Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2001 on Syfy
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A group of escaped prisoners come aboard Moya. They are followed shortly by Aeryn, Crais and Rygel who have finally returned from Talyn.

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  • It was ok.

    Other than the crew of Moya and Talyn being united most of this episode was pointless. Some of this episode was fun, like where Rygel finally found a mate but other bites were stupid. I liked how Aryen is still giving Cricthon a hard time, because she already saw him die. This season has definatly been the best so far i have loved most of the episodes this season. The ending to this episode was also good, Cricthon tells the crew that he is going after Scorpius' comand carrier, a suicide mission? Who knows in guess this is how the seaosn is going to end in the ulitmate battle. Can't wait to see it.moreless
  • The two storylines finally come together as Moia and Talyn are back together.

    Finally, the crew of Talyn is back on Moia!

    The episode begins with a transport pod of fleeing prisoners that land on Moia... One Scarran, one Hynerian, one Nebari, one Peacekeeper and one other creature that has to be reassembled. The pod was attacked with a new Peacekeeper weapon decomposing metal...

    Very soon, Moia's crew realizes that one of the passengers is a traitor.

    As Rygel spends time with the Hynerian female, Chiana with the Nebari and D'Argo with the Scarran, the only suspect is the Peacekeeper, who is been held in a prison cell.

    Also very important in this episode: John and Aeryn meet each other again. Aeryn is very cold considering what happened to the other John. All this is really sad and confusing.

    Once the Scarran gets shot, things get serious, as the traitor walks free among them.

    While Jool and Crais attempt to reassemble the creature, that finally reveals to them that the Hynerian female is the culprit.

    The Hynerian frees the Peacekeeper and together they flee with Rygel as hostage.

    For the first time, we see the ancient Luxan vessel in action with D'Argo flying it and Aeryn and John trying to get on the fleeing transport pod. Here Aeryn mistakes John for the other Crichton, because of the wires shot at the pod that they used inside the Budong.

    The transport pod is destroyed and Rygel saved.

    At the end of the episode Crichton watches a message left by the other Crichton thanks to Stark's mask. He tells him about the wormholes and Scorpius and also advises him to give Aeryn some time... Finally they both raise their hands for one last paper-scissors-stone and both choose scissors, proving that they are (were) the same, even away from each other...

    This was a very good episode and it was especially nice to see nearly all characters back together.

  • I'm seeing doubles.

    After a bunch of amazing episodes ‘Fractures’ comes and breaks it into a good, yet not entirely memorable episode that was quite cheesy at times.

    The episode begins with some prisoners arriving Moya, at first they think it might be Talyn’s group but they are not. One of them is a Scarron that makes peace with D’Argo and shows that not all Scarrons are evil. Another one is a Nebari, she becomes a friend of Chiana very quickly and reveals that she is not a female or a male and that’s why the Nebari didn’t want her back. And the other one is a Hynerean who seems to like Rygel a lot and they get it on, it was about time the little green puppet got some.

    Talyn arrives a little later with bad news, the other Crichton died and Stark left to look for Zhaan. Aeryn is also devastated and doesn’t want to talk to Crichton or even listen to him. But Chiana soon begins to have visions, there is something wrong there, something that is going to attack them soon. The Scarron soon gets shot and taken to a table where Crais and Jool are working together on putting back someone who was blown into little pieces, that someone says that there is a traitor onboard. The traitor turns out to be the bitca that was doing Rygel all along, she made a deal with the peacekeeper they were travelling with and she is going to sell them out.

    The evil bitca tries to kill them and shoots the Nebari, then she escapes on a ship with the peacekeeper but Rygel eventually gets saved and the bitca and the peacekeeper get killed. ‘Fractures’ wasn’t the best episode to make the gang reunite, but it was far from a weak one. The Aeryn/Crichton scenes were the best, and she seeing him talk to the other Crichton thanks to Stark’s mask, both Crichtons are the original and the other one wishes this Crichton good luck and to give Aeryn space. At the end Crichton announced that he is going to attack Scorpy but everybody thinks it’s crazy, except for Aeryn who steps on his side.moreless
Matt Doran

Matt Doran

Markir Tal

Guest Star

Thomas Holesgrove

Thomas Holesgrove

Naj Gil

Guest Star

Nicholas McKay

Nicholas McKay

Voice of Naj Gil

Guest Star

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Tammy MacIntosh

Tammy MacIntosh


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Some Nebari, like Hubero, are "androgynes"- neither male or female (most likely what's known as "hermaphrodites" on Earth). Usually they're taken away from their parents at birth, but some manage to conceal what they are and remain hidden within Nebari society.

