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I'm delighted to have finally caught up with you all for this Farscape re-watch, it's been one of my favorite shows for over ten years and it's an honor to be a part of it. As always, if you happen to enjoy reading this, or any other post in the TV.com communities, don't forget to give it a heart. Thanks.

So, here goes...

This week we start with a somewhat cold-open, as we see Chiana and D'Argo walking through a forest with a group of towns folk following and throwing rocks at them. Three guesses as to what or who Chiana might have done to deserve it. From the ensuing conversation it's obvious that she has been jeopardising the unity of the clans by being an “indelicate whore”, which seems kind of harsh. With Chiana being banished from the planet Aeryn puts her in the prowler and sends her back to Moya – or so she thinks!

Aeryn meanwhile has made a new friend in the form of a name-less child who happened to be hanging around the prowler before Chiana was shipped off. So Aeryn and the kid take a walk into town, but something isn't right with Aeryn when she starts hallucinating a fire-fight in the market place, disturbed by the visions she contacts John to tell him about her “really bad bribe”. This leads John to explain that it's a “vibe”, before realising how much he likes it when she tries to speak English and so he once again reaches for the “Distillate of Lakah”, meanwhile Aeryn's visions become much more vivid.

After the credits we are back in the forest with Chiana and D'Argo, yes this is one of those skipping-through-time episodes. This time though we see Chiana has landed the prowler and is sneaking through the forest when she stumbles upon Sikozu who is getting busy with Zerbat, the son of one of the tribal leaders – the guys on this planet must be doing something right!

Back to D'Argo and now he and a tribal leader, Gaashah are discussing the political situation between the clans. Gaashah is in line to become “Prefect”, a leader of all the clans, but as with all political situations it is pointed out that if he dies before he rises to the position then one of his rivals will get the honor of becoming the next Prefect.

Crichton, who is in a chamber talking to the current Prefect and persuading him to let the rest of them stay, after banishing Chiana. The Prefect explains the large amount of time wasted electing a new leader every half a cycle and suggests that fighting for the position could actually be simpler.

As John leaves the chamber to check in with the crew he bumps into someone rather sinister looking who works for the Prefect, but as the two are passing each other on the rather precarious stairway the mysterious chap grabs Crichton by the throat and holds him over the edge. After stating his distrust of “outsiders” he releases him and warns him about how slippery the stairs can be. I suspect this rude individual could be a bad guy!

Suddenly we hear gunfire, Crichton and D'Argo race towards the town where the commotion is happening, people are being shot and one of those people is Gaashah. D'Argo comes into view weapon drawn but he's gunned down by the assassin who then turns to the camera to reveal the shooter was, in fact, Aeryn!

After the commotion has died down D'Argo thankfully, but let's be honest it's not unexpectedly, not seriously harmed is telling Crichton and the others that Aeryn shot him. This does not please a rival tribal leader who now accuses the whole crew of being assassins. A priest (some brilliant work by Jim Hensons people) points out that, with Gaashah dead it falls to his son, Zerbat to decide on the fate of the outsiders. Crichton volunteers to go look for Aeryn, but he won't be going alone. Zerbat is going with John, to hunt down Aeryn, the person who murdered his father.

Sikozu worried about the two of them inevitably follows and helps to keep the peace between the two of them. The group decide to split up and widen the search, but after Sikozu and Zerbat have walked away John decides to have a sit down, only for Aeryn to appear behind him. They are not alone though, the Priest is also there and he informs them of his suspicions that Aeryn has been used. The Priest tries to helps Aeryn remember what happened to her but it is seeing John swat a bug that bites him on his neck that triggers her memories, she was bitten by a bug too, however the planet has no insects. As the memories of the terrible massacre come back to her John has a vision of himself shooting the Priest – he is the next assassin!

The Priest cures both Crichton and Aeryn of the bugs mind-control-poision by making them inhale some smoke from a fire (???) just as Zerbat and Sikozu show up. Naturally Zerbat wants to shoot Aeryn in the face but the Priest convinces him, with some assistance from Sikozu, that the whole thing has been a set up.

Meanwhile, in the Prefects chamber, Chiana has been kidnapped by the Prefect and the shady dude, E'Alet, who threatened John earlier. As it turns out the bugs are the only things in the universe not attracted to Chiana! It also turns out that when someone is bitten by one of E'Alet's bugs he can persuade them to do things they don't want to do. After some compensatory haggling with the Prefect E'Alet produces more bugs from a gland running down the side of his face whilst Chiana once again goes blind.

Aeryn and John are bitten again as they make their way towards the Prefects chamber, this time they both have a vision, of them shooting each other. They are ambushed by E'Alet as they reach Chiana and, in a somewhat underwhelming fire-fight, easily dispatch him, except that he isn't dead and neither of them have the will power to finish him off, instead pointing their weapons at each other. They struggle to hold on just long enough for the others to come running in and stop them. E'Alet then rises gun in hand, but prior to getting off a shot the Priest attacks him from behind with a rather cool circular saw that's attached to his Rygel-esque floating throne, and decapitates E'Alet. The Prefect has been found out and rather than face a trial he decides to take the cowards way out and jumps through a window to his death.

With everything wrapped up and having seen Sikozu turning down Zerbat's offer to stay with him we close out on Aeryn crouched down in front of the graves of those she killed and in what is hopefully the first step in seeing some reconciliation between them, John walks up to stand alongside her and places his hand, gently, comfortingly against the side of her face.

Some Farscape fun facts:
* Did anyone think that the Priest looked kind of familiar? That's because apparently he was based on Father Jack from the classic UK TV series Farther Ted.

* Prefect (about Aeryn) “Seems a bit moody”, John “Man, you should meet her mother.” Even though this version of Crichton never actually met Aeryn's mother.
* This was the last episode in the series that doesn't feature Scorpius.
* The Priests floating throne was intended to be used for Rygel in Season 5, alas we all know how that turned out!
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