Season 4 Episode 16

Bringing Home the Beacon

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2003 on Syfy
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At a commerce settlement, Aeryn, Chiana, Noranti and Sikozu make a deal for a sensor distorter to shield Moya from detection. Construction will take time, though... leaving them stuck there just as Peacekeepers and Scarrans arrive for a secret diplomatic meeting. As Chiana and Noranti try to avoid detection, Aeryn and Sikozu do some spying. Grayza makes the Scarrans a surprising offer to ensure peace... endangering many innocent lives in the process. War Minister Ahkna has some surprises of her own... forcing Aeryn and Sikozu to take action.moreless

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  • This episode was great.

    This episode would have been perfect if it did not have the silly back story of Chiana and the old women. I mean they totally ruined this great episode and they hold it back from being what it is fantastic. Still this episode does impress. So Grazer has a meeting with the Scarrens and tries to make a deal but it all goes wrong and Aeryn is left to clear it up. You know i really thought Aeryn was going to kill Grazer but yet again she managed to slip by. I wonder what will happen now that there is only six episodes left. I don't think it is enough to wrap up the story but you never know.moreless
  • Back on Track - a relief after the previous week's debacle.

    Not top drawer, but certainly an improvement on last week. The episode had several nice moments - particularly the way Aeryn and Sikozu started to bond in adversity. And any episode that has Aeryn back in the leather coat in an "I’m gonna kill something" mode gets my vote. What the episode showed was that the dynamic of the programme is heavily driven by the female characters. Last week’s boys only episode was flat and unengaging. This week’s showcase for the girls was considerably more tense and enjoyable even with plot holes big enough for a leviathan and several command carriers to fly through. How many of you would hold a serious negotiation standing up in an open area where you can be easily overlooked and shot at? Call me Mr Practical, but I would have thought the minimum requirements for a peace conference would be a room to meet in and several guards on the doors. I was initially really disappointed in how easily Aeryn escaped. The thought that it was a piece of "with a single bound she was free" type of plotting crossed my mind until I started to pick up the clues that it wasn’t her. The final sequence where John doesn’t want to believe it isn’t really her was very well done by all concerned, and the last shots were full of genuine pathos.moreless
Peter Lamb

Peter Lamb


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Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton


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Olivia Pigeot

Olivia Pigeot


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Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill


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Melissa Jaffer

Melissa Jaffer


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Francesca Buller

Francesca Buller

War Minister Ahkna

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The mayla spores that Noranti uses on the Charrid is the same substance she's used on Crichton and others in previous episodes to give them hallucinations. The person affected is in a highly suggestible state while under their influence, which Noranti uses to great affect. Using the spores, she tells the person what they are going to see, and they see it.

    • Ahkna is the first female member of the Scarran ruling class we have seen; the first was the male, Axikor, in "I Shrink Therefore I Am".

    • The destruction of the Dreadnought that Ahkna talks to Grayza about occurred in "Icarus Abides". It was actually Crichton that destroyed the Dreadnought using the wormhole weapon, but it would appear that Peacekeepers are taking credit for it.

    • Grayza was willing to sacrifice the Peacekeeper's mutual defence pact with the Luxans for the sake of peace, however, Ahkna was willing to betray the Peacekeepers, and apparently is far more interested in finding out the true capabilities of the Peacekeepers' wormhole weapons.

    • It would appear that Grayza has been cloned and captured by the Scarrans. Aeryn definitely has been, and it would appear they've been taken to a Scarran facility called Katratzi.

    • Katratzi was first mentioned by Sikozu-Stark in "Unrealized Reality". When Crichton is about to shoot him, he begins chanting and clearly says "Katratzi" twice.

    • The Nebari have a nerve which, when pressed at a certain spot, paralyzes them from the neck down.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Aeryn: (after Grayza offers Akhna all of the Luxan worlds in exchange for peace) If that's really Grayza's intention we can't let her go through with it!
      Sikozu: I doubt we can talk her out of it, Aeryn.
      Aeryn: I wasn't thinking about talking- I have a gun.

