Farmer Wants a Wife

The CW (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Farmer Picks A Wife
      It's down to the wire – who will win Matt's heart? The girls are put to the final test to see if they have what it takes to be the farmer's wife. After Matt takes the final two girls on separate dates, he calls a town meeting – it's time to pick a wife.moreless
    • A Family Affair
      A Family Affair
      Episode 7
      Matt surprises the girls by bringing a little taste of the city to the country. Later at a huge dinner with Matt's family, the girls are met with some very tough and emotional questions. Brooke and Christa finally confront each other in front of Matt. Left with the final four Matt leaves the girls' heads spinning with a shocking elimination.moreless
    • It's Show Time
      It's Show Time
      Episode 6
      Matt invites the girls to put on a talent show for the town. Some of the girls charm the crowd while others leave the town folk scratching their heads. But the real drama begins at a hog roast, where Ashley puts Matt on the spot…again. After a shocking elimination, Matt takes one of the girls on a hot and heavy date.moreless
    • As Country As Apple Pie
      Matt makes a surprise visit to the house and he and the girls play a very revealing game of truth or dare. Meanwhile, a fun day of pie baking turns into a fierce competition for the girls at the local fair and sends the losing girl back to the city. And Matt's shocking choice of date has everyone baffled.moreless
    • Do-Si-Do
      Episode 4
      Matt takes the girls square dancing and there's a heated competition to get Matt's attention, and Brooke and Lisa take square dancing to a whole new level.
    • Wet 'n Wild
      Wet 'n Wild
      Episode 3
      The drama continues as a day of swimming turns into a pool of arguments when a contestant expresses doubts. Meanwhile, the rivalry between two of the ladies reaches new heights, and Matt takes one of the girls out on a date that includes meeting his family. Finally, the girls participate in a tractor race.moreless
    • Pigs & Cows & Sheep... Oh My
      The competition for the heart of the ultimate American farmer begins to get heated when a romantic date leads to the spreading of tremendous gossip. Meanwhile, two of the contestants begin to show their true colors, and Matt takes the girls out for a night of bingo. Finally, an eliminated contestant refuses to leave the farm when her time is up.moreless
    • Goodbye City... Hello Country
      In the series premiere, ten city women move to rural Missouri where they meet Matt, their dream bachelor. Immediately, some women find life in the farm enjoyable but some have trouble fitting in. In the end, the girls enjoy a beautiful date with Matt but later are faced with an elimination round.moreless