Season 1 Episode 15

A Human Reaction

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 1999 on Syfy
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After discovering a wormhole that appears to lead back to Earth, Crichton takes the chance that it might be his ticket home. He crash lands on a beach in Australia and finds that although Earth is exactly as he remembered it, it is not exactly what he was expecting.moreless

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  • Finally John gets back to Earth.... or does he?

    When this episode started i imidiately began to think about how could Crichton go back to earth and the Farscape series continue, and my mind came up blank. Lickily it was not as simple as that from John. He is not actually on Earth, an alien race known as the acients created the memory out of his own memories. To find out how earth would welcome Alien visits, an to their supprise they find out Earth is not a suitable place to go, Fianlly Crichton is released. This was a great episode, meeting Johns Dad again was good. It was nice to see earth once again. This episode showed for the fist time how much the crew of Moya care for each other. I hope in the future episodes they will be able to visit earth for real. A well written episode probably my favorate do far this series.moreless
  • Your own Dream World

    ‘A human reaction’ was yet another stunning Farscape episode, possibly the best so far.

    No, scrap that. It’s the best so far.

    It begins with Crichton seeing a worm hole and it goes straight to his homeland. It’s his chance to go back and he’s ready do take it.

    Aeryn doesn’t want to go with him because she doesn’t really trust the world so he takes off all alone and says his goodbye to everyone in the club which was pretty sad.

    Everything starts to go strange when Crichton lands on earth and gets caught by the military and they take him back to investigate him and find out if he’s really what he claims to be.

    His father also comes by and asks him all kinds of questions leaving them to trust each other. A chip of Moya sends D’Argo, Aeryn and Rygell to find Crichton because they are curious about what happened to him and if he’s safe, ofcourse immediately they are captured and imprisoned.

    Poor Rygell gets sick and when John goes to find him he sees him cut open and examinated. He knows that the same could happen to D’Argo and Aeryn which soon happens in deed and D’Argo is taken away but Aeryn escapes.

    John goes to his dad’s place with Aeryn and have one of the most intimate moments (did they actually have sex?)

    But anyway, outside John looses his mind and tells everyone to back off because everyone there is seen in his real life, magazines and the places, he has seen them all.

    John soon discovers that this world is made up and unreal, he goes to his dad who changes into his real form…a bunny.

    Well, it looked like one. It wanted to know if it could live on earth but now it knows it can’t because they would experiment on them.

    This episode ends well with leaving me with some questions. But mostly, it was damn good. Storylines acting, everything was on it’s highest. Except for the bunny alien.

  • This episode is one of the best I've watched in a while.

    It really makes you wonder what would happen if aliens really existed and they came to Earth. Would we have a "human reaction"? Probably.

    I really wasn't expecting the episode to end like it did. I loved the ending: surprising and emotional.

    The acting was amazing. I actually didn't know someone could act that good and the whole cast was that good.

    Ben Browder was perfect in this episode. He was so good that you really believed that he was in that situation, that he had been betrayed by his own people. Claudia Black was very impressive, I loved the language detail.

    One of my favorite scenes was the one they kissed (I'm a hopless romantic) it was very well written and performed.

    There is nothing else to say except:

    Loved it.moreless
Kent McCord

Kent McCord

Jack Crichton / The Ancient

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Phillip Gordon

Phillip Gordon

Ray Wilson

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Richard Sydenham

Richard Sydenham


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Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edgley


Recurring Role

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This episode introduces the enigmatic race known as the Ancients. They are incredibly powerful creatures, or they were, at least. Theirs is a dying race, for all their power over matter and their ability to create false realities based on images from an individual's memories, they are few in number and their powers are dwindling. Their legends speak of a world where they will be welcomed and allowed to cohabitate and replenish their hives. They used Crichton to find out if Earth was that fabled world. The Ancients (or rather, their legacy, and what they have given Crichton) will have a recurring and important role throughout the remainder of the series.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Zhaan: (as Crichton prepares to leave for Earth) John Crichton, remember, there's a part of me inside you. Take care of it.
      Crichton: I will.

    • Rygel: What? It's just a tiny blue planet. What are you getting so worked up about? Nah, it's got no particle rings, no red moons.
      Chiana: Totally unimpressive.
      Crichton: That's Earth. That's my home.

    • Crichton: (as he prepares to leave Moya for Earth) Sparky.
      Rygel: What?
      Crichton: Not taking my stuff.
      Rygel: Oh?
      Crichton: So I thought I'd give it to somebody. (Rygel makes happy noises) To Aeryn.
      Rygel: No! You can't!

    • Crichton: They have worlds out there, people out there you wouldn't believe! But they do not have chocolate.

    • Cobb: Not going to shoot me, are you?
      Crichton: (Crichton pistol whips Cobb) Wrong. (Crichton kicks him) That's for Rygel.

    • Crichton: (referring to their intimate encounter) Aeryn, um, about last night....
      Aeryn: Yes, it's fine, John, it's just not top priority right now.

    • Aeryn: Rain? Is that what you call this? I like it.

    • Jack: Son, are you willing to die for those creatures in there?
      Crichton: Dad, I gave them my word.

    • Aeryn: You know, Crichton, Peacekeepers wouldn't even kill their prisoners to study them.

    • Crichton: (Looking out a window) Look at that.
      Aeryn: What?
      Crichton: That's it. Earth. Minus the sunshine.
      Aeryn: You know, you were right. It's actually very beautiful.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Claudia Black came up with her own "Sebacean language" for the scene where Aeryn speaks to Jack, and her voice isn't artificially modified in it.

    • This episode and the following one, "Durka Returns", were aired out of order in the US, which caused a bit of a continuity problem. Chiana appears in this episode as an established member of Moya's crew, but she isn't introduced as a character until "Durka Returns". When "A Human Reaction" aired originally the scene was cut out, so the continuity problem didn't become apparent until it was included as part of the episode in the DVD set.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on January 12, 2000 on YTV.
      -This episode aired in the UK on April 3, 2000 on BBC-2.
      -This episode aired in Australia on December 9, 2000 on Nine.

    • It's convenient that Crichton just happened to crash land on the Australian coast, when the show just happens to be shot there!

    • The Ancient was actually a puppet, and was moved by puppeteers standing against a green screen, and then they were digitally removed in postproduction.

    • This episode is one of the cast and crew's favorites, because of how it advances the characters and series as a whole.

    • Originally the weather was supposed to be sunny, but when they filmed Aeryn and Crichton it was in the rain and Claudia Black came out with Aeryn's line about it, and director Rowan Woods just embraced it.