Season 1 Episode 7

I, E.T.

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 08, 1999 on Syfy

Episode Recap

A siren is going off loudly in Moya and everyone rushes to its location. Crichton has a twitch from it and is concerned that it could be melting his brain. They locate the Peacekeeper device that is giving off the siren, which was activated when it ceased receiving regular signals from the control collar (which had been removed from Moya in the "Premiere"). They manage to turn the internal siren off but the device is still sending out a signal that could alert any nearby Peacekeeper patrols.

They try to remove it but when a DRD tried it was destroyed by the system and they discover that it will do the same to any metal near it. They also find out from Pilot that any attempt to remove the device, which in an extremely sensitive part of Moya would be extremely painful and could kill her. Crichton suggests that they land on a nearby planet, which is very boggy, to muffle the signal whilst they go out and find the painkiller they need, Chlorium. Zhaan has to convince Rygel to get into the small hole where the device is and detach it when the time comes. He then discovers that the only time a Leviathan has ever landed on a planet is so far in the past no one is sure that it ever happened. However they do go in for the attempt and end up landing in a bog, then start to sink until they are almost completely submerged.

Crichton, Aeryn and D'Argo then go out to search for the Chlorium; they bump into a vehicle as they search and they have to separate. Crichton goes off to find the Chlorium as he seems to be the only one who listened to Pilot's instructions on how to use the machine that tracks it down (think Geiger counter). D'Argo and Aeryn go to distract the people in the vehicle and lead them elsewhere.

Back on Moya they discover that, due to the planet's gravity, Moya will gradually be crushed by her own weight. Pilot blames himself for not realizing that when the Peacekeepers knocked him out when they captured him had put the device on board.

Crichton meanwhile has found what looks like a farmhouse and he explores the barn. Whilst in there he is discovered by a young boy – Fostro. This young boy, who looks mainly like a human but has different ears, on discovering an alien in the barn immediately goes running, shouting for his mother. Crichton runs after him into the kitchen where the young boy shoots him with a version of a stun gun, temporarily paralyzing him. Fostro's mother comes in and is excited at the prospect of an alien in her kitchen – she is a scientist who had been looking for aliens all her life. The women's name is Lyneea, she almost runs away with Fostro but Crichton convinces her to stay.

Meanwhile on Moya they decide to start the procedure to remove the device as waiting for the others to come back with the painkillers is taking too long and Moya will soon be crushed under her own weight. Zhaan, as a ninth level Pa'u can share Moya's pain and manages to convince Rygel to start the procedure. Whilst hiding from their pursuers in a tree D'Argo and Aeryn are talking and we see how Aeryn feels she is losing her identity as she is no longer a Peacekeeper.

Crichton talks to Lyneea, and she works out where Moya is, whilst Crichton is starting to come to terms with the fact that he is now the alien. He finds out that she is funded by the military, who are not the nicest of people (in fact they would dissect him in a second). Aeryn and D'Argo at this point are bored of being up the tree all day and Aeryn goes back to the ship whilst D'Argo heads off to find Crichton. Crichton then finds that the Chlorium he is looking for is in the food as seasoning. At this point the military turn up at the house in force, to set up their base while they look for the aliens.

Crichton tries, and succeeds in contacting Pilot using Lyneea's transmitters. Crichton then goes back into hiding; the general of the military comes in and finds Crichton's alien technology but is luckily distracted, unfortunately this distraction is the capture of D'Argo. Lyneea gives Crichton the Chlorium he needs and sets out to distract the general whilst Crichton goes to free D'Argo. Lyneea shows the transmission of Pilot recorded from earlier and sends the military off in the opposite direction from Moya. Crichton meanwhile has rescued D'Argo and says his farewells to Lyneea and Fostro before heading back to ship.

Back on Moya, Rygel just finishes disconnecting the device when Crichton and D'Argo turn up. They spread the Chlorium where Moya was in pain and then lift off back into space.