Season 1 Episode 7

I, E.T.

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 08, 1999 on Syfy

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  • A very slow episode.

    Most of this episode was slow moving and didn't keep my attention. Although it is far to say that some parts were ok, like were Rygel had to free Moya from the tranmitter. This was really a complete filler episode. Nothing vital or intresting really happened. We do learn though that the Peacekeepers have done awful things to Moya during her captivity. Overall i hope the next episode is a big improvement on this episode. This show has pleany of potential and episodes like this don't help. This episode was a slow start to the series, but atleast i know the show gets better.
  • Exactly why this series got off to a slow start

    This has to be my least favorite episode from a series that I love so much. It's interesting to go back and look at Farscape's humble beginnings. I felt that this was an extremely unoriginal story, which might not be saying much for a science fiction series considering that there are hardly any original storylines left in the world of scifi. The plot was sluggish and almost put me to sleep. Scratch that last statement because I did fall asleep the first time I attempted watching it. Ben Browder put in great effort as usual in Farscape, but this episode stands apart from the rest of the series in my mind.
  • Not a favourite

    Meah! A few Hardcore Farscape fans won’t like the next review. This episode is good, but not a favourite, it had some interesting concepts in it, but overall I was disappointed and a little bored. The crew find a peacekeeper tracking device thingy onboard that is giving out signals, they try to remove it, but it cause’s the ship to much pain(cause its alive), so they land on a planet to find aesthetic, Criton meets an Alien family, but they see him as the Alien. The government on the planet chases after the crew. The aesthetic is found. Rygell plays a vital part in the episode as he removes the device. The end. I probably missed out loads more but this episode just didn’t appeal to me. It kind of reminded me of Star Trek First Contact. But since your not me you will probably find this episode ok.

  • From human to alien

    An excellent episode that gave me what I wanted and expected from the first episode, a bit character development and understanding.

    The ship is stranded on a weird world and fall in the mud and get trapped in it, the ship is hurt. The Blue woman wants to cure if and absorbs her pain while the little annoying guy tries to fix something. The green guy really bothered me a lot in the first episode and at the beginning of this episode. But the writers went more into him and I found him less annoying at the end of the episode, hopefully they’ll keep that up.

    Meanwhile the other three go into the world, John is caught by a boy who looks a lot like him. He calls his mom and they shoot him and paralyze him. The monster is obsessed with aliens and always wanted to have this day when she meets one, she and John become friends and instead of her giving him to the government she helps him to escape and to free his other friend, the elephant guy.

    When John finally gets what he needs they make the ship and can fly away.

    Again, this episode gave me faith into loving this show. I am really exited to the next couple of episodes and hope to explore the characters more, the first episode failed into giving me an image of them but this one did that job. What would you do if suddenly you become an alien in another world? That was to me a very interesting perspective.

    Very neat interesting and adventurous episode.
  • This episode finds the gang stuck on an Earth-like planet which puts Crichton into the role of being considered an alien.

    This episode finds the gang stuck on an Earth-like planet which puts Crichton into the role of being considered an alien. Yeah, I know that’s worded weird. I just couldn't think of another way to say it off the top of my head.

    I liked this episode much more than I did the previous episode. Well, that’s only partly true.

    I liked having the characters "back to normal." IF you want an explanation, consult my review for the pilot. The dialogue, mannerisms and acting reminded me of the other episodes

    I didn’t care much for the storyline, especially Crichton dealing with the aliens. However, I'm so glad the characters are back to normal, that I'd take any storyline.

    Oh, and having Crichton speaking during the opening credits was very welcomed by me.
  • How do you think you would react...

    This episode was brought to light a concept that has been bubbling around philosophical and sci-fi circle for years. It is not only relevant to extraterrestrial encounters but also to ethnocentric views of our current population. The idea of accepting the unknown is hard. Most like the military portrayed in the episode, is very characteristic to the functions that are present in today place of thinking. I found it revealing but not so much revealing as the episode later in the season (16, A Human Reaction) where John is brought home only to find that it is a recreation to discover the reaction of humans to alien co-habitation. I love this idea, it is so liberating and thought provoking. I hope that others that view this episode and the other just as revealing and provoking.