    • Aeryn: How are you doing, Noranti?
      Noranti: Preparing mayla spores takes time. (she spits into her hand) And spit.
      Aeryn: We never have enough time.
      Noranti: I don't have enough spit.

    • Braca: (to the transformed Chiana and Noranti) You. Have you seen a Nebari female?
      Noranti: Well, I wouldn't know one if it bit me one the prang. Though that could be fun.

    • D'Argo: (about the duplicate) You know, it's not Aeryn.
      Crichton: It was never Aeryn.
      D'Argo: We're not gonna give up on her, John. Sikozu said the Scarrans are taking Grayza to a place called Katratzi. Maybe that's where Aeryn is now.
      Crichton: She could be anywhere out there.
      D'Argo: We're not gonna let her go. I give you my word.

    • Rekka: We'll need to check your sensor modulator. Do you ladies know what that looks like?
      (Noranti pulls out the modulator)
      Chiana: Gee, guess we do.

    • Rekka: It'll take 4 arns.
      Negotiator: And 19,000 krindars. And we'll give you some complimentary tokens to the facilities of your choice.
      Chiana: (kisses the negotiator) How about I offer you some complimentary choices? Would that lower your price?
      Rekka: 30,000. (points at Noranti) And if it's that, 40,000.

    • Chiana: I swear to you, I've been genetically transformed for the Peacekeepers. You gave me the frelling tokens!
      Negotiator: (kisses her) It's her.
      Rekka: Are you sure?
      Negotiator: They didn't transform her tongue.

    • Sikozu: Wait, Chiana. Please, for once in your life, exercise some self-control.
      Chiana: I am exercising self-control. I'm not blasting off your head.

    • Crichton: (to the duplicate) Where's Aeryn, Aeryn?

    • Crichton: (to the fake Aeryn) D'Argo, tell her who the daddy is.
      D'Argo: We don't know who the daddy is.

    • Sikozu: Do you have any plan of escape?
      Aeryn: Run.
      Sikozu: Anything more detailed, Aeryn?
      Aeryn: Run quickly.

    • Sikozu: Now that you know that I know what I'm talking about, I suggest you start taking us seriously.
      Negotiator: I'd love to take you. Seriously.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Though Raelee Hill had been told previously that Sikozu was some form of artificial life form, she wasn't informed that her character was a bioloid until the end of the day in which Crichton shoots the bioloid Aeryn.

    • Chiana's makeover was so effective, no one on set recognized Gigi.

    • When John shoots the bioloid, we see what looks like tissue around machine parts. What appeared to be organic tissues really were- they used tripe, animal innards, to give it that authentically organic look.

    • The original plan was for the episode to be set on a pleasure planet, but production constraints made them rethink this, and settled on it being a dead Leviathan. That way, all Tim Ferrier had to do was redress all of Moya's sets, instead of creating new ones from scratch.

    • Buller was influenced in her role of Ahkna by two other actresses, Cate Blanchett's performance as Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth, and Alice Krige as the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact.

    • The person who suggests the best title for each episode won a bottle of whiskey. The winner for "Bringing Home The Beacon" was its director Rowan Woods.

    • Francesca Buller's (Ahkna) costume was created by Lou Elsey and included thigh high boots with two inch stiletto heels bought from Sydney's House of Fetish store.

    • Ben Browders wife, Francesca Buller, stars in this episode as Scarran War Minister Ahkna. She has played a significant guest role in each season; M'Lee in season one's "Bone to be Wild", Ro-NA in season two's "Look at the Princess" trilogy, and Raxil in season three's "Scratch 'n Sniff".


    • Title:

      The title is an ironic allusion to the phrase, "bringing home the bacon," which means finding success. Instead of success, the girls from Moya bring home a beacon that allows the Scarrans to track them down.

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