Season 1 Episode 10

Morton's Fork

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2014 on FX
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Molly takes the lead, while Gus follows a hunch. Lester takes control of a situation, and Malvo finds a new target.

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  • This was NOT better than True Detective.

    I finally saw it, nearly without commercials.

    I can't believe anyone thought it was better than True Detective.

    It was all right, but not great. True Detective - until the stupid ending, that is - was great.
  • The wolf

    So disappointed that Malvo was killed, I was looking forward to perhaps seeing him again in another series. All those tapes and so many stories to tell. I don't think Gus would have gotten a medal, as a mailman, he killed an unarmed and injured suspect without even calling it in. Until a trial Malvo was just a suspect, Gus would not have gotten away with being judge, jury and executioner. I did like the scenes with the wolf. I think the show did have supernatural hints that were very vague and never explored, like the way Malvo knew everything, the fish raining from the sky and the wolf at the end. I've heard the next series is based in the 70's with a young Lou being the only character, Lou has spoken a couple of times about an incident in '79 where he was waiting for a 'what' rather than a 'who'. I'm gonna give it a miss because I'm not a fan of anything '70's but it would be interesting to know if they will keep up the supernatural hints.moreless
  • Terrible Viglilante Kills Innocent

    With all the clever first six episodes let down by a conclusion of inadmissible evidence for a final scene reeks of lazy writing and plot holes. The tapes.. they were recorded out of context, so they can't be used nor submitted as evidence. The husband breaks and enters, and assassinates. That's murder 1. Wat a load of shet.

    This is amplified with the end scene, no compassion nor doubt. Might is right.

    Mighty actors let down by bad scripting and HIPPO direction!

    Look to True Detective for minor faults please.moreless
  • disGUSting Finale

    With the whole town terrified by the assasin, his FIL (a sitting duck, BTW) sitting on his porch with a shotgun, his pregnant wife a possible target, and fearing anyone trying to capture this man could be killed, Gus then leaves everyone at the mercy of this murderous, rampaging madman and just lets him go, resulting in the murder of 2 FBI agents (and possibly the murder of a car salesman). And then Gus murders the suspect, which jars with the conceit that it's a true story.moreless
  • SPOILER: Don't read if you have not seen this episode

    I loved this whole season up until the last 60 seconds. SPOLIER: Gus is a freaking mailman. He illegally entered a home and slaughtered an unarmed injured man who was not threatening him in any way and they are going to give him a medal??!! I get that Malvo was a bad guy and deserved to die but we still have laws in this country and Gus deserves to go to jail. I also know that the creators were trying to stay true to the ending of the "Fargo" movie but this rings hollow especially with by-the-book Molly cuddling up to goofy Gus. I might as well add that Gus should not have been let back into the crime scene and Molly tampered with the scene leaving fingerprints on the tape recorder.

    A disappointing ending to an exemplary season.moreless
Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key

FBI Agent Pepper

Guest Star

Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele

FBI Agent Budge

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Chantal Perron

Chantal Perron


Guest Star

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk

Bill Oswalt

Recurring Role

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine

Lou Solverson

Recurring Role

Joey King

Joey King

Greta Grimly

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Title: The episode title "Morton's Fork" is a logical dilemma in which people are faced with two equally bad options. Faced with this dilemma, a person must find or create an exception or the outcome of the situation will probably be unwanted since there can be no good outcome from any of the victim's choices. It is thought to be named after the English Lord Chancellor John Morton who worked under Henry VII. According to Morton's logic, wealthy Crown subjects had money to spare for taxes, and poor subjects must have savings so they too could bear the high taxes. Thus, rich and poor fell to the points of "Morton's Fork" as regards paying high taxes.


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    • Crew Clarifications and Additions: Chad Oakes (Produced by), Michael Frislev (Produced by), Rachel Tenner (Casting by), Jackie Lind (Canadian Casting by), Stephanie Gorin (Canadian Casting by), Gail Kennedy (Make Up Dept. Head/Make Up FX), Chris Glimsdale (Hair Head of Department), Keith Sayer (Billy Bob Thornton's Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist), Tom Yaremko (Head Greens), Rachel Viszmeg (First Aid/Craft Service), Charlene Lee (US Casting Associate), Ryan McGregor (Digital Imaging Technician), Bill Walton (Security Coordinator), Justin Onofriechuk (On Set Property Master), Glenton Richards (Assistant to Noah Hawley), Ashley MacMillian (Assistant to Noah Hawley), Patty Mann (Assistant to Warren Littlefield), Ryan Duffy (Assistant to Geyer Kosinski), Jay Osterman (Assistant to Geyer Kosinski), Jay Daniel Beechinor (Associate to Producers), Christine Solberg (Assistant to Billy Bob Thornton), Kevin W. Buchholz (Co-Supervising Sound Editor)

    • Episode was shot on location in Alberta, Canada.

    • Special billing was given to Colin Hanks (with) and Martin Freeman (and) for this episode.