Season 3 Episode 8

Green Eyed Monster

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 2001 on Syfy
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Talyn is swallowed by a giant space creature known as a Budong. Crais' neural connection to Talyn malfunctions and Aeryn is forced to take control of Talyn. Meanwhile, Stark and Rygel come up with a way to help Talyn escape from the Budong.

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  • Ben Browder took over the writing room for this episode ...

    and I believe Mr. Browder succeeded, on many levels, to give us, the fans, exactly what we had been hoping for.

    Although there are still lots of action, our token puppet, and mind blowing CGI's, the basis of this episode is relationships.

    Masterful and subtle hints are doled out to us regarding the triangle between Crais, Aeryn and Crichton . . . but what is it with those pulsating red lights above their heads in command? Cudo's for the director, for making a machine seem "human" in his jealousy.

    The payoff for me, in this episode, had to be the final scene. The restrained reactions by Mr. Browder, when Crichton finds out the data chip had been "manipulated" brought new depth, and kick started (Black) John and Aeryn's destined relationship.moreless
  • A riveting character episode, exploring John and Aeryn’s relationship.

    This is truly a character episode, focusing beautifully on John/Aeryn and their ever-complicated relationship. They are star-crossed lovers and there’s always something coming between them. This time it’s Talyn and Crais.

    We haven’t spent much time with Talyn before and have only seen brief moments which reflect his personality. Where Moya is tranquil and stable, Talyn is unpredictable, violent, prone to panic and dangerous. But here we also see that he has a far more dominant personality. I’d love to know if this is unique to Talyn or are male Leviathans more emotional than the females. Here he displays jealousy and is blatantly interfering with John while match-making with Aeryn and Crais. He is also petty – taking Winona, locking doors… then there’s the more aggressive faking of video footage to make John think Aeryn slept with Crais. I’ve never liked Talyn but this was teenage attitude at it’s worst. He must be such a disappointment to Moya.

    I’m not always a fan of Crais and despite his flirting with the truth here, he does one thing that makes me respect him – he told Aeryn the truth about what Talyn did which allowed Aeryn to fix it. He could have said nothing, John would never have mentioned it and Aeryn would have been clueless why John was acting weird. However, Crais could have prompted Talyn’s actions, I find it hard to believe that Talyn would have taken such prolonged action by himself. He’s been impulsive before, but not deliberately malicious.

    I always adore Ben and admire what he has created in Crichton and this episode showcases some of that: his frustration with Talyn/Crais, his uncertainty about Aeryn, that Look on his face when he watched the tape, that last scene with him and Aeryn. This is actually more of a John episode than anything else, though heavily dosed with John/Aeryn.

    Aeryn is always a delight, she’s grown so much since she was freed from the PK’s. This is a very strong episode for her – her encounters with Crais and Talyn, her adept handling of the difficult John Crichton, even talking about their relationship., her handling of Talyn. For me, the only John/Aeryn scenes that surpass this episode are in PK Wars.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Rygel and Starke. I love Rygel and since I don’t like Starke, seriously enjoyed Rygel tormenting him. Starke is truly a psycho who should be committed without delay!

    The final scene between John and Aeryn is just beautiful. Aeryn’s never been one for being openly emotional but it was lovely to see her open up to him - you just saw him melt and that bit about the star was just incredibly touching.

    It’s amazing that Ben actually wrote this episode, it’s incredibly good! This is just about my favourite episode of all.moreless
  • An episode written by Ben Browder...

    I was a bit worried finding out that Browder had taken up writing but i found that this was a great episode. It was cleverly plotted from the begining leading up to the big final scene ' the kiss'. Everyone had been waiting to see Crichton and Aeryn get back together. Now it seems that they are finally getting closer. I hope that we can have more episodes like this in the future... This has started off to be a great season. I hope the standards can remain high, i still am trying to get over Zhaan's death, nd it seems every episode that another cast member is close to death. This season so far is keeping me on the edge it is very unpredictable. I can't get enough.moreless
  • And then, they kiss.

