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We have arrived at the second stage of our split storyline. This episode we are in the company of the Moya crew that now consists of Crichton, Jool, D’Argo, China and let’s not forget Pilot as he plays an important (but passive) part in this episode. It has become quite a small sized crew for such a big ship. On the other hand, as in every episode, the ship itself seems to be small as the crew members always seem to be able to go from one place to another in seconds (and that without an elevator). One last remark before we really start, the episode has a similar premise to ‘A Bug’s Life’ where they also try to identify an alien in one of the crew.

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For some reason I looked forward to this episode, but it did not really fulfil my expectations. It did, however give us Scorpius again in all his evil ways and that is a plus. In fact, the episode had two story lines that both had a Crichton in it but they were not linked in any way. I found the Scorpius story line at least more intriguing so I’ll start with that one.

We see Scorpius having visions of him and Crichton finding a wormhole. He awakes when Lieutenant Braca steps in and tells him that he thinks they've finally done it. On his way out Scorpius looks out off a window and we actually see a wormhole.

Braca is so enthusiastic because the prowler they sent in the wormhole maintained integrity on the last six re-entries. When Scorpius has a discussion with the project leader Drillic and the scientist Co-Kura Strappa about the time they still need for the project and not losing this wormhole, he agrees to sent a Sebacean pilot in. When the prowler comes back, the pilot is however reduced to goo.

Scorpius then shows his genius evilness by telling Drillic he will pilot the next trial run and he appoints Co-Kura Strappa as the new project leader, making sure Co-Kura Strappa knows what to expect.

Back in his rooms and after injecting himself with something I do not think I want to know, he asks Braca the question that will remain interesting for some time: ‘why can a human (Crichton) survive re-entry and not a Sebacean?’ In a moment of frankness, Scorpius has a heart-to-heart with Braca and tells that the Scarrans are planning a massive assault against them. They have not struck yet because they fear the hidden wormhole weapons. As in reality the Peacekeepers do not have it and the Scarrans are become pretty suspicious and outnumber them 10 to 1, they now needs to find a, superior weapon, read: wormhole technology. Without it, all Sebaceans will be wiped out. We now know why he wants the wormhole technology so desperately.

In the end of the episode, after we’ve seen all that happened on Moya, we see Scorpius having a vision of grabbing Crichton and demanding knowledge about wormholes. Crichton manages to throw Scorpius into the wormhole. Scorpius awakes with a look of both determination and fright.

The plot line on Moya was completely different. It had some standard scifi elements like possession by an alien and also lacked any character development. It had an angry but smart Crichton, Chiana using sex, Jool being stupid and D’Argo being warrior like. But it also had beautiful cgi and lots of shaking crew members. taking screenshots was not that easy this time.

In contradiction to Scorpius who already found it, Crichton is still looking for The Three Stooges and his wormhole, but the others have had enough. Chiana tells Pilot to get them out of there and she just leaves command with Jool following her.

Immediately afterwards they pass through a cluster and Crichton sees some kind of energy being that passes straight through his body a couple of times. He falls to the floor, gets lifted, and blood starts dripping all over the floor. When he wakes he sees a pool of blood next to his head.

As pilot hasn’t noticed anything, he runs off, meets Chiana and comes back with her to command but his blood has been cleaned up. As he is convinced it happened to him, he tries to take the DRD apart to see if there’s any blood left.

Afterwards he sits down and notices blood dripping down his forearm. In maintenance, Jool is wondering why another room she was in was hot and why maintenance is leaking (in a bucket they put underneath the leak). Chiana thinks that Pilot is having some troubles, but for us it's a forewarning of what’s to come. Crichton now involves the others in his problems and with the help of D’Argo makes them sit and watch him. When Chiana gets up, she slips as the bucket is over-flowing. It shouldn’t be full already and Crichton plays a recording he had the DRD make. It show them falling unconscious and then suddenly the recording is speeding up.

When they go to seek answers and visit pilot, he says some strange words: ‘for one of you, judgement starts now’. A new alien story enfolds. Pilot is possessed by an energy rider (Talip) looking for a diseased energy rider that escaped when they passed through the cluster. Talip has to taste them one at a time to find it. We get some spectacular views of Talip trying to learn to control Moya.

