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Welcome back Scapers! I know that was quite a long break between the Season 3 finale and the start up of Season 4 ...but I promise it was worth the (3 day) wait! First some notes:

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And in case you weren't aware - a new TV outlet called "pivot" has been giving Farscape a TON of love. They are religiously running the episodes in order as well as doing special events and fan favorites. Case in point - this Saturday and Sunday they are airing the movie event "The Peacekeeper Wars" at 8PM US EST both nights. You can find more about it here: Farscape on PIVOT where you can also sign up to be in the drawing for this:

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Off we go - into season 4!

And now... On Farscape:

Crichton is alone. After waiting for enough time to allow for a kickin beard – Crichton admits he may never see his friends again. For now – he has his trusty, trussed up DRD “1812” who plays the Overture with an inspired zest!

The good news is – one of the perks of being left in a sacred place for Leviathans is that the occasional Leviathan may come along. Such is the case with this Pilot and Elack, who came there to end their life in the burial grounds. They have provided way for Crichton to do two things: stay alive and develop his wormhole theories.

I should list a third, apparently. Make wine.

Just as John settles in to rework a few formulas, a small pod crash lands inside of the landing bay.

The pod takes out a bunch of the crates Crichton has written on in a massive explosion. Out pops a young girl.

John is originally amused but needless to say – trust is an issue.

And it appears for good reason – as the bad guys are hot on her trail.

She is Sikozu Shanti Sugaysi Shanu, and she is being pursued by creatures who have orders to execute her on sight.

Sikozu tells John that there shouldn't be anyone aboard a dying ship. Pilot tells John that another vessel approaches, one much larger than before. Sikozu says that the Grudeks are who are after her and will shock the hull, incapacitating most functions. They need Pilot, however, alive to harvest the toubray tissue. Suddenly, they hear people boarding, so Sikozu quickly tells John they need to find an enclosed space, as the Grudeks are about to fumigate.

Grudeks are "toubray hunters" Toubray is Leviathan neural cluster tissue consumed by many cultures to enhance higher brain functions. She was with them until she fled for her life. The organization she works for was hired to find Leviathans, so she was given half a cycle to become an expert on their functions and habits. She worked hard to find the sacred place because toubray is richer with age and so the Grudeks are happy. Her reasoning is that harvesting this Leviathan is better than killing a young one along with everyone aboard. That is not very comforting to Elack, Pilot or John.

John escapes into his mind.

Off to a beach where Harvey can chase some bikinis and Crichton can talk to a very preggers Aeryn.

Before he can enjoy his fantasy, he is shaken into reality. The Grudeks have arrived in force.

John tries to bluff his way out of the situation, but they are determined to find the two things they are looking for: the toubray and Sikozu.

Here is where we see the hero Crichton has become. Elack and Pilot are willing to let fate have them. Crichton refuses and insists he will fight for them. He even throws a few Klingon threats out.

The Grudeks are willing to let John leave as they have no quarrel with him. But he will not leave the ship that has been his home. In response, the Grundeks release the Brindz hound; a blood hunter.

Sikozu pulls a neat little trick – shifting her gravity and walking on walls to avoid the Brindz. Sikozu is just shocked Crichton cannot do the same.

But it takes no time at all to find their scent. Especially Crichton’s.

Sikozu patches up Crichton. He asks why she ran from the Grudeks, and she replies that she was too good; by finding the sacred burial space with mature toubray she sabotaged herself, breaching her contract so the Grudeks don't even have to pay her organization. The Grudeks continue to hunt, and Sikozu knows they haven't found what they're looking for yet as the lights in the area are still active.

John is preparing to ambush the Grudeks when he gets a comm from Chiana and Rygel who are wondering why he's here as they just arrived in the maintenance bay.

The Grudeks find John and Sikozu, and their leader Ilkog is set on ending Sikozu’s life. John gets up and aims at Ilkog, saying that he'll take their earlier run away offer.

The Grudeks fire but are held off by 1812. As John and Sikozu run along…

...the hound catches up and bites off Sikozu's hand

Chiana is a bunch of frazzled nerves. John’s answer is to shave as Chiana rants about just about everything.

Their pod was damaged and they were lucky to get this far and know they can go no further. Chiana explains why she is so agitated.

Grayza has released a beacon, much like the ones Crais and Scorpius put into circulation, offering a huge reward for their capture.

Also – Chiana’s “vision” has grown more powerful. She tried to win big in a cheat proof game in the casinos and was arrested and tortured for her troubles. After each event, she is left blind and with a terrible headache. And each time she uses the gift…the blindness lasts longer.

John’s response is to continue shaving…and oh yeah. He informs them he has solved wormholes. Rygel is astounded. Crichton informs them this Leviathan is under attack – but who better to save a Leviathan but them?

The first bit of business is to dispose of the dog while Rygel gets as close as he can to the Grudeks as he can.

John retreats to the beach once again.

The baby kicks. The conversation turns from “boy or girl” to if the child Is even his. Aeryn wonders if he could ever let that go.

Rygel shakes john out of his daze.

He is. John tries to pry info about Aeryn out of Rygel. His only advice is that when a lover keeps leaving you over and over you should take the hint! Rygel has an interesting way to count all the times Crichton has been obsessed. He should have been over her by now.

At least Rygel found Sikozu's hand!

Chiana catches Sikozu trying to cut a deal with one of the Grundeks. She acts in the only way you’d expects. First she shoots him…

…and then she gets in a fight with Sikozu. She is using Scarran currency. She explains she is Kalish – a species that is from Scarran held territory yet despises them.

John asks what her plan was; she bought them a ship which the Grundek would leave behind so they could live. She then notices a shake and tells the others that the Grundeks have found what they're looking for. They will be dead soon.

