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The CW (ended 2008)


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  • I enjoy this show-although I find it proceeding rather quickly-I'm not sure how Matt is getting to know the girls very well when he only sees them an hour or two

    I enjoy this show - although I find it proceeding rather quickly - I'm not sure how Matt is getting to know the girls very well when he only sees them an hour or two every day or two and in groups. Kind of hard to get to know someone you are suppose to marry. I'm surprised in his final two choices - not sure Christa is a good "wife" choice. Maybe a good "fling" choice, and she has a mean streak in her. Too bad Matt can't see the tapes of her in the house before he makes his choices. The wild drinking nites, drama and vulgarity might be a warning sign!!

    Just watched the final episode!
    Hip Hip Hooray! I was clapping at home and almost cried when he picked Brooke! Good Choice Matt!
  • Farmer wants a wife, That was a wonderful show.

    I loved this show and want more. I would also like to know if mat and brooke are married now. I know this was taped last summer . So has brooke moved to missouri yet. I wish u would do a update of the show. They need more stuff like this on TV, and get rid of the other crap. I really enjoyed
    watching this show.If mat and brooke are not married yet, then is she still in california. or is she living here with mat now? If brooke changed her mind, Will mat Pick up where he left off with the other girl? I know right now he is fighting to save his farm from the flood. I live in IL. about 30 miles from Mat. So I know what it is he is facing
    with the River.
  • June 18, 2008 show was sad. Matt let Amanda go home to the city. She would have been the ideal farmer's wife, since she was a good sport, quiet listener, and good cook. Such a shame.

    After watching tonight's episode I found it very disappointing that Matt let Amanda go back to the city. She was very patient, a good listener, a good cook, and seemed to be the only candidate to become the "Farmer's Wife". I don't think Christa or Brooke are mature enough to be shows in their jealousy towards each other. However, Matt is the one who must decide on his own fate. Hope he didn't miss out on a real farmer's wife in Amanda. Living on a farm is tough, with long hours of work. Brooke puts too much nutmeg in her pies, but Amanda had the winning recipe. Matt is already skinny...hope he likes nutmeg!!!

    Good luck Amanda----Matt will miss you I'm sure!!!
  • a

    I have been around for some time now. and i am almost sure 99% of the time at country bars the electric slide is not a line dance we do....i dance every friday night, thats not one of them. And its funny how girls well go to tell you one thing and yet the one your looking for is not even in front of you. and im shocked on how many people do this to find that one person they think they can spend the rest of there life with... You seem like a great guy, why set yourself up. Good luck
  • I do not believe the farmer would be married very long to any of them that are on there.It would be nice to know where this farmer lives like what State.Every week I watch the show and never miss it.I am hoping he doesn't find his wife yet, I want him

    I think the show is hot just like the farmer. The ladies are just not the farming type. Why not just some plane Janes, it would be nice to see just a normal looking lady instead of the model type.Some one who is not afraid to get their hands dirty.Now if this was for real I would like to marry the farmer. Farm life is hard and alot of work.I grew up in the city but spent alot of time on the farm and I know how hard it is.I can cook, bake ,clean and every thing else.I want the farmer.Or if there is one really out there.
  • I love this show. I lived on a farm and its hard work but loved every minute of it. This show is so real!!! It's down home and farmer is cute and seems very mature. Thanks for a good show.

    This show is a favorite of mine. It's good that he involves other people in the community to help select the wife. It is so different than alot of the other reality shows. It is real life in a real situation. It will be sad if people missed this show. I found it by channel surfing. The farmer is good looking but most farmers are!! The women that are left really impressed me with getting dirty and milking goats. Are the women going to cook or can vegtables? I don't want to miss a show and have my tv programed. I haven't been bored with this show at all.
  • I love this show!!! they should have one for older man and woman. I would love to meet a farmer

    please send me to meet and farmer! I would love to live on a farm with a very good looking man so we can have a great time together. If you do one remember that there are older woman out there that are looking for this,not only the young woman they don't know what they want yet.I think Matt as too good for the women he now have there. The younger women on the show don't know one thing about life and what it takes to keep a man happy.matt needs to look for the woman for him and they are not it sorry about that but thats the way I see it.
  • Ten "City Girls" compete for "alone time" with Matt, each week one of the city girls is sent home. At the end of the series, one of these ladies will have to give up life in the big city in order to become a farmer's wife.

    I like this show. I`m glad Josie went home she was crazy, and she didn`t seem like wife material...Esp not farm wife material. I did like Brooke until I seen how she acted at the bar all the other girls are right she is there for Matt and should focus on him! In the first episode I felt he was into Brooke, although he didn't pay too much attention to her in the second episode. The only reason that Josie wasn't eliminated last week was because the other girl really didn't want to be there, and it showed. IMO Matt was doing them both a favor.
    Josie was eliminated this week because of her disrespect of Matt's community members, Matt himself, and the other girls. Oh, and maybe the fact that she said she didn't want to work at all. It was made clear that one of the requirements Matt is looking for in a wife is someone who is willing to work. At first I thought Josie was going to be around for a while, as she caused controversy, and shows like this thrive on it.
    Her "parting gift" should have been a kick in the rear.
    She really made herself look foolish when she refused to leave after being eliminated.
  • this is the first show that is actually half way reaasonable unlike the bachelor and others. there was a disappointment when he didn't kick Josie off because she didin't do anything and is very rude. but if that is what he wants.......

    what was he thinking keeping Josie on there. she thinks that the kind of life a farmer leads is disgraceful. she wouldn't even touc a chicken to participate because she didn't think it was necessary to do that to impress him. then she opened her big fat mouth on the hayride and interupted the others. on the other hand she wasn't one of the ones attempting to teepee his truck. the date with Christy seemed to go okay until then and then it was almost ruined. what were they thinking? that is something that a elementary or middle schooler would have thought of. oh well maybe it will be better next time.