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FIRST OFF! Very good news over the Easter weekend:

Farscape Movie Confirmed by Rockne O'Bannon at WonderCon

News Briefs: Farscape's Creator Confirms That a Movie Is in the Works (by Tim Surette)


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Previously…On Farscape:

And Now… On Farscape:

The crew is driving Pilot nuts. Everyone is on the comms asking him if has heard anything from the planet’s surface in regards to Crichton’s surgery. None of them know what has happened because Crichton requested they all await aboard Moya while the Diagnosan attempts to remove the chip.

At the end of last season, Scorpy had the chip, Crichton was left speechless (literally), the Diagnosan was dying, and Braca had captured Grunchlk. And as you see – Scorpius has an interesting method of accessing the information on the chip.

Crichton thinks he is free of Harvey since the chip is out. Apparently, to both of their surprise, they are still stuck with one another. There is only one solution:

I just have to tell you guys, while I am a huge fan of everything Farscape, the 1st two seasons' credit sequence was at best “meh”. They changed it for season 3 and knocked it out of the park!


Back on the surface, Kobrin has some frustrating news for Scorpius.

Apparently, his Command Carrier was delayed in battle and is still over 5 arns out. While Scorpy has little fear of Moya’s crew, Crais and Talyn are another matter. He needs them all out of orbit and on their way and the best way to make that happen quickly is to make sure they do not discover he is still there. To that end, Grunchlk may have some use.

But what Scorpius has planned isn’t exactly what he had in mind. And control of his mind is exactly what he is after.

As Scorpius puts it, “Simple mind. Easily dominated.”


Rygel checks in on Crichton to find Scorpius’ work.

He contacts Moya and all but Jothee and Chiana (big mistake) make their way down on a transport pod.

They resuscitate Tocot but find Crichton a blabbering mess.


With Scorpy in control of Grunchlk, the deception begins. “Grunchlk” claims Scorpius is long gone.

As Zhaan tends to Grunchlik’s gunshot wound, it is decided that they need to know if Crichton is still in there. And that he wants to be saved. D’Argo asks Zhaan to join him in Unity once more.

Crichton tells her to leave him alone. To go away. She breaks Unity convinced the evil remains.

“Grunchlk” recommends she do what the others won’t, and kill him. She is restrained by Stark and D'Argo.

In order for Tocot to restore his speech, they will need to “use up” one of the three Interon donors.

Stark is as appalled as Zhaan is as he can hear them crying out for release from life. Since he knows Crichton insisted no one is “used up” to save him, Stark throws open a freezer, killing the Interon instantly. He calls it a mercy. And now there is a tissue sample to fix Crichton. As Stark is into the “My Side Your Side crazy Stark mode”, D’Argo issues a warning:


Aboard Moya, Jothee and Chiana are doing some cooking and generally goofing around. But it quickly turns flirty.

Feeling the pressure of D’Argo making her a kept woman, she reiterates that she does what she wants.

Apparently so does Jothee.


Tocot is successful with restoring Crichton’s speech. Unfortunately, no one likes what he has to say.

But he listens to Stark's advice.


Tocot who is investigating an open freezer. Not a wise move.

Scorpius wants answers. Now.

Apparently, Grunchlk made a deal with the Scarrans. Since this was the place Scorpius came when he had his cooling system installed, the Scarrans assumed he’d have to be back for maintenance. When the Peacekeepers came storming in, Grunchlk set the auto-release set in case Scorpius betrayed the deal. Which he did.


Back on Moya, Rygel walks in on some of the funny business.

They try to distract him with food and although Sparky is discreet, you can tell he knows.


The Scarran finds Grunchlk who has Scorpy back behind the wheel. He tries to tell the Scarran Scorpius is gone, but instead he has the person Scorpy has been chasing - John Crichton. Unfortunately for him, while the Scarran is interested, he in not pleased with the change in plans


As Crichton, and D’Argo try to leave the surgery room…

…they are met with quite a surprise.

They have to make a decision on an escape very quickly as the Scarran burns through the door.

D’Argo makes the call.


Stark joins Zhaan to prepare to transfer Aeryn’s freezer/coffin to the Transport Pod, Zhaan decides to do something so unselfish, so loving…

…and I am not referring to knocking out Stark.


The Command Carrier has arrived. The problem is, getting to it, as Talyn and Crais are still in orbit just waiting for Scorpy to make a run for it. But Scorpius has a plan to utilize Kobrin’s well bragged about piloting skills. Crais is not impressed.

As Scorpius taunts Crais and Talyn the entire time, the Marauder makes its way towards the Command Carrier.

Crais is set on retribution for Officer Sun’s life.

Crais contacts Pilot.

Crichton is disappointed it happened so quick for him. And that he wasn’t there to see it.

He also decides to take the surviving 2 Interons back up to Moya. Since Aeryn was able to survive restoration, why not them? And they could be a link back to Earth. He feels he owes it to them.

He asks Stark about Tocot and Grunchlk.

They load the Transport Pod and make their way back to Moya.

Sometime later…

…Scorpius announces it is time to proceed to their new Gammak Base.

There is a neural chip of wormhole data to disseminate.


Aboard Moya, things are going to get pretty awkward with these three.

But he is quiet. For now.

Aeryn and John finally have that moment alone.

But Aeryn hesitates giving in completely. She knows when people give in to love, their judgment is affected and people make sacrifices. And she will not allow anyone else sacrifice themselves for her.

Aeryn tells him.

Zhaan gave Aeryn the gift of her spiritual energy. She has nothing left.

And we begin to see why the season 3 premiere is called, "Season of Death". It is going to be a rough, dark ride.

- Edshrinker
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