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After the amazing feat of selflessness, let us get on with the introductions, all proper-like.

I’m completely new not only to the ‘Farscape – re-watch posting’ title, but also to posting photo recaps in general, so a little leeway would be appreciated. I would also like to mention that throughout the course of this re-watch I have been sort-of-cheating: I did not actually watch even a single episode, because of various real-life commitments (what is that thing that you call ree-ul?). I have, however been completely hooked on reading all the posts taking us on this great journey through 4+seasons of a simply astonishingly good Sci-Fi series. My mind’s eye has been quite busy thanks to Edshrinker, Rolamb, and ManojMajhi.

That being said I decided to try my hand at this while I have a sliver of free time (that I apparently won’t be spending writing my novel). So why this episode? Well basically it was next in line. That being said, it’s one of Farscape’s two-parters so it can’t be just a throwaway, right?

Let’s look at some facts: we had the ‘Season of Death’ where everyone and anyone was out to kill our favorite rag-tag band of criminals (by official PK standards). They even succeeded in killing some of our more beloved (Zhaan) and most hated (Crais) characters, with a splattering of main character carnage (Talyn-Crichton), and having even Moya lose more than a passenger (Talyn himself). We won’t even mention the countless Scarrans, Peacekeepers, run-of-the-mill bad guys and innocent bystanders that got caught up in the crossfire.

A beat. A breath. Everyone scampering off to parts more-or-less known, and Chrichton almost left for dead.

Then we get the new season, with a half insane-with-solitude Crichton picking up a new companion (Soyuz made flesh and named Sikozu), and reuniting Rygel and Chiana (I’m guessing starting his reunion list from the bottom up), all the while on board a dying Leviathan. So where to now? I guess we start picking up the pieces while Crichton rebuilds himself from the wormhole up.

On with the FUN!

After tinkering, bickering (partly about Sikozu’s hand), breaking (cables from the left to add to the consoale on the right), and rewiring (with or without the electrocutions from time to time), off we go to the wild black yondera! (space is black so bare with me).

Oh, wait… we found some blue… Elak’s sensors are pretty much fried from old age and the botched harvesting job from the previous episode, so it can’t really tell what’s going on down on the planet, but according to Jool every few cycles there’s a few days worth of calm in the magnetic storms that make Anesk an uninhabitable wasteland to allow brief missions.
So off we go into the wild blue yonder to find our lost shipmates.

And of course it wouldn’t be Farscape (or any Sci-Fi show for that matter) if there weren’t some catacombs/sewers/Jeffrey Tubes to go through (I can reference as well as John can! Really! I can… aw, nevermind!)
After a bit of ‘Spidey-sense’ (two for the price of one!) uncertainty, our away team/landing party/'most likely to survive if anything happens' group of John and Chiana comes face to face with a not-so-friendly not-so-native.

Luckily from just around the corner Jool and D’Argo pop up and rejoicing is to be had! (I will NOT comment on the fanfic-generating hugs).

When the ‘new security’ guy asks why the Peacekeeper is hanging around with the tralk, both Crichton and Chiana don't take it well. (I love how their first instinct is to protect the other)

Apparently whatever it is they’ve found on the planet is important enough for many other races to kill and for courtesy to go flying out the window. D'Argo broaches the prickly subject.

After all is said and done, John starts looking around. Apart from the creepy crawly on the wall, there’s a painted eye staring right back at him.

He then tries a little tactile memory shake-up, only to once again be distracted by thoughts of HER. D’Argo understands a little better than he’d like, seeing as how the things between him and Chiana are as comfy as an Aurora Chair. Still, D’Argo at least seems to be turning a new leaf, with his ‘travels’

Just as we get ready to see/hear the intro, Jool decides to jinx it all to smithereens by boasting: ‘We’re here and nobody is trying to kill us!’ (EVERYONE on EVERY show should know better!)

Cue ‘new and improved’ title.

