Season 4 Episode 17

A Constellation of Doubt

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2003 on Syfy

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  • A documentary from Earth confirms John’s worst fears.

    This was a fascinating way to examine how Earth reacted to the crew’s visit.

    No wonder John is obsessed. As Rygel pointed out, John has many obsessions, but watching the documentary over and over is typical. How many times did John warn them? Full disclosure is the only way Earth can unite to fight what could come. But the American Government does what they always do – quote ‘National Security!’ and classify everything! Now the paranoia takes over and conspiracy theorists are having a fabulous time! It’s quite frightening to see how Humans have reacted to the visit, the prejudice and the small-mindedness, never seeing that John was trying to prepare them, give them what they needed without scaring them. Now John knows he should have told them everything because now various groups are filling in the gaps. Instead of preparing the planet for a potential war, Humans are too busy arguing about the morality of Chiana, the dangerousness of D’Argo, the possibility of inter-species babies… it’s only far later that they finally take the hint and unity begins.

    It was fascinating to watch the home movies that Bobby made, a behind the scenes look of their trip to Earth. Quite scary how conversations can be taken out of context and put together. Though some of the ‘points’ were well done and actually not out of context.

    It’s great to see the aftermath of their ‘vacation’. Often with an episode like 'Kansas', you don't know what happened afterwards. A very interesting episode.
  • Another class episode.

    Finally another great episode. And i ahve to say that Farscape continues to make some of the best episodes ever in season 4. I am so glad that this show is going out with a bag as it deserves. This episode really was a documentary about the time Crichton and the aliens visited earth. In the episode Crcithon tries to work out where they are holding Aeryn. I was also shocked to learnt hat Crichton offered to give up all of his knowledge to Scorpius as long as he helps him to get back Aeryn. I hope this is a deal Crichton is not intending to live upto. But yet again another fantastic episode from season 4.
  • Probably the best ever show about how earth would deal with a real alien landing. This episode has everything right in it. it merits a perfect 10. Aeryn on a talk show? What's not to like?

    There are barely words to express how good Farscape is when it is good. I thought they had done the definitive first contact stories with Kansas and Terra Firma, but this was the business several times over and in spades. The episode not only moved the plot on and developed the characters, but did what good sci-fi should - it held up a mirror to ourselves. Ignoring the practical issues involved in picking up the transmission through the worm-hole, the off-worldly review of a very on-worldly documentary was perfect. Aliens come to Earth, and what do we do? We get them on chat shows. And when we’re bored with that, we make a TV documentary about them. Not only that, but it’s revealed that the FBI has a secret file on them. Now there is a serious crossover we need to see - Mulder and Scully investigate the Moya alien cover up! What really made your flesh creep in this one was that you knew this is how it would be if first contact really happened. A paranoid press that just wouldn’t understand that the rest of the universe simply wouldn’t care about us. We want to be threatened, otherwise we aren’t important. Excellent