Season 1 Episode 22

Family Ties (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Tragic in space

    A good episode, a good cliff-hanger, a good end to a season but not good enough.

    I couldn’t help but to feel completely irritated by Crais. He’s a stupid bastard, first with his lame obsession over his brother’s death. And then he becomes a coward and runs to his enemies and then he steels Moya’s kid? Gosh, I really despise him. He’s one of the worst villains in history.

    Anyway, what I did love about this episode were the family ties. When Crichton and D’Argo went to the ship, they all trusted each other, Well except mr. Selfish and mr. Hypocrite. But at least Rygal came through, I hated him for what he did at first and really wanted someone to throw a large object at him. But towards the end of the episode I loved him again,. Crais is just…worthless.

    Anyway, I loved Aeryn as well, she finally gave the baby a name. ‘Tylon’. I loved her conversation with John about father’s. And then we have Chiana, her character is also excellent. I didn’t like her kiss with John though, icky and wrong. But besides that, she did a great job and I loved that she cooked the gang a meal. Except for Crais, why the hell did she do that? She could have just let the b!tch starve to death.

    Anyway, Scorpius wasn’t exactly interesting either. He can’t kill Crichton because he wants what is in him, yadayadayawn.

    I also hate the depart of Stark, where is he? I loved him in ‘The Hidden Memory’ and ‘Nerve’, I want to see more of his character.

    Anyway, so D’Argo and John do something that felt a little pointless, but necessary while the lamo Crias went away with the baby. Moya had to starburst because they were in trouble and so it does and leave our heroes behind. Aeryn nearby while D’Argo is passing out in space and lets loose the lucky charm John gave to him.

    All in all, ‘Family Ties’ was a great cliff-hanger, but it could have been better. It should have, and they should have killed Crias.
  • and what a great finale it was.

    Vey well writen and the performances were just perfect. This episode was focused in the relationship that the characters have developed with each other over the year that they have been together. It was a great episode that showed just how much they all care for each other. It was a very sad episode because they were all saying goodbye to those that have become their family, they had no idea either they would live to see another day or not and that feeling was well captured by the actors. the special effects on this episode were amazing, specially the part where John and Ka' Dargo exploded Scorpios's base.
    The episode ended with Crais running away with Moya's baby,Moya having to run away leaving some of the crew and her baby behind, john and a passed out Ka'Dargo stranded in space and Arylin feeling hopless because she doesn' know how to save John and Dargo. This episode leaves many questions to be answered in season 2. Very well done.