We’re back with Jool gushing about how cool the planet is, and how wonderful it is to work there, and how important the findings are, and how maybe untrained eyes can’t see (‘My eyes are fine Princess’), and on, and on, and on. Chiana decides to destroy something beautiful because…

Because she can’t really stomach people doubting her ‘untrained eyes’, or this archeologically-inclined D’Argo and especially how close he seems to be to Jool.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the tunnel system (I’m guessing), Jool keeps going on and on about the dig. The highlights being that this was the homeworld of some race that kept all the races at peace for 500 generations, only to disappear ‘in a microt’ with nobody knowing why.

And that’s when the Grey-around-the-temples eminence—instructor Vella—steps in to throw some barbs, play all superior, show her disdain for the ‘faux PK,’ and be an all around bundle of joy.

Apparently the brain cavity of humans appears smaller than that of Peacekeepers

Crichton doesn’t really buy in to all the hype, prompting the further show and tell of one of the Darnes Triangle probes which apparently are responsible for wrecking the ecosystem and killing all the priests. Crichton jokes he missed a couple of the big words, but it’s mostly a reflection of Vella’s hostility. Vella apparently already has two probes and only needs one more to maybe possibly undo the damage.

Back across the tunnels D’Argo and Chiana are still speaking without talking, both trying a bit too hard to avoid the elephant in the room (considering Anesk is supposed to be a barren world, any elephant would be difficult to ignore, no matter where it was). However the ‘working together’ that D’Argo has been doing with Jool doesn’t really sit well with our grey seer.

Chiana also does not like that D’Argo named his ship after his dead wife – ‘Lolah’ for Lolahnne. Even if the ship can become invisible, albeit for short periods of time!!!

On Elak, Rygel is trying to have a conversation over comms with John on the planet, when Sikozu decides that the cables powering the communications console would be much better used to power John’s module. Bya-bye comms!

Just in case the amphibious creature on the supposedly deserted planet and the annoying archeologists weren’t enough, we’re reminded that the Peacekeepers are still alive and well as an organization, with Grayza very much still up and about.

Cue them intercepting Valla ‘s message asking Moya to pick up the ‘intruders’ as fast as possible ‘Or we’ll have to take our own steps’. She really has no idea who she's dealing with, huh?

Grayza wants in and Captain Braka is all too eager to help.( Apparently she’s reconsidered her initial assessment of our intrepid band of misfits from ‘some criminals Scorpious is obsessed with for destroying his Gammak base’ to ‘there’s got to be something more here!’)

Shortly after the two Peacekeepers visit the Aurora Chair’s new permanent resident: Scorpious. The memories they extract are familiar to us, being his childhood and early PK days.

He doesn’t think too highly of their ‘ham-fisted attempts at torture’. That is until Grayza shows him a custom-made cooling rod. (I wonder if that’ll be good for him.) She also boasts about probably killing Scorpious once all his secrets are revealed, while Braka seems to have completely betrayed his former master, like he’d betrayed Crais before him, getting a promotion out of each deal.

Back on the planet John manages to find Grandma, who initially doesn’t seem to recognize him, only to later give him a stinky hug ‘Never bathe, washes off the juice’ she sais after John is about to pass out from her odor.

Under the watchful eye of the Creature, who apparently is very protective of her and very distrustful of John (I wonder why?), prompting our hero to pull out his gun.

The old woman seems to be particularly out of it, listening to voices that tell her everyone should get off the planet, and that they should not, under any circumstance, reactivate the Darnesk Triangle. Apparently the voices are especially leery of Valla and what she could do with such power.

She even has a solution for John’s Aeryn dilemma: crushing and snorting the crawling spider-like things on the planet makes one forget for a while. (500 microts)

John is not a fan.

‘If all the priests died here, why are there no bones’ Grandma asks in one of her seldom lucid moments, just before skipping away.

In a glimpse of how close Jool and D’Argo seem to have gotten, the former is helping the latter aim the wrist-weapon-type-thing that the initial planetary welcoming party had threatened Crichton and Chiana with.

It turns out it’s an energy beam that eats away at rock, leaving behind whatever it is that was hidden underneath by the centuries.

D’Argo seems to be a really big fan. He even tells Jool he’s not so certain he wants to leave with John again, since he really enjoyed the time he spent there. Jool seems touched.

