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On with our regularly scheduled post. Frell me!

Hey gang! We have reached the Farscape season 2 finale. I put a little extra in to this sucker considering this episode is such a game changer in so many ways. I edited a few extra videos and GIFS for this one since words alone do not do the shock of the circumstances any justice. If I were ranking the best season finales in television, this would clearly be in my top 5. I sat absolutely stunned at what the show just did. So here is just a little bit more of everything to reintroduce the impact of the events of this episode... as the family we just started to get to know is completely torn apart on nearly every level.

And Now...On Farscape:

We start with a gorgeous shot of Moya and Talyn in the orbit of a Healer’s home planet. Everyone realizes Moya and John cannot go on in their current conditions and they can finally afford the medical help. Here is the intro to “Die Me, Dichotomy”:

A Diagnosan, or doctor, and his handler are surveying Moya to assess the damage and the price for taking on the patient:

The price is very high and Grunchlk is bargaining for the best price.

The Dianosan is a healer of renown, but he himself is susceptible to nearly anything inhaled through the nose and mouth at the same time – hence the mask.

Stark is appalled the price keeps going up the more he waits:

The Diagnosan wants to help…

…but the price has gone up from 12.000 kretmas to 20. 000. Negotiations are not proceeding very well.

With Zhaan’s approval, the price is accepted and the healing can begin.


Pilot picks up a change in the comms units. Aeryn goes to investigate. Crichton is at work:

Not exactly the moment we pictured when “I love you” would finally be shared.

Meanwhile on board Talyn, Crais is talking to the ship like an old friend. He apparently has information that he would be willing to share with Aeryn, if she is willing to join them on their journey. Talyn picks up a signal encoded with a Captain’s code for Scorpius. It is Crichton, or what is left of him.

D’Argo and Jothee are off to investigate. Jothee finds Crichton first, and underestimates the Scorpius inside him:

Fortunately, D’Argo follows him and knocks the Scorpichton out.


Crichton is taken to the surface:

Without a minor miracle, the chip is not removable by standard methods.

Crichton is kept retrained and apologetic as Grunchlk reveals the vast storage of 10,000 “mostly dead” donors the Doc keeps on hand for moments like this. They are a microt away from death when they are frozen.

It turns out the facility has a near match for a CNS and spine. An Interon (keep that species in mind!) that could well provide the tissue sample needed for the chip’s removal. Zhaan sees the storage of species not allowed their moment of death as an abomination. Nonetheless, with the assurance the donor could never survive restoration, he consents to the surgery.


Stark and D’Argo are pretty much just getting high and numb applying the local anesthetic and antibiotic needed to treat Moya’s burns and infection. Chiana and Jothee are keeping Pilot company, when an interesting exchange occurs.

Jothee tells Chi that D’Argo’s dream is to take the money and settle down on a farm – something that doesn't exactly appeal to Chiana. In his stoned state, Pilot triggers a DRD recording of D’Argo’s proposal to Chiana. She realizes that life on a farm is to include Jothee and her.


On board Moya, Grunchlk is stuffing his face while Rygel makes a pitch for the purchase of a ship that will give him his freedom.

It takes more the small stones, but it appears a fair price is established.


John is strapped down as he is a danger to himself and everyone else in the Scorpichton state. He convinces Zhaan he needs to share Unity so that he is able to give her his feelings toward friends and family if the surgery goes wrong.

It all just a rouse to free himself from the restraints. Scorpichton taunts that if she were more than a 10th level Pa'u, she could break the bond.

At the same time, Crais makes his pitch to Aeryn.

He informs her Talyn has selected her to be the voice of guidance as he matures.

I swear it seemed like Crais was moving in for a smooch before they are interrupted by a fleeing Pod. Crichton is loose and he is transmitting coordinates to Scorpius. Aeryn thanks Crais – but she must stop her love from giving himself up. But she thanks Crais for the offer. I'm not sure how she would have responded to the kiss.

The chase scene is amazing. Awesome effects for 2002 on a TV budget. But the emotional conclusion is what transcends the clip to something else entirely.


Everyone says their goodbyes to Aeryn, each leaving in her casket their most prized possession.

But Crichton takes something instead. A lock of hair…

…then leaves her with the only thing he can possible give:

It is time.


With the Aeryn’s death and the prospect of John’s survival in serious doubt, everyone prepares to move on. Crais with the secret he planned to tell Aeryn…

Stark offering to be Zhaan’s companion…

And unfortunately, Jothee taking full advantage of Chaina’s indecision…

Without Big D walking in, they may have sealed the deal right there.


The green light sterilizes the area so the Diagnosan can work. The tendrils have to be cut. As the Doc probes, it is up to Crichton to alert him if the area is safe to be compromised.

After a trip down his memories of his puppies, an area is hit that forces John to make a decision.


Braca and his commandos arrive.

Grunchlk tries to hide, but Braca is on him.


The Doc has cut enough of the connections to extract the chip.

Unfortunately, John’s speech is completely made gibberish – something that can be repaired once the chip is out. Which is successful.

Unfortunately, Scorpius’ timing is impeccable.

He rips off the Diagnosan’s mask and breaths on him, rendering him fatally infected.

He then moves to John.

Neural chip in hand, Scorpius condemns Crichton to LIVE. Without speech. And without his love, Aeryn.


What a finale. I could not even contemplate what Crichton was suffering through. Not just losing control of himself but also killing the one person who had the most meaning to him in the process. I remember like yesterday the night I first saw the ep, mouth agape, not sure if I really saw what I saw. Now, I was sure John and Aeryn’s story was not over (right, @AndreiLazu? LOL!), but to have to sit through half a year waiting to see how they could bring her back was one of the longest television breaks I ever experienced. But unlike my torture of 2002, I will have the season 3 premiere up by the weekend and you can see how it ends at any time! Lucky Scapers!

- Edshrinker
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