Season 4 Episode 17

A Constellation of Doubt

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Another class episode.

    Finally another great episode. And i ahve to say that Farscape continues to make some of the best episodes ever in season 4. I am so glad that this show is going out with a bag as it deserves. This episode really was a documentary about the time Crichton and the aliens visited earth. In the episode Crcithon tries to work out where they are holding Aeryn. I was also shocked to learnt hat Crichton offered to give up all of his knowledge to Scorpius as long as he helps him to get back Aeryn. I hope this is a deal Crichton is not intending to live upto. But yet again another fantastic episode from season 4.