    A good way to continue the season and the love of Aeryn and Crichton.

    This episode was in Tylon, something is attacking it with Aeryn, Crichton and Crais in it. I still really dislike Crais and don’t enjoy his scenes, his rivality with Crichton doesn’t hold my interest either.

    The funniest thing about this episode were Stark and Rygel together, they had some brilliant scenes where Stark once again went crazy and Rygel puking on him which led to a brilliant idea on how to escape.

    Meanwhile Crichton is being jealous of Crais, like always. And when he finds a tape of Aeryn having sex with Crais, he flips and gets mad at Aeryn but doesn’t tell her anything. She wants to connect with Tylon to be able to control it but Crichton gets jealous about that because that would mean she’d connect with Crais as well.

    Tylon completely lost my respect this episode and annoyed me even more than Crais. In this episode it began to control Crais and tried to open something but Crichton stopped him, Crais thought he was going to kill him but Crichton didn’t even hit him. Though Tylon got mad and tortured Crais, the only way to stop it was when Aeryn knocked out the ship.

    The only way they can escape is with vomit, but they need to throw something first. So John has to loosen up something but then Tylon locks him out and tries to murder him, Aeryn doesn’t give up on him and decides that being linked to Tylon maybe isn’t a good thing so she cuts herself loose and makes Tylon open the door for Crichton and then they escape.

    The last confrontation between Aeryn and Crichton was the best moment, she found out that he might have seen and told him that she never had sex with Crais, it was made by Tylon. Crichton then tells her about his stars, he gave them all names and the middle one it’s his guide which he calls Aeryn, then they have their first love kiss.

    This episode did have some irrigational moments, I don’t care for the Crais/John scenes, both characters annoy me when they are together. But Crais pretty much annoys me all the time. I’m also sick of Tylon, I don’t like it’s storylines or episodes. Stark and Rygel were the comedy relieve this time, they were hilarious together. The episode is very well done but I still can't help but to miss Zhaan.moreless
  • The crew of Tayln deal with relationships and monsters

    This was, by far, one of my favorite episodes of Farscape. Ben Brower wrote it and I think he brought a different perspective to the characters. The comflict between John, Aeryn and Crais was masterfully done. The feeling that Tayln had for John are also well played out. The ending was a must see for shippers.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Rygel: (to Stark) Oh, they're alive. Now you can torture them with your inane dribblings!

    • Crichton: (after they "anchor" themselves inside the budong) Whose stupid idea was this, anyways?
      Aeryn: Yours.

    • Crichton: I must be smarter than I look.
      Aeryn: That would be easy.

    • Rygel: (as the budong attempts to eat his transport pod) I'm the eater, not the eatee!

    • (Crichton runs his hand over the Budong's skin)
      Crichton: Man, you guys should see this ugly sticky-flesh. Kind of like my Aunt Ruth's special jello.

    • Crichton: Aeryn, I am doing everything I can to get us out of this absurdly large space monster. I am doing the good little soldier bit. What else do you want from me?
      Aeryn: I want you to stop acting like a drannit.
      Crichton: You know what? I have no idea what a drannit is.
      Aeryn: No, don't play dumb with me. That hasn't worked for over two cycles, John.
      Crichton: Aeryn, I am dumb! I don't understand you half the time, and I have no idea what a drannit is!
      Aeryn: Fine! Forget the drannit!
      Crichton: Fine! Screw the drannit! (Aeryn pauses and a faint smile plays across her lips at Crichton's last suggestion) What?
      Aeryn: You really have no idea what a drannit is, do you?
      Crichton: (after a pause) What's a drannit?

    • Rygel: My mother always said I'd die from incompetence. Now I finally know what she meant!

