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And Now… On Farscape:

Farscape moves back to the Talyn adventure with the ship still in dire need of healing.

They have landed on a planet with heavy gravity and vegetation that appears to have a healing effect on Talyn’s systems. They have decided to put the ship in hibernation mode so it can maximize his ability to repair himself. Meanwhile, Rygel is having trouble sleeping with all noise John and Aeryn are making on the other side of a thick bulkhead.

Crichton is apparently really exerting himself, much to Rygel’s disgust. Stark on the other hand seems to gain a great deal of pleasure hearing that there is scrogging being done.

Crais sounds the alarm as it appears the PK Retrieval Squad has found them. The Vigilante has arrived!

Rygel is ready to use Aeryn’s position as Xhalax’s daughter in any way in order to gain leverage. Despite her tough girl front, Aeryn looks shaken she may finally see her mum again.

The plan begins as it is decided Crais, john, and Aeryn will venture outside of Talyn and try to draw the Retrieval Squad away while Talyn finishes healing and can be re-awakened. Rygel is already all up in Aeryn’s business and John warns him to stay out of her stuff.

They leave the ship not a moment too soon as Xhalax and a couple of companions, the Colartas we saw in “Thanks For Sharing”, are on their trail.

Meanwhile, Stark and Rygel find the vegetation actually growing into Talyn.

Our group fires weapons and leaves an obvious trail to try to get Xhalax as far away as possible from Talyn. On the way they find all sorts of goodies like acidic fruits and stinky geysers.

Unfortunately, Xhalax and company has flanked them and a firefight ensues.

The group gets separated and Aeryn and Xhalax meet in a most auspicious way.

Aeryn turns the tables and knocks an injured Xhalax out and ties her to a tree.

Meanwhile Crichton hauls off an injured Crais, who was shot.

He uses the acid from a fruit to stop his bleeding – much to Crais’ protestation. The Colartas, who are master trackers, are hot on their trail.

Crichton has another idea that takes advantage of the indigenous resources:

Some stinky stuff.

At the same time, Aeryn is hauling Xhalax back to Talyn, all the time mum is letting her know how disappointed she is in Aeryn and her decision to betray the Peacekeepers.

As they enter Talyn, Rygel is already making plans to flee, convinced the Retrieval Squad will kill the trio.

Aeryn overhears him and isn’t surprised. Stark is just being a goof.

And Xhalax has no plans to remain a prisoner as she digs into her wrist.

John’s subconscious summons Harvey. There is a truth just beyond his mind’s eye regarding Crais (who is now lying unconscious). Harvey provides him with that truth.

Crais awakens to find himself tied up. John explains to him why he is giving up on him.

The Retrieval Squad isn’t after Talyn as he has contended all along. They are after Crais. As a Captain, he is privy to many of the PK secrets and now it is their primary objective to capture him. John walks away while alerting the Colartas of his location.

Back on Talyn, things go sideways.

Rygel is mortally wounded and will certainly die without intervention of some sort. In a tender moment…

…he begs for Stark to help him. And he has an idea about the healing aspect of the vines.
Outside of their cell, Xhalax stumbles upon the PKVid Chip that contains her late night encounter with her young daughter.

Aeryn tries to call to the woman who rebelled and professed her love for her and her father, begging her to stop lobotomizing Talyn in order to prepare for manual flight.

But Xhalax isn’t hearing it, although visibly affected. But she is once again all Peacekeeper after being asked to remedy her mistake.

The “Pina Colatas” find Crais rather quickly.

But instead of abandoning Crais, he was simply a lure to bring the Colartas out of hiding and into the open. John attacks – though not aware that they have more than one heart.

John has had it with Crais and his lies. But Crais has a good point. If Aeryn is dead, than there is no one to fly Talyn out of there. John still needs him.

Back on Talyn, Aeryn is playing footsie with Stark trying to free their feet from the ropes. And once again, our weird, creepy Uncle Stark is getting off on it.

Stark has sown the fines into Rygel’s wounds and they have had the same miraculous healing power on him as they had on Talyn – who is now healed and ready to awaken.

He is able to cut them loose.

And not a moment too soon.

John and Crais use a tracker to find their way back to Talyn but are attacked just outside of the ship.

Aeryn runs outside to give assistance, chased by Xhalax.

While John handles the Pina Colata…

…Aeryn turns the tables on her mother.

John begs her to not kill her own mother. He knows the kind of damage that could cause her. Crais offers a little too quickly to take care of her, as Xhalax readily admits she will never stop pursuing them.

John pulls her away as the pulse pistol rings out.

Talyn is fleeing once more, but now at full strength. Stark pulls out the “stitches” to see Rygel is fully healed. He tells him that for a moment, Rygel died.

But during that time of passing, he was able to make contact with Zhaan. And Zhaan was at peace, but also looking down on Rygel and protecting him. Rygel loves the idea, obviously, as he lets out a helium fart of delight. I put in the picture but I just had to do the GIF since it really cracked me up.

Aeryn is coming to grips with what she just experienced. All John can do is comfort her, as it is something that cannot be put into words.

A heart wrenching episode this time around, as a daughter has a reunion with the mother she never knew. You could see how confused Aeryn was that the mother she saw in the Vid Chip was not the same one before her. Battle hardened and scarred, Xhalax obviously fought to regain her standing with the Peacekeepers and there were some cracks in her armor. She said at the beginning, when Aeryn spared her, that it was PK protocol to eliminate any threat on the spot. Even though she chided Aeryn for her mercy, she broke the very same protocol by tying Aeryn up as a prisoner once she gained control of Talyn. As those of us know, there is more to this story and although we won’t be covering “Meltdown” which shows what Crais may, or may not have done with Xhalax, Aeryn’s mum will play a part in her decision making for the rest of the season.

  • This is the first episode written by Rockne O'Bannon since the 1st season
  • Creature costume designer Lou Elsey gave the Colartas' look an Egyptian theme in order to hide the costumes' zippers and seams in a creative way.
  • Crais' yelp of pain as Crichton manhandles him through the jungle is genuine. Lani Tupu stumbled as Ben Browder was pulling on his arm. Tupu insisted on repeating the yelp on subsequent takes.

Memorable Quotes

Stark: Friend or foe, friend or foe, friend or foe-
Rygel: Will you shut the frell up? Of course it's a foe! We have no friends!

Crais: You leave me here bleeding, they will find me and kill me.
John: ...And?

John: You lied to us! You betrayed us, and you used us!
Crais: I used all my assets to stay alive, and those assets were you!

Rygel: She was bad enough, but Crichton-- he was louder than she was! He actually sounded like he was exerting himself! What kind of a male is he anyway?

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