As per usual, just when people start to appear like they’re having fun, in comes chief-researcher-lady Valla to rain on everyone’s parade (I’m completely unbiased, really!)

She hauntingly informs D’Argo (or as she put it ‘unskilled hands’) that he should never use the rock-eating-ray and proceeds to demonstrate how dangerous it can be by petrifying one of the one-legged-spiders (those things seem to last even less than a red-shirt!)

Going from yuck to yum we have a shot of what is sure to be a non-regulation Jacuzzi-like contraption that our new favorite queen-b**** is lounging in.

And just when you thought she couldn’t be any more overtly-sexually-manipulating, she trails her fingers between her- I mean on her chest, beckons Braka to come closer and makes him sniff whatever it was that she exudes, resulting in him becoming lost in a sort of lusty fog, all his thoughts trained on her, her every whim his command. And she wants to use the same ‘charms’ to make Scorpious’ enemy her ‘friend’.

On the planet once more and we get a chance to be taught alongside Jool that grave-robbers had tried to pick the planet clean long ago, installing some primitive booby-traps that affect only the eyes. (I wonder if that will be helpful in the future)

Since such moments are too close to actually building camaraderie and making us forget what a giant pain Valla can be, she immediately starts berating Jool again for including ‘the Luxan’ in their research, letting our red-head know she’d be held responsible if anything went wrong. She even calls Luxans a sub-species (although that really doesn’t mean what she wants it to mean from a scientific point of view).

While D’Argo listens in closely.

Jool does a wonderful job at failing to defend her friend.

Crichton is enjoying a day at the beachside-cliffs.

Overlooking the ancient temple.

Along comes Granny, apparently under arrest by the ‘interlon muscle,’ yelling at John to ‘shoot him’. She is convinced John will stop the digs and save them all by killing the Interlons, because they defiled the place and they lie about their true intentions for the probes.

John tries to explain that there will be no killing, while confessing that he doesn’t even know Grandma’s name. He maintains that he’s not a threat to the Interions.

And then knocks the guy out,

On the grounds that it’s not nice to point guns at people. (Irony, thy name is Crichton)

Granny re-knocks the Interlon out and then claims that Valla sent the dig team away so that she could get the Darnesk Triangle weapon for her own nefarious use. (Having seen Valla’s sunny personality, Granny may be on to something here!)

Since John doesn’t seem to care, Granny has a brilliant idea and out comes the blowing dust into Crichton’s face so that what happened on Arnesk will not happen anywhere else.

Which promptly sends Crichton on an all sensor acid trip during which he sees the ancient priests sacrifice a weird looking goat, while chanting the song from the title scene.

Apparently they also really like children’s tiles (they look like playing pyramids to me), since they have one lying around for John to see and finally realize that there might be something familiar there.

He then sees the Darnesk Probe in action falling from the sky and marking the end of the temple.

What could be better when drugged out of your gourd and seeing visions of the past than a nice refreshing swim, courtesy of more dust in the face?

Even the creature seems to think it’s a bad idea and comes to revive Crichton, warning him that the old lady took his gun to go kill Valla, since she’s so close to finding the third probe.

The old Pilot seems to be dreaming of something that makes her hum what sounds like the same title tune. Rygel in the meantime is trying to find usable parts.

D’Argo confronts Jool about her thinking that all Luxans are morons, and her reply is basically ‘yeah, but you’re a bit less moronic than the rest.’

Then again, she apparently doesn’t believe anyone on Moya really cared about her, to which D’Argo informs her that he had cared, and he would have defended her (while pretty much giving her a list of all the things she could be called).

Sikozu manages to get the module running again, while Rygel keeps comforting the Pilot.

John is still reeling from the drugs / unplanned swim. In the meantime both Granny and D’Argo hold weapons and are apparently converging on Valla.

And most of all he’s pissed off that the old lady took Winona.

He hears something in one of the tunnels.

And on closer inspection he sees that someone used one of the rock-eaters to make the researcher into a rock part of the wall (the spiders are avenged!)

D’Argo knocks out the other Interion, pushes John away and threatens the creature (which all looks kind of damning from the outside, especially since we didn’t actually see who pulled the trigger, we just saw Valla recognize her killer).