    • Nitpick: When Orhnn first sees Rygel, she says she recognizes him because no one could forget "the royal profile". But she sees him straight on, not from the side, which is the view seen of one's profile!

    • Apparently Hynerians can survive in space without a protective space suit, and even without oxygen for a time.

    • Crichton has set himself a new goal, and for the first time he is planning to take the fight to Scorpius.

    • When she and Crichton are attempting the rescue of Rygel, Aeryn refers to the cabling they use as the same as they used on the budong, which took place in "Green Eyed Monster", and soon realizes it was with the other Crichton.

    • Chiana's lingering ability to foresee the future, hinted at in the final scenes of "Losing Time", appears again here as she predicts the pulse blast that ends up injuring Naj Gil and the other pulse blast that kills Hubero.

    • All Hynerians fall into a deep sleep after being sexually pleasured.

    • Nitpick: They say that in space, no one can hear you scream. But Orhnn seemed to be able to talk to Rygel after they are blown out of the pod into space!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Chiana: Not quite the reunion we were expecting- the other Crichton dead, and Stark searching for Zhaan's spirit.
      D'Argo: Well, with a single Crichton and Stark missing perhaps it will restore some sanity to the ship.

    • Orhnn: (as Rygel's comrade chase Orhnn's ship) What's their plan?
      Rygel: They're going to kill you, bitch!

    • Rygel: (after Orhnn tells him she had sex with him to put him to sleep) But, you slept, too. All Hynerians sleep deeply after... pleasure.
      Orhnn: The pleasure, Dominar, was all yours!
      Rygel: You were faking?
      Orhnn: Oh, males!

    • Chiana: (when suspicion falls on the escaped prisoners) Hubero has never left my sight.
      Rygel: And uh, since she arrived sweet Orhnn has been atop me, or beneath me, or um...
      Crichton: Okay, there's a mental polaroid we can all live without, Ryg!

    • (The living Crichton sits in his quarters facing the ghostly holo image of the dead Crichton contained in Stark's mask)
      Holo-Crichton: It's all in my head, which means it's in yours, too. Wormholes, A to Z. You've probably already heard what we did with it. And that's just the beginning. You could fry a whole solar system. Furlow is still out there... (Aeryn passes by and pauses at the doorway, hiding in the shadows)...somewhere. But for right now the Scarrans are back to square one. The Peacekeepers. They're your problem. Look at me. (Crichton looks at the image) Now look at yourself. You know. Don't let Scorpius crack this. Whatever it takes. (Holo-Crichton pauses and chuckles a little) I'm gonna piss you off now, man. Be smart. Don't... push her. She takes... time... Oh, one more thing... (Holo-Crichton holds up his fist and Crichton does the same. One more round of rock-paper-scissors, and both of them draw scissors. Both of them laugh) Good luck, John. (the image fades away)

    • D'Argo: (Gently speaking to Crichton) Ah, my friend, I don't know what to say. I don't have any advice. It's difficult, isn't it? You're jealous of the other you, aren't you?
      Crichton: He died. The other guy. The copy.
      D'Argo: Now Aeryn thinks that you're the copy.

    • Crichton: We choose our own path. This one is mine. I'm going to the Command Carrier. I'm going to stop Scorpius.

    • Crichton: (to Aeryn, as she steps off the pod) Well there's a familiar face...
      Aeryn: (emotionless) Hello John.
      (She walks off)

    • Chiana: (to Crichton) She's gonna be walking off that pod, I know it.
      Jool: Chiana's right, Aeryn's fine. I'm sure the other you has taken extra good care of her. I mean... All I meant was that I'm sure that he did everything that you would have done if you had of been with Aeryn all this time...

  • NOTES (3)


    • Crichton: Okay, this is...a little too Naked Lunch.

      Naked Lunch is a controversial avant-garde novel by William S. Burroughs, first published in 1959.

    • Crichton: Mag-stet. Turbo-sealer. Fluffy pink slippers. Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse. Huey, Louie, and Dewey.

      Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are, of course, the two most well-known and popular of Walt Disney's stable of characters. Huey, Louie, and Dewey are Donald Duck's three nephews.

    • Rygel: And Orrhn and I will just be, ah...
      Crichton: ...be making the Hynerian with two backs, trunks, whatever.

      A play on the saying "the beast with two backs", a common euphemistic description of a couple having sex, coined by Shakespeare in Othello, Act I, Scene I.

    • Crichton: (referring to Orhnn) Is Barbarella ready to vamoose?
      The campy 1968 sci-fi movie Barbarella starred Jane Fonda in the title role, and was known for it's frequent tongue in cheek sex scenes.