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Scorpius has Crichton stuffed and mounted in order to “soften his neurons". Meanwhile, Moya’s crew sees a recorded video he left before giving himself up to Scorpy.

Unfortunately, the natives are getting restless as they appear to be unable to pay the mercenaries for their services.

Weapons are drawn, and the Zenetan Pirate make a rash decision:

Aeryn laughs him off. Stark is offended as he just lost 10,000 of his people.

There are riches beyond belief in that Depository and to give up the chance to clean it out is just foolish. Instead of rescuing Jothee – they can just rescue Crichton and in the process rob the Shadow Depository for all it is worth. At that moment, Pilot picks up an approaching ship…

...It is Talyn!


Down on the surface, Scorpy is setting up Crichton’s brain. Not a very cool comment by Natira considering her location at the time.


Talyn is docked with Moya, providing nutrients to help raise Moya’s immune system and aid in the healing. Aeryn asks for Crais’ help, but he reminds her Talyn was not to be used for violence. When informed that Crichton has been with Scorpius for over 4 arns, Crais just recommends a bucket to scoop up his liquid remains.

Rygel makes certain everyone is paying attention…

…as Stark tries to explain the new plan.

It is not met with much approval.


Jothee is in D’Argo’s quarters and fumbling through his stuff when he finds the Qualta Blade. D’Argo explains it’s lineage, and how he still uses it to this day.

Jothee makes it quite clear he is happy to be free, finally. He says things to make sure D’Argo knows he is the reason he has lived his life on the run, but also wants to let him know he doesn’t hold a grudge. At the same time, he refuses to pitch in to rescue Crichton, purely out of fear.


Scorpy hotwires Crichton’s brain. He enters a memory of a place John’s dad took him to fish. Scorpy is able to talk to Harvey, verifying all the wormhole tech in Crichton’s brain is downloaded to the neural chip. Scorpy then sticks a metaphorical knife in his neck to paralyze him in his head, which disables him from any kind of escape in the waking world.


Aeryn knows the power Talyn can provide. She offers herself to Crais to convince him to help with the rescue.

As Crais perceives, Crichton must mean an awful lot to her.

Elsewhere, Stark's plan is brought into question.

D’Argo asks Pilot if Moya can perform a low level maneuver to provide a distraction. Big D has a new plan. Just then Aeryn walks in. The queation remains…will Crichton be too far gone to rescue. Aeryn gives a chilling response.


Crichton tries to sow the seeds of doubt in Frau Blucher’s mind, insisting that if she takes a peek into his head, Harvey will confirm Scorpius plans to kill her when all is said and done.

Thus far…she isn’t buying.

Outside the Depository, Rorf and Bekhesh have arrived.

Rorf is having trouble tracking Crichton, but is eventually able to discern his location. Unfortunately, he is also found by the Peacekeepers…

…and interrogated by Scorpius and Natira.

He loses an eye…and gives up the plan.

Scorpy calls troops to the generator room…

…while the Transport Pod begins it’s approach. And Moya prepares to provide a distraction.

As Natira begins to help herself to a blue eye, a sonic boom cries out.

The shuttle lands and the invasion begins.

Crichton tries again to get Natira to free him so they can all escape.

Aeryn, D’Argo, and Bekhesh begin the onslaught…

Bekhesh not feeling too spiritual as he insures the Pkers are dead.

And D’Argo is pulling out all the stops:

Unfortunately, Scorpy is already at the generator, and captures Zhaan, Stark and Teurac.

Although Teurac cannot produce flame, even after a nearly lethal dose of an accelerant, he decides on a more straight forward approach…

…and turns the gun on himself to blow the generator.In the process, the power goes and Aeryn and company can proceed with night vision, despite overwhelming odds.


Natira is beyond panic. Crichton implores her to have a chat with Harvey, so she can see that Scorpy is planning to dispose of her in short order.

She does just that and uses the tech to jump into Crichton’s brain.

The escape in ON!


Zhaan relays her location, Rygel redirects to pick her up. But the Zenetan Pirate has other plans as he communicates with Braca and deploys the Flax.



Crichton, Rorf, and Natira are trying to escape but are intercepted by Scorpy – who is so strong in his head now, he can barely move.

But when Rorf is shot…

…he snaps out of it long enough to get cover…

…and tries to fight back.

The neural chip is just too powerful. But the Calvary arrives! And although Scorpy is going all “Gangsta”…

…our heroes duck out of the line of fire.


Talyn is back!

He destroys the Zenetan vessel and the Flax along with it, providing enough of a distraction for Chiana to turn the tables.

Nice shot to the crotch, Chi!


The gang is trying to make their escape, but Crichton is still out of his mind. Aeryn solves that problem. Crais radios and announces his presence. He is here to help.

Aeryn tells his to fire the whole of Talyn’s weaponry on the Depository. For once, Aeryn has the plan! She tells Rygel to pick up Stark and Zhaan. They move to lock themselves in a storage container and Talyn makes his run:


The gang is rescued and the riches are liberated. Bekhesh promises to makes certain the families of Rorf and Teurac receive the share they were promised.

Crais admits – I wasn’t HE who came back for them, but Talyn wanting to free Moya from the Flax. I think he is deflecting a bit.

It may have been Talyn that informed him of the situation, but he has a soft spot of Aeryn. Nonetheless, he is certain where her heart lies:

And we have the conundrum that faces us in the season finale.

- Edshrinker
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