Season 1 Episode 21

Bone to be Wild

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Plants in space

    ‘Bone To Be Wild’ was a decent episode that could and should have been much better. Specially after all those fascinating episodes and with only two to go, it could have been much better,
    But still, we learned a lot and it’s far from being disappointing.

    The episode begins in Moya, everyone is having a cold but Moya can’t leave. She’s also having trouble making contact with her offspring and she won’t leave without it.

    Then they get a call from a woman who says she’s being attacked by a tree-looking creature with two months that is supposed to look scared but looks rather funny.

    First of all, the make up was pretty bad. Also the feeling and the directing was bad.

    Oh well, what I liked and disliked at the same time was the back and forth going with the two characters. First we’re made to believe that she is in trouble (which was obviously not, you gotta be very stupid to buy that) then they reveal what you’d expect. He’s the victim and she’s the flesheating creature. But then he’s the bad guy again who captured her family and brought them to that place. But she has still eating problems and cannot control herself.

    Oh well, anyway. I loved the Aeryn scenes with Moya’s offspring. It connected to Aeryn in a sweet way, also Chiana and Rygel were hilarious as usually. I liked the fact that Aeryn was the one to make up Moya’s offspring’s name.

    Anyway, the episode was good. Sort of anyway, storyline sometimes failed. I loved that the tree guy died and his bones were eating by the b!tch cannibal. Also her going to the peacekeepers and waiting to eat them was quite humorous.

    There is also a slight character development, plus we learn that Zhaan is a plant.
    ‘Bone To Be Wild’ is a decent episode, but could have been much more.