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    I made some time ago irc channel on a network that I use alot and was wondering if any of you scapers would like to join in if so ill show how you can

    ReplayIRC is a renamed network from the originally known SGWirc. We
    made the name change to gear up for other games produced by the
    companies we cover.

    What's our goal, where does the staff of
    ReplayIRC get the benefit from the network? In all's end, we got tired
    of being on another network who had services that were never always
    up-to-date, horrible security and elitest staff. The network we use to
    reside on had no true NickServ, to allow of us users to actually
    register nicknames to our accounts. Not much of any nickname security,
    or other handy user features were available. The network we use to be
    on split numerous times, none of us staff / op's at the time could
    withstand it much any longer; we are guessing the same for our users.
    However, enough ranting of why we made this network and created it.

    want this network to be enjoyable, without any flaws. We started this
    network for the better of our users in this community. Our benefit from
    it is basically knowing the users using our network will enjoy it,
    talking to their friends in real time. We are in no way affiliated with
    any gaming company. However from time to time, developers from the
    gaming companies that wish to use our network will pop in to say hi or
    just taunt people. http://daforums.bioware.com/_commonext/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif

    network was created in late 2007 around early November formally known
    as SGWirc, however went public in mid December of 2007. It was created
    by mainly BC, Zoeff and {SGE}LauraG. Much inspiration came from all of
    those three to make the dream possible for ReplayIRC. So far, we have
    accomplished something vastly large for the communities we cover.
    November 2008 we performed our network rename to ReplayIRC.

    If you dont want to download irc program you can go to this site http://replayirc.com/ and press Chat Now and join us via the internet browser.

    Connect Guides

    mIRC Setup and Connect

    VortecIRC Install and connect guide
    Click Here

    xChat Connect Guide [Linux]
    Click Here

    ChatZilla Install and Connect Guide
    Click Here

    These links have pictures and step by step guides on how to join us on irc.

    You can also use Trillian to connect to IRC. Go to your Trillian
    Preferences and make sure IRC is ticked in the Plugins menu. Click Add
    a new connection in the Identities & Connections menu, fill in the
    fields and use irc.ReplayIRC.com as the server. After you've connected,
    there should be a white button at the bottom of your trillian window.
    Click on it and choose Join a Channel. Enter #DragonAge

    Problems trying to connect? Want to report a user? Feel free to PM me or bctrainers

    Server: irc.replayirc.com | Channel: #Farscape

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