While Noranti is apparently giving the last rites for ‘Instructor Valla, no matter how selfish, how evil’.

Chiana is fascinated by the end results, while D’Argo explains that it wasn’t him that did it, but that he had to knock the other guy out because of how it looked, since it would have made the trigger-happy ‘security’ jump to conclusions and D’Argo would have had to put him down in self defense – permanently. D’Argo’s money is on the creature being the culprit.

Back on the dying Leviathan, Rygel tries to get Sikozu to take him with when she escapes in Crichton’s module, only to have her lash out at him for being such a coward. (She DID do the calculations how far the fuel she’d synthesized would carry them, so maybe the thought wasn’t completely foreign to her). Sikozu is however fluent in PK code, so when she intercepts a message from the Grayza’s Command Carrier, she realizes the 3 Marauders are going to be on the planet soon. Winning even more brownie-points, she even manages to get Rygel to follow orders and decides to warn the ‘away team’.

John decides to take a stroll with their new captive, only to come upon the spot he’d ‘seen’ the playing tile (a pyramid is not a tile in my opinion).

On a hunch, he uses the rock-eater and finds the tile hidden in the exact same spot. The Interion confirms the signs are from all across the galaxy and they all mean one thing: peace. Just like the one Crichton recognized. (If I remember correctly the Eye of Horus wasn’t strictly meaning Peace, but I might be wrong and I’m too ill right now to search on Wikipedia.)

D’Argo goes for a pit stop on his ship to contact the Leviathan and/or the supposedly incoming Moya when Lolah’s sensors pick up the PK Marauders.

He goes out to save / warn his friends in typical fashion, while leaving the ship cloaked (that ship is seriously awesome, right up there with the Defiant and maybe even better because it’s frelling remotely-voice-controlled).

John meanwhile comes up on a strangely subdued Chiana that only manages to whisper ‘Peacekeepers’.

Before the last remaining archeologist gets it in the gut.

Sikozu manages to convince D’Argo that it’s pointless to try to fight now, albeit she can only do it down the barrel of a pistol while hanging off the side of a ledge thanks to her weird ability to control her gravity center.

Grayza walk in like she owns the place, which I guess isn’t that far from the truth given overwhelming odds.

She even brings a gift to John in the form of a Scorpious reduced to a drooling buffoon.

She even makes him lick her boots to prove how low he could go.

Once she offers John the ability to inflict whatever he wants on Scorpious he responds that he couldn’t do anything worse to him than her.

So out comes the cleavage graze. (hmmm Grayza’s graze)

Crichton – still not running on all cylinders from before, as well as from the sheer fact that he realized he’ll never be rid of the Peacekeepers – takes a good whiff.

After a bit of roughing around, he succumbs to Grayza’s ‘charms’ and they seal it with a kiss.

Although he doesn’t seem entirely pleased with the aftertaste.

Rygel keeps trying to wake up the Pilot so that they can warn Moya to stay away.
Unfortunately the Pilot is too weak, the comms are out, and the Leviathan is entering shutdown, so Rygel is useless and powerless. How the mighty have fallen!

After Braka gives the report: they caught John, Jool, Chiana, and Granny, he inspects the wall-mounted magnetic sensors that apparently give them 20 more arns before they have to abandon the planet. Scorpious is slowly regaining control of his mind and body.

Unfortunately for him Grayza notices this and has the perfect antiodote. ‘Change him!’

And Braka puts in another mind-numbing rod in his former master’s head. ‘For all the times I’ve had to say yes.’ Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

And the still free Creature apparently has both the probes Valla had found in his possession.

While being captured by Peacekeepers, Granny is shocked to find out John found a real tile.

Jool laments that while she’d previously stolen from digs to further her knowledge, she’d never stolen from Arnesk due to the sheer importance of it. Granny manages to get them to work together, despite the lingering tensions between them, so that she can save them all. (when she's your last hope, you're doing something wrong!)

And they manage to come up with something that, for once, doesn’t rely on Chiana’s body on display, but on the old woman’s small bladder (maybe going the other way would have kept the show on longer?)

