Season 1 Episode 18

A Bug's Life

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 1999 on Syfy

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  • This was a fantastic episode.

    This so far is probably the second best episode this series, the only episode that i thought was slightly better was 'A human Raection'. This episode focused on all of the main charactors. The main story, (the deadly virus) was an intresting story. I liked the way that the virus kept jumping host so we were never sure until the very end who was infected. I thought the best part of the episode was where Rygel was shot by the stun gun and put in the virus valt and to no surprise he wasn't even infected. I think that their will be consequences over whta happened to Aeryn at the end of the episode. Overall i really enjoyed this episode. This was a great episode which really is a double episode. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • A body snatcher in space

    ‘A Bug’s Life’ is yet another fantastically well written and acted episode of Farscape. The creativity of this episode keeps surprising me,

    The episode begins with the farscapers changing their outfits. Aeryn and John are both clothed as peacekeepers and the other three are as prisoners.

    A ship with other peacekeepers walk in and they are going to take over the ship but John doesn’t let them. He comes very convincing over,

    Meanwhile Chiana sees that the peacekeepers have something with them and she decides to steal the key. When Rygell escapes out of his cage they open it and something strange comes out that goes into one of the peacekeepers and kills another. Then he kills whatever was in the machine and then he grabs Chiana and kisses her making something go into her and change the rules.

    When the other peacekeepers find her she tells that Rygell did it all along and that he’s hiding now. The peacekeepers captain says that it’s a virus that goes from person to person and it’s very smart, the person who was under it’s thrall won’t remember a thing after having it out.

    When the peacekeepers capture Rygell, Zhaan noticed something strange. Chiana and John are together and she is acting confused while Crichton is acting confident.

    The best thing about this episode were the peacekeepers toying with Aeryn and making her desire her home country again. Sadly for them, they all get squished. Crichton goes to the female and smashes her head in and then destroys a gun to stop it.

    But Zhaan doesn’t trust anything and believes that Crichton is possessed and tells everyone else, when they try to capture him he goes into someone else’s body but nobody knows who. Chiana and John can’t because they have already been possessed. Soon Zhaan, Aeryn and a peacekeeper joins them. It turns out to be the captain who kills his mate and then stabs Aeryn. He escapes in a ship but John tells the pilot to shoot it and destroys it.

    All in all, A bug’s life was a very exciting episode with a lot of twists and laughs. This episode can surely be added to yet another masterpiece of this amazingly well written and creative show.
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