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Everyone's a bit burned out on TV reboots and adaptations these days. Even a cursory glance at the television landscape will reveal a plethora of based-on-a-book, -movie, and -old-or-foreign-TV-show projects, ranging from great to absolutely worthless. But every once in awhile, those adaptations are worth it, and FX's upcoming take on the 1996 Coen Brothers film Fargo appears to be one of them. 

Starring Billy Bob Thornton and Sherlock's Martin Freeman, and made with the Coen Brothers' blessing (they're also producers on the series), Fargo premieres Tuesday, April 15 at 10pmRight now the series is a closed-ended true-crime story with a limited run of 10 episodes, but it has the potential to continue on in an anthology format, similar to American Horror Story or True Detective. And if the teasers FX has been airing are any indication of what to expect, we're hoping for much more than just 10 episodes. Take a look for yourselves:

1. Roadside

2. Scrape

3. Enchanted Highway

4. Fishermen

Are you planning to watch Fargo?

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