Season 3 Episode 22

Dog with Two Bones (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2002 on Syfy
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Moya takes Talyn's remains to the sacred burial ground where D'Argo is forced to destroy a rogue Leviathan that is attacking other ships.

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  • A clever title goes here!

    i love this episode of farscape, i loved the whole series.
  • I'm soooo sick of the whole "Chriton Aeryn love connection!" Since when do they make sci fi for thirteen year-old girls?!

    I'm soooo sick of the whole "Chriton Aeryn love connection!" Since when do they make sci fi for thirteen year-old girls?! So many of this seasons episodes where ruined by the boring interchange between these two charecters... it could have been much better. It feels like something changed this season... I don't really pay attention to what's going on during the filming of these episodes... however, it definatly felt like they lost something in the writing and directing departments this season. that said, the make-up and wardrobe dept. did an amazing job as usual, as well as the cg... Hopefully next season won't be the hills in space like this season...moreless
  • The end of season 3.

    The way this episode is written it is almost as though the writers were unsure whether they would be coming back for season 4. This season ends with all the crew going their seperate ways. Crichton is haunted by visions of what life with Aeryn could be like on earth. But Aeryn does not feel the same way since the other Crichton died. But she does tell Crichton that she loves him. So one by one the crew say their goodbyes. But the ending is a shocker John is about to go after Aeryn when he realises that she may have his child. But Moya gets sucked into a wormhole leaving Crichton all alone. This episode was great it probably could have been a great series ending episode. But onto season 4, and things can only get better? Or is that in fact worse?moreless
  • An amazing season ends with the separation of Moia's crew...

    This was a really confusing episode. I don't really know what to say. Well, that's it! Moia's crew splits up!

    They fly to the Leviathan burial ground with the remains of Talyn and encounter a rogue Leviathan that wants to destroy Moia.

    Luckily D'Argo's ship has some quite impressive weaponry! They destroy the Leviathan in a spectacular way! Their target just disappears completely!

    John is having a very hard time letting go of Aeryn! He imagines himself together with Moia's crew at his own wedding with Aeryn! But every time he dreams about it, Scorpius and the Peacekeepers arrive and kill everyone except him, leaving him in some desperate pain because of Aryn's and the other's death!

    John finally decides to go with Aeryn, but she refuses! Even if they admit their love for each other, Aeryn is not ready to live through such a drama again! They let a coin decide about their fate...

    The last scene is John in his module alone! Aeryn is gone, and so are probably the others. Only Jool seems to remain on Moia, who will suddenly be absorbed by a wormhole, leaving John definitely all alone in space!

    This was a very confusing episode as I said before. I never really knew what was real and what not, as much of the episode happened inside Crichton's head!

    Oh yes! And to make it even more confusing: Aeryn is pregnant!

    Can't wait to start season 4!

  • Outstanding Episode

    This episode was my favourite of all time. It was great and sad. I loved it so much! Talyn was layed to rest and John and Aeryn parted. God I can not wait until season four. I thought Ben Browder did an excellent job as Crichton, once again. It was extremely sad this episode, I thought Cluadia Black also did an excellent job. This episode was great it was worth it, In my opinion I think that this episode is the best season finale and also in my opinion the best in the series. Such as sad but excellent way to end a season, wonder what will happen to Moya and her crew, also what will happen to Crichton and Aeryn. Aeryn is with child! Hmmmm.moreless
Jacob Vanderpuije

Jacob Vanderpuije

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Dion Bilios

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Samantha Wellington

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Kent McCord

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: When D'Argo is shot by the Peacekeepers in the dream wedding, his blood is bright red like a human's, not the usual dark reddish black of a Luxan. All of the others, including Rygel and Chiana, bleed in the normal colors (green and blue, respectively).

    • Moya is sucked away by a wormhole that suddenly appears on top of her at the end of the episode, leaving Crichton all alone in his module, which is almost out of fuel.

    • No one seemed to know who the old woman was, even though she was aboard. A running theme was for the crew members to ask who she was. She influenced some of them with a hallucinogenic powder, and at the end threatens Jool in order to help Crichton try and get back to Aeryn, yet her true motivations are not revealed.

    • When Crichton tosses the coin to decide his and Aeryn's fate, we never see the result, it is only alluded to later when she leaves that it did not go in their favor.

    • When Aeryn flies away, rather than seeing the Prowler fly off gradually into the distance, an odd fade effect is used to fade it away into the background.

    • The crew have finally disbanded, with D'Argo going on his quest for revenge against Macton, his wife's brother and murderer, Rygel returning to Hyneria and Chiana going to search for her brother Nerri and the Nebari resistance. Meanwhile, Aeryn seeks a group of rogue Peacekeepers who, amongst other things, assassinate people to aid against crimes such as terrorism.

    • There are many parts of this episode, outside the main visions of he and the others on Earth, that could suggest some or all of this episode was actually some sort of hallucination or infliction upon Crichton.