John is still pretty stoned, Grayza’s repeated treatments of chest-excretions not helping matters any.

He isn’t even capable to grab for the weapon that’s left in plain sight. He does like her treatment more than Scorpious’ though.

Instead he gives in to Grayza while his tripping mind provides Granny telling him that peace needs sacrifices. (If that’s the kind of sacrifices peace needs, we’ll have that whole Middle Eastern thing licked in no time!)

Afterwards the arguably sexually assaulted Crichton is trying to get over it (maybe he’s also feeling guilty for cheating on Aeryn), when Granny comes along.

She decides that Crichton must die to prevent his knowledge from surfacing. And for once it’s not the one about wormholes, it’s that he actually saw the location of the third Probe, which would mean that he could retrieve it and the Peacekeepers would get a WMD. (Isn’t that a pretty thought!) So she blows more dust in his face, making him hallucinate a couple of priest-garb-wearing-Grannies that keep pushing him back.

He has flashbacks with everything he’s been through on this frelling planet as he reaches the edge of the cliff.

Then, in front of the helpless Braka, and while Granny prays for his soul, he takes a pretty long dive.


Just kidding, it’s a to be continue one!

A few thoughts / existential questions to ask oneself:
-It’s been a while and I don’t remember the next episode that clearly, but if everything on the planet was supposedly dead, explain the one-legged spiders. For that matter, I don’t even remember where the Creature was from. Maybe we’ll find out in the next installment.
-They pretty much gloss over the fact that Moya went through a wormhole.
-Seriously, what’s the PK’s HR department view on sexual harassment in the ranks?
-How long does it take the average astronaut to recognize the eye of Horus? I mean it was right there, eye-level (if you will), as soon as he met the rest, right above where he tried his hand on for size. Then half an episode later he sees that children’s toy – pyramid and he’s all moody about the “one of the symbols, maybe, ancient Egyptian.”
-What are the odds that in an Universe so big one of the maybe 12 symbols featured on the golden playing pyramid would be ancient Egyptian?
-What is the actual capacity of a Marauder, since it apparently carries from 1-7 (and maybe more, since there were 3 Marauders that brought over Grayza, Braka, Scorpious, plus 20 PK grunts and I doubt she strapped in like the rest of the jar-heads.) Is it like the shuttle in Star Trek that was cramped as heck in one episode with just two people, and in the next could pick up about half the crew?
-Jool’s hair changes color when she’s excited from orange to bright red. Her hair was red throughout the episode, while the other two members of her species—Interions—had dark hair. Is the pigmentation genetic? Could they too have melted metal if push would have come to shove less suddenly?
-Considering the windy conditions, what are the odds that any of Granny’s dust actually got into Crichton’s eyes on any of the occasions?
-It’s interesting that the Granny decides to take John out because of his knowledge about the Darnesk Triangle probe, not because of the wormhole tech that could potentially be even more dangerous in Grayza’s hands.
-There was no Harvey, no shots of Aeryn, and most importantly, no scantily clad women (not counting members of the crew and/or Grayza), so basically the opposite of the previous episode in that respect.
-Crichton was once again stoned for most of the episode. I would save a seat in AA if I were him.
-Grayza looks half-Nebari half-Sebacean to the untrained eye. I wonder what the trained eye of the PK blood purity police sees.
-In the scene that shows the probes falling, there is no temple on the cliffs, although there should have been one there.
-Parting thoughts… This episode has everything except Aeryn and Harvey: it’s got a compelling story-of-the week in the mysterious disappearing temple; it’s got characters-of-the-week that we really don’t mind seeing get blasted out of existence; it’s got John running around like a lunatic; it’s got some great interactions between our characters that shows how close they are while at the same time revealing the cracks that the previous season left; it’s got the Big Bad doing Big Bad things; revelations and twists that you couldn’t really see coming, but get a kick out of anyway.
-Of course John isn’t dead. Apart from him having taken more or less the same tumble in the same episode, he’s the main character and we don’t have his double running around, so he’s safe.
-For some reason almost all the screen caps with Valla have her with closed, or half-opened eyes. I didn't like her enough to fix it.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!
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