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6 hours ago
Farscape Revisited: "Bad Timing" (GIF Party!!)
We are throwing a GIF Party to celebrate the final episode of Farscape. Over a year and a half later, we got the conclusion to our story, so let's have a bash and paaaar-tay!
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Farscape Revisited: "We're So Screwed (Part 3) La Bomba"
After having their escape from Katratzi betrayed, the gang must now rely on the betrayer to escape the Scarrans intact.
2 days ago
Farscape Revisited: We're So Screwed Part 2, Hot To Katrazi
We arrived in the middle episode of the three parter that almost marks the end of this grand series. Farscape has a name to uphold for these two- and three partners and they certainly make it true this time.

This episode gave us everything we can expect from the series. Once again, my hero Rygel plays his own heroic part in the way he does best: convincingly make people a bit uncomfortable. We see the return of Stark and no answers are given where he comes from or why he works for the Scarrans.He was never one of my favourite characters, just a bit shady and he seems to enjoy torturing Scorpius more than he is concerned with the safety of the rest of the crew, although they stay hidden for him for a long time. We learn that Scorpius has been a spy for the Scarran emperor for ...Read more
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3 days ago
Farscape Revisited: "We're So Screwed (Part 1) Fetal Attraction"
The first part of the trilogy that has the crew of Moya going all in to rescue Aeryn. Including Scorpius.
Aug 23, 2014
Farscape Revisited: “Prayer”
Aeryn is in Scarran custody and trying desperately to find hope in what feels like a hopeless situation. While Crichton seeks her by revisiting an unrealized reality where the key to Aeryn’s location may be found.
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Aug 21, 2014
Farscape Revisited: "A Constellation of Doubt"
While obsessed with finding clues that could lead him to Aeryn, Crichton distracts himself with an intercepted transmission from home. It is a documentary on their visit to Earth.
Aug 19, 2014
Farscape Revisited: 'Bringing Home the Beacon'
The Moyazons are off to a commerce station in order to get a part for Moya. Things get complicated along the way.
Aug 18, 2014
Farscape Revisited: 'Mental as Anything'
This is my third, and I think final, Farscape recap and it's been great fun. Now more than ever I wish I had been along from the very beginning (maybe contributing one or two more recaps along the way).
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They should rename this episode to 'A Lesson in Frustration', you'll see why.

This week we open with Crichton and Aeryn sitting in front of Pilots console trying to enjoy a brief moment alone. The perfect time for Aeryn to give her Christmas present to Crichton... no, not that, get your minds out of the gutter! It's actually a remote control and when John asks if there's anything that comes with it she assures him “it's big ...Read more
Aug 17, 2014
Farscape Revisited: "Twice Shy"
If I’m honest, there are two good reasons to watch this episode. One is that it is a Farscape episode and we should watch them all and the other is that Crichton reveals to Aeryn why he was so mean to her.

The rest? Not that great. It had a huge Star Trek feeling for me. Crew saves alien, alien is dangerous for crew, crew saves crew. The alien was badly worked out and it never became exciting. Except for that confession, this episode did not bring anything to the realm. After the brilliance of the last three episodes, this was hardly back to normal for me. But still, when putting the screenshots in the text, I had so many beautiful shots I used more than usual. So visually, it must have been ok.

So, what was it all about? Now back on Farscape

As Moya doesn’t dare ...Read more
farscape watchback
Aug 15, 2014
Farscape Revisited: "Terra Firma"
Navigating to the right time in the same place, the crew of Moya finds Earth has found them first and has been waiting for their arrival. Crichton must face a difficult foe - the politics of America's claim on the E.T. technology.
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