    • When Aeryn dies in Crichton's final vision, she says to him "Don't worry about me, I've never felt better." This is the same line that Talyn-Crichton said to her on his deathbed in "Icarus Abides".

    • Harvey digs up a memory of Crichton hearing the old woman whisper something to him during his hallucinations, amongst other things, that Aeryn is pregnant!

    • All the crew manage to make a presence at the wedding Pilot, D'Argo, Chiana, Rygel and Jool. Even Moya is represented as a model near the top table.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jool: (when Aeryn plans to leave Moya and become an assassin) Want some advice?
      Aeryn: Look, Jool, I'm not Crichton's mate, I'm not tied to him in any way!
      Jool: In the short time I've known you, you've changed so much. Don't go backwards... Assassinating people? Seems like going backwards.

    • Aeryn: (as D'Argo packs his ship to go after Macton) You could resupply on the journey.
      D'Argo: Well, revenge is a dish best served immediately!

    • Aeryn: Without Talyn, you wouldn't be here, so show some respect!
      Rygel: Respect, my tiny, shiny hiney! It's gonna get us killed!

    • Aeryn: (Annoyed) Just make a frelling wormhole and go home.
      Crichton: (Pleading) There is no home. There is no wormhole. There's only you... Aeryn, anywhere in the universe. You pick the planet.
      Aeryn: It's too late for that.
      Crichton: It's not too late.
      Aeryn: No, you're not listening to me. It's too late for me.
      Crichton: You do this, and we'll never see each other again.
      Aeryn: Do you love Aeryn Sun?
      Crichton: Beyond hope.
      Aeryn: Then don't make me say good-bye and don't make me stay.

    • Aeryn: You once said it was as if the fates meant for us to be together.
      Crichton: And I believe that.
      Aeryn: Well then if it's true, we will be together again.
      Crichton: Running away is not fate, Aeryn. Running away is running away. Fine, you want fate, here... I've got fate. Here.
      Aeryn: What?
      Crichton: Coin toss.
      Aeryn: What like that side up, you stay?
      Crichton: Absolutely. Fate.

    • (Aeryn is loading her Prowler)
      Crichton: I'm coming with you.
      Aeryn: No. I'm sorry.
      Crichton: Well, you're not leaving without me.
      Aeryn: What do you want?
      Crichton: You.
      Aeryn: (visibly upset) I'm afraid its not that easy for me, you see.. you died. I watched that happen and yet you're still alive. I have to go.
      Crichton: Then say good-bye.
      Aeryn: We don't say good-byes.
      Crichton: We do this time. You see, you leave and then you come back and I... I can't handle the in-between. Aeryn, say good-bye.
      Aeryn: Fine. Good-bye, Crichton.
      (Aeryn starts to walk away, but Crichton catches her arm spinning her around)
      Crichton: John! My name is John. Good-bye, John. To my face.
      Aeryn: (Pushing Crichton chest forcing him away from her) (Shouting) Guarantee you won't die in my arms again!
      Crichton: (Pushes Aeryn back in response) Guarantee me you won't die in mine!
      Aeryn: I can, by leaving.
      (Aeryn turns to walk away.)
      Crichton: Do you love John Crichton? Not him. Not me. John Crichton?
      (Aeryn turns back to face Crichton)
      Aeryn: Yes

    • D'Argo: Keep it steady, if I don't get an accurate resident capture, we're all done for.
      Crichton: I thought you said this thing only responds to your DNA.
      D'Argo: It does, that's why I've covered all the controls---
      Crichton: Uggh, that's- why I'm wearing gloves.

    • (Aeryn and Crichton kiss)
      Crichton: Now what does that taste like?
      Aeryn: Yesterday.
      Crichton: Heh, well, nobody can compete with that. I am so much better dead.

    • (Crichton watches as Moya gets sucked into a wormhole)
      Crichton: You have got to be kidding me!

    • Harvey: (to Crichton) My gift.
      Old Woman: (whispering) Be forgiving. Be kind. Better angels. Her life. Her world. On her time. You will know... Aeryn is with child.
      Crichton: Aeryn, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you trust me? Old womaaaan!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Aeryn: Jack, I am...miserable here, and he just doesn't see it. I'm going to get married, and end up like Betty Crocker. I just keep wondering when he's going to wake up.

      Betty Crocker is an advertising icon created by General Mills in 1921 as part of a promotion for their Gold Medal Flour, and is colloquially used (as Aeryn does) as the image of the quintessentially traditional housewife.

    • A Dog With Two Bones:

      This is the title of one of the fables of the Greek Aesop, who lived in the 6th century BC, wrote a series of fables using animals to teach lessons to his readers. In this fable, a dog carrying a bone in his mouth sees his reflection in the water and wants to get the "bone" from the "other dog." He tries, and loses his own bone in the water.