    • Crichton: I've seen my share of hardware insertion. I'm not watching.
      Aeryn: It's been modified ... Less invasive; it's safer.
      Crichton: Yeah, it's new, it's improved, it's the finger of friendship! $19.95! But wait kids, there's more...
      Aeryn: What is the matter with you?

    • Aeryn: (about Talyn) He is beyond beautiful!
      Crais: Welcome to our world, Officer Sun.

    • Aeryn: (smiling) I had this life. I liked it, it had rules... I followed the rules... and that made everything right. And then you come along and you frell everything up. This strange human, with... arrogance, stubborness...
      (Crichton avoids eye contact)
      Crichton: Dumb.
      Aeryn: Let me finish. (pauses) You saw the recording, and you didn't say a word. You are like a plague John Crichton, and you have ruined my life, and yet, I just keep coming back...

    • Crichton: (realizing Talyn is the one who's trying to get rid of him) Crais, well, he hates me, but he's not stupid. He knows if he kills me that Aeryn will do the math and his shot at domestic bliss will be cut off along with his balls. That leaves us with one suspect... OPEN THE DOOR, YOU SOULLESS, TIN-HEADED ADOLESCENT PIG!

    • Rygel: (to Stark) No, Sebaceans are ugly, not stupid.

    • Stark: Vomit. Come in, please. Vomit. (to Crichton and Aeryn over comms) I know how we're going to get you out of there... vomit!
      Crichton & Aeryn: Vomit?

    • Crais: (when Crichton learns about Aeryn's neural connection to Talyn) No, her transponder is limited; she will not be harmed by Talyn.
      Crichton: You cockroach!

    • Crais: You'll have to shoot me.
      Crichton: (shoots the panel instead) See Crais, I don't have to kill you.
      Crais: I wish you had!

    • Stark: You're loose!
      Rygel: Not half as loose as Chiana!

    • Aeryn: (speaking to Talyn with visions of Crichton in her mind) That is what it is to need someone. You don't need me. You never will.

    • Aeryn: Talyn, you've seen them both naked... perhaps you can tell us who's bigger.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Crichton: Then don't make my day.
      John's last line above comes from the 1983 "Dirty Harry" film, Sudden Impact, as Harry Callahan dares a criminal holding a hostage to shoot, with "Go ahead, make my day."

    • Crichton: Houston, we have a problem.

      A (slight mis-)quote from the Apollo 13 lunar mission, after the loss of two of the three fuel cells powering the spacecraft. This famous understatement was actually "Houston, we've had a problem here", and is usually attributed to Mission Commander Jim Lovell, when in fact Lovell's own account of the mission states that it was Jack Swigert who said it.

    • Title:

      The specific metaphor used as the title is from a quote by Iago in Shakespeare's Othello, Act III, Scene 3:

      O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
      It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
      The meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss
      Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger;
      But, O, what damned minutes tells he o'er
      Who dotes, yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves!

    • Crichton: ...but Mintaka 3 sounds boring to me, anyway. That's Huey, Louie, Dewey...
      Mintaka III appears on Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Who Watches The Watchers". It's a planet where primitive Vulcans live. These Mintakans are at an early development stage in human cultural evolution, the equivalent of Earth's Bronze Age. The Enterprise crew goes there to study them through a camouflaged outpost. Huey, Louie, and Dewey are the three nephews of the popular Walt Disney character Donald Duck.

    • Crichton: Yo, Jonah. We have been swallowed, that is down, and I for one do not want to be budong chow!

      This is a reference to the tale of Jonah and the Whale, in which a man is swallowed by a whale and lives in his stomach.

    • Crichton: That's no moon... that's a Budong!
      This is a reference to Star Wars: A New Hope, when Luke and his companions come across the Death Star and Obiwan says, "That's no moon... that's a space-station!"

    • Aeryn: Still nothing... pitch black.
      This is a reference to the breakout Australian film Claudia Black starred in back in 1999, entitled Pitch Black.

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