Crichton's plan. How could anything go wrong?

A hatch has been loosely set up with Pilot is holding it closed with an electrostatic membrane. But one hit by the chasing pup, it will open to space.

Sikozu realizes that the toubray harvesting has begun, so she and Chiana go to find the slaughterhouse, despite the Nebari’s objections, while Rygel will be the rabbit to the hound.

Rygel lures the puppy in…

…while John waits near the hatch.

John tries to dangle his tasty ass as a treat.

Nothing works like shakin the moneymaker!

The pup decides to accept the invitation…

…and out the hatch it goes!

Ilkog walks up behind Sikozu and says that he's been expecting her.

John becomes super interested in exactly what kind of deal she was making.

He drags her to Pilot’s den where our heroes impress on her that she is responsible for all the deaths of these magnificent beasts by helping the Grudeks harvest. In this case – she hears about all of Elack’s offspring …making her a mommy killer if this Leviathan is harvested. They place a comms unit on her head to hear that the deal she just made would not save her from her death – as the Grudeks still planned to kill her after harvesting from Elack.

Sikozu can only complain that it isn’t fair.

A pulley system is set up at the top of Pilot's Den, and the plan is that, with Chiana starting at the top and John at the bottom. Chiana will use her time-slowing powers to get a good look at the hoses the Grudeks are using, so Sikozu can inform John how to use the hoses to kill the Grudeks. Then, a heavy bucket will be used to propel John back up and he will shoot the pipes and hopefully get rid of the Grudeks.

Crichton swings down on a pulley, going past the Grudeks. Chiana is on the other end and ends up in front of the Grudeks who shoot, but as they do she slows things down and as their shots miss she spots the three hoses that John must shoot. She's then pulled up to the top but is blinded.

She informs Sikozu of the hoses, and with her description Sikozu tells John to shoot the right pipe first which will release a volatile gas, then left which will release a substance to stop the explosion from destroying Elack, and finally center to trigger the explosion itself... "No deviation".

This is Crichton’ plan – so of course, it is frelled from the get go. John is yanked up when Sikozu’s newly reattached hand pops back off and Chiana is sent down again.

With 1812 providing covering fire, John manages to shoot the hoses in order, causing an explosion that kills the Grudeks.

However, the combined weight of Chiana and Sikozu breaks the pulley before John reaches the top, sending him into a freefall...

…with only a half-hearted catch attempted by Rygel.

But the splash of the bat droppings breaks his fall as well.

As the ship quiets and the threat gone, Crichton wants to impress on Sikozu he and his friends aren’t the best travelling companions.

Sikozu assures him she will not wind up “like them”.

John turns to Pilot, expressing his displeasure that she and Elack have left the sacred place. She responds that the returning Grundek ship would've killed them before they left, so the two of them wanted to repay their debt before they passed. John says that they don't owe them, but Pilot says nevertheless they should soon arrive at the planet John thinks his friends are on, and even though it was her and Elack's dream to die in that sacred place, no dreams are guaranteed. The grace of age is that they learn to accept.

John drifts back into his mind.

John tells Aeryn that he's not coming here anymore, because it doesn't change anything and makes him sad. What's left is wormholes, as he must now rebuild the equations after "new girl" smashed them up. Just then a hunk comes over to flirt with Aeryn and when he asks who John is – John simply tells him he is “no one”.

He reappears on Elack, 1812 joins John and breaks off something for him to write with, and the overture plays as John begins working on the wormhole equations once more.

- Edshrinker

(Fun Farscape Facts!)

  • The beach scenes were filmed at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Claudia Black's scenes were shot during the filming of "Promises". ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)
  • The lines Crichton shouts at the Grudeks is based on the "real" Klingon language created by Marc Okrand. Ben Browder asked Ricky Manning if he could find something that roughly meant "Get the hell off of my ship!" ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)
  • This is the first episode of Farscape filmed in widescreen, though 4x3 versions were also created during post-production for broadcast in some locations. ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)
  • The opening scene where Crichton sums up his situation was added as a voiceover to explain to the new audience what was going on and help regular viewers catch up on what happened between "Dog with Two Bones" and this episode. ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)
  • Unlike with "Jeremiah Crichton", the beard Ben Browder sports in this episode is real. He grew it in the hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4 and shaved it during the filming of the episode. ("Cool Farscape Facts" -Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)
  • Elack's Pilot was created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop using the foam insides from the regular Pilotpuppet. A new puppet was created for Pilot's appearance in "Promises". ("Cool Farscape Facts" -Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)
  • The Brindz hound was created by Animal Logic and they spent a lot of time getting the mechanics for the creature's six legs correct. Browder enjoyed filming the scenes where the dog would eventually appear, even though he was acting against nothing in the studio. ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVDv4.1)
  • The end credits of this episode play the "1812 Overture", which is the song Crichton whistles periodically throughout the episode. This is one of the only episodes that do not play the traditional Farscape theme song during the rolling of the credits.
  • This episode introduces Raelee Hill as Sikozu who, like Jool, possesses red hair. Although she appears in virtually every episode of Season 4, Hill is only ever credited as a guest star and is not added to the opening credits.
  • The DRD dubbed DRD "1812" is also introduced this episode, and becomes a regular for the remainder of the series.
  • The main titles for this season was again new, with a new voiceover, different clips, and the removal ofLani Tupu and Paul Goddard from the credits.
  • Chiana's powers have changed from precognition to speeding up her perception, making what she sees appear to slow down. This leaves her blind temporarily.
  • Rygel's appearance is different with his return, as he appears to be sporting some sort of discoloration to the area around his right eye.
  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature any involvement by Lani Tupu, given that it is the first in which neither Crais nor Pilot appear. Consequently, Ben Browder is now the only actor to appear in every episode of Farscape.
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