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Season 1 Episode 3

Back and Back and Back to the Future

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 1999 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

The crew comes across a ship that is molecularly de-stabilizing. D'Argo makes everyone bring the ship's escape pod aboard when he discovers that the ship's passengers are Ilanics -- long-time allies of the Luxans. Aboard the escape pod, Crichton gets a shock and starts experiencing strange visions of the future, first of himself and one of the Ilanics, then of Moya's destruction.moreless

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  • This is very good

    I'm not a big sci-fi fan, but this one had everything. Time dilation has long been a staple of this genre of tv, and Farscape does it better than most. Crichton is still kind of a bumbling idiot, or at least that's what the rest of the crew thinks. It makes it harder for him to convince them of the crisis which is about to unfold.

    His glimpses into the future make it plain, to him at least, that the alien chick is not what she seems to D'Argo. The episode is devoted in part to validating Crichton's point of view, and in that, it's a smashing success.

    I've been randomly going through about 85 different series on Netflix, and this episode stands out as a great stand-alone episodic adventure. It would also work as a short movie. Just sayin'. I'm definitely not deleting it from the queue.moreless
  • I liked it a lot.

    This was a really good episode, Moya brings abord two alien creatures who ship is blowing up. When abpard they tell the crew of the important work they are conducting on blackholes to win a war. The creature tells D'Argo that Luxans and there race fight side by side in this war, this imidiatly causes D'Argo to bond with them. Before long Crichon gets a vision if the female alien killing the crew but time resets and Crichon must slove the problem before anyone gets harmed, but the process continues over and over. A little like groundhog day in space.

    This overall was a fantastic episode yet again this episode bonds the charactors together and starts the series off to a great start, looking forward to seeing the next episode. This was wel written and gave us viewers a little more insite into the series.moreless
  • Must See

    This episode has to been one of my favourite episodes from season 1. Moya rescues 2 Aliens from a ship, but not is all that it seems. The female of the 2 works her charms around the men of the crew, D’argo especially. We see D’argo’s soft side and a certain loyalty. Criton begins to see the future, which leads to a bit of confusion while watching but it doesn’t dampen the episode. This episode has been cleverly written, but it is reminiscent of a Star Trek the Next Generation episode in some aspects but not all. We find out more secrets about the characters and I got a great feeling when all had been resolved, even though the hot alien had gone. But a great Episode! A must seemoreless
  • Time, future and an Alien slut

    This is definitely the best episode so far, filled with a lot of creative scenes and just downright humor.

    This show is really unique, this episode makes sure of that.

    It’s about D’Argo meeting some people of his own kind, but the female isn’t what she looks like. She starts to seduce D’Argo and take him to her side and use him like a pet because she wants what the other guy is making and is planning on doing everything she can to have it.

    Meanwhile John touched something which gives him flashes of the future, he sees the woman seducing him and having sex with him. Later he stays seeing some less pleasant things when he and the rest get killed by the c*nt alien.

    The coolest scene ws probably the fight between Aeryn and her, what I didn’t get is why Aeryn didn’t die and they didn’t brought the fight up, which was a shame.

    So anyway, while John tells that to Zhaan, she gets flashes and drops a mask and the third time he stands on it (awesome moments)

    He tries to tell D’Argo but he doesn’t listen until John starts to talk about his real crime and then D’Argo believes him. The woman gets what she wanted eventually but when she tries to leave on her ship it explodes and she dies in it.

    This was definitely tv at it’s best, highly enjoyable and just simply great.

  • When the crew of Moya rescues a pair of Ilanics from a exploding ship, wedges are driven between the crew. With Crichton seeing the future and D'Argo infatuated with the female Ilanic, a host of trouble is just waiting to happen.moreless

    When the crew of Moya rescues a pair of Ilanics from a exploding ship, wedges are driven between the crew. With Crichton seeing the future and D'Argo infatuated with the female Ilanic, a host of trouble is just waiting to happen.

    I wasn't impressed with this episode. I was actually getting bored with the show, well up to the point where Crichton starts seeing events in the future, well at least ones that don't deal directly with sexual activities with Matala. Then the show became interesting. As he tried to peace together a plan to save everyone. While I have seen similar episodes on other shows, but I can't think of a Science Fiction show that lasted more than a season or two that did not eventually have an episode dealing with time dilation in one form or another. An interesting take on a genre staple.

    I have major question about Zhaan's blue mask. Crichton has most of his experiences with the future when he was holding it. Each time he broke it. After his last flash back, he laid it on the ground and stepped on it. Why? What was the point of doing thus?


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Ilanics and Luxans are genetically related, and, according to D'Argo, have been blood allies for over 1,000 cycles. The Ilanics are currently engaged in a war with a race known as the Skorvians, and the two races have been enemies for a long time, evidently. The Luxans are supporting the Ilanics in ways that, according to Verell, are more than what their alliance calls for.

    • The equipment that Verell is using appears to be Peacekeeper and is identical to that used by Gilina in "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory".

    • This is the first indication we see that the true reason for D'Argo's imprisonment is not what he claimed in "Premiere".

    • Terms:

      -Mivonks is an expletive literally meaning testicles. It is also used across genders in the slang sense of guts or courage.

  • QUOTES (16)

  • NOTES (5)

    • Brian Henson noted that with this episode, "Farscape started exploring darker themes. Even the love scenes here are a little creepy. We were feeling our way into a visceral and twisted tone that would become signature territory for the series, making this episode one of the most important of season 1."

    • This is one of Ben Browder's favorite early episodes.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on October 13, 1999 on YTV.
      -This episode aired in the UK on December 13, 1999 on BBC-2.
      -This episode aired in Australia on June 3, 2000 on Nine.

    • The carpet on which Aeryn and Matala fight is based on a Russian propaganda poster called "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge". It is also the Peacekeeper symbol/flag.

    • This was the last out of order episode in the UK, and suffers a little for it, since "I, E.T." aired after it all the progress between D'Argo and Crichton appears to be thrown out the window. That's why it's best to watch these early episodes in production order; otherwise it can be highly perplexing.


    • Crichton: How about...how about mental abilities? Do they have, like, telepathic powers of seduction? Psychic Spanish Fly. You know, that?

      Spanish Fly an emerald-green beetle that in various points in history has been considered an aphrodisiac.

    • Title:
      The episode title is a reference to the movie Back to the Future, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The movie spawned two sequels and several video games. The title "Back and Back and Back to the Future" refers to the fact that Crichton goes to the future and back three times in the episode.