As Talip now controls pilot, they find out they have no control over Moya any more. Crichton and D'Argo return to Talip, trying to threaten him with their big guns.

This of course doesn’t work. To help them narrow their search, Talip tells them that the rider should not know anything about their private lives.

To assure one another they are not possessed, D'Argo and Crichton then tell each other personal things, especially when they lost their virginity. When they ask Chiana some questions, she pauses but tells the truth. Jool on the other hand, changes her previous story on how her cousins were frozen. Talip jumps in and ‘tastes’ her, but he doesn’t find the rider.

Afterwards he still wants to taste each of them in turn. Why he didn’t start right away will stay a mystery (at least to me). As they are getting out of options, Crichton and Chiana start questioning Moya through a DRD he calls Pike.

It takes them to Moya's starburst chamber, below the neural cluster, where Pilot cannot detect anything. Now we are getting in the area of new and beautiful sceneries. The scenes playing in that chamber were visually certainly the highlights of the episode.

When Chiana wonders why Moya would want them to be there and walks towards the starburst crystals, the rider can be seen above her head.

Crichton and the rider have a conversation where the rider says she likes the body and the body wants him (obviously using the sexual Chiana again, but it didn’t work for me) and that Talip just lies and will kill the crew. She says that she won't lie, touches Crichton, causing him pleasure, to indicate Talip is pain and she is not.

Crichton and D'Argo go to Talip, say that they hid the rider, but Tallip chooses to taste D'Argo.

Meanwhile. When Jool threatens the rider, they both get out of the starbust chamber that hid her. Crichton jumps in, the rider grabs both of them by the throat and Tallip jumps in to taste Chiana. As a result, the rider is driven out of Chiana and into Pilot.

While Jool comforts Chiana, Tallip says he killed the rider, now has mastered Pilot's body and the ship and is happy to stay. Now that’s not nice of him and not what he promised the crew.

Crichton draws up a new plan with Moya (through Pike) and as it isn’t one of his own, it actually might work. Jool and D'Argo will do their part in spooking Tallip and Chiana and he will help Moya redirect starburst energy to kill Tallip. Everything works, the rider Tallip gets out of Pilot

and with nice fireworks (starbursting energy by Moya), Tallip is destroyed.

We then get one spooky thing that must have some repercussions for the future. Crichton calls D'Argo but he doesn't answer. Chiana says he's here with them and D'Argo walks in. She seems to have developed some superpower (premonition) next to being sexual.



# I loved D’Argo’s perception of their own plans: ‘This plan is so bad it has to be ours’.

# We see the starburst chamber for the first time and it is coooool!. It was designed by Tim Ferrier to be "Moya-esque but unique to anything we'd seen before".

# We see a new costume for Jool. It is good and sexy, but it also shows less of her boobs, but that probably is intentionally.

# I still do not understand why Crichton bled when tasted by the first and young rider. Maybe it was just to balance the fact that a human can survive re-entry of the wormhole.

# I also do not understand why time would stop for them. Why did it happen and especially, what was it good for? It might have been tasting, but they could not have all been tasted at the same time and why did it not result in knowing where the young rider had taken up residence?

# Crichton thinks he’s lost Aeryn for good and now seems more desperate then ever to get home.

# D’Argo seems to be more and more a comic relief in the show. He seldom gets to show his true Luxan powers any more.

# The young energy rider implies that Chiana fancies John, but how trustworthy is a space parasite? Later in the series we will see where this interacts with another confession by Crichton this episode.

# Jool is exposed as a liar when she tells them how she is captured, but it also might mean she takes responsibility for the first time. She also is tender to Chiana after the rider left her. Those are the only character developments we see but for me, as Jool is the least loved, they are good.

# You take a Pilot’s pulse behind the neck, between the vertebrae.

# When John tells the DRD they’ll communicate the Star Trek way he calls the DRD Pike. This probably refers to the Star Trek two-parter ‘Menagerie’ where former (and now crippled) captain Christopher Pike gives evidence at a trial from a wheelchair with lights that blink.
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