was the reminder of Molly's personal stake.

-Could Gus' apartment complex be to close for comfort? Would you invest in blinds? Or do you enjoy a tight knit community? Will nice neighbor become of casualty of Gus' decision?

-Is $55 a good deal for a shotgun and 3 pairs of mixed socks? What would have been your "best offer"

-Was your heart pounding when Molly was digging around in the washing machine? Did you breathe easy when it wasn't there?

-How is character development going for you? Good pace? Not enough?

-Is change happening?

We are at the halfway point in this quirky story. The stages are being set for what lies ahead. I'm exciting to keep wearing my parka and see where it all leads. What about you? GO!
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Thanks again for the review!

I actually liked the opening. Yeah, we didn't really need to see that it was a gun shrapnel in his hand (I knew it was), but the fact that Lorne used Lester's gun to kill Verne will be a very significant plot point I imagine. The supercut of Lester's wound getting worse was gross though.

I'm glad that Bill is finally listening to Molly, I guess there's only so much you can ignore evidence.

Gus' neighbour was definitely a peculiar fellow, but he obviously has a good heart, and the way in which he stood against Lorne was admirable.

I really don't know what Lorne is doing. I'm still not convinced he's purely after Milo's money, and I think my theory that he's one for confession and making people pay for their sins could very much still stand, but he's behaviour is just so disturbing and eccentric that we can't just be certain he's not just a complete crazy person. I've hoping that's not the case, but either way, he's one of the most entertaining parts of the series.
Hmmm true about Lorne using Lester's gun being significant. If only Lester could be smart enough to start spinning his story that way.
I thought it was going to be a piece of bone in his hand, not buckshot
Hey Grumpy! You know I thought so at first but then there was an episode where Lester was touching his wound, then reflected on Lorne shooting verne and back to his hand. I thought at that point it was buckshot.
I live in Minnesota. When we don't like something we say, "That's interesting." Yes. We do not like to upset the apple cart, as the saying goes.

Another amazing episode.

The preview for the upcoming episodes looks f*cking amazing as well. The storm. The guns. Uff da.
Awesome! "Uff da" lol! I've been trying to work that in and just haven't yet. Yes what's coming looks fantastic! Can't wait!
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