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Season 3 Episode 20

Into the Lion's Den (1): Lambs to the Slaughter

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2002 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Crichton and the rest of Moya's crew arrive at the Command Carrier to try and put an end to Scorpius' mad obsession with wormhole research. Slowly Crichton gains Scorpius' trust, but when a Peacekeeper commandant arrives at the Carrier and tells Scorpius that he must put an end to his wormhole research, Scorpius shows Crichton something which he has been searching for over the past three years... Earth.moreless

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  • Cell phone blooper

    An interesting episode. FUN FACT: Listen very carefully at the 27:39 mark, you can hear the disturbance of a cell phones' electromagnetic field bleeding over into the microphone. That "duh duduh duh duduh duh". Interesting that they didn't do it over, that they kept the sound recording; sound-guy must've been sloppy that day. It is barely audible, but if you listen closely, you can hear it.
  • On the command carrier.

    This episode was simply fantastic. I loved every minute of this episode. It was just so well written and organised. So the crew all board the command carrier and meet with Scorpious. Crais and Aeryn face some hardship with the crew. Meanwhile Crichton works with Scorpious on worm hole technology. Then a commander boards the carrier and arrests the crew. Thos woman goes above Scorpious' head but finally Scorpious gets rid of her. He tells Crichton that soon she will go above his head usless Crichton shows results. They also reveal that the Luxans have teamed up with the Peacekeepers to make their armies stornger. D.Argo is shocked. This episode ends with a lot to explain, and whats more shocking is Scorpious has found Earth and will share the information with Crichton.

    The best episode this season easily. Loved it can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Scorpius and Crichton finally working together... apart.

    Crichton's plan to board the Command Carrier is executed. Thanks to the I-Yensch Bracelets, Crichton and Scorpius' lives are linked!

    Crichton pretends to come to the command carrier to help Scorpius decipher Wormholes but hides his true intentions thanks to Harvey, the Scorpy in his head.

    I found those war scenes in Crichton's head especially funny!

    While the rest of Moia's Crew is also aboard the Command Carrier and gets what it wants, the Peacekeeper are not very happy about their presence aboard.

    At the end of the episode Scorpius realizes that Crichton is stalling the information about wormholes and threatens to destroy Earth...

    A really great episode

  • The beginning of the end

    After a very disappointing episode Farscape gets back on track with one of the best storylines of the show. ‘Lambs To The Slaughter’ is the first part of ‘Into The Lions Den’ and boy, it sure was good.

    The crew decided to take out Scorpy once and for all, they all accept to meet Scorpy who puts on a bracelet that Crichton uses too, so if one of them dies the other one dies too. But nobody there is happy with Scorpius for entering the prisoners and traitors. Some men even try to murder D’Argo and Jool but D’Argo is strong and instead kills the guy.

    The crew does not feel safe anymore after that and they get back on Moya to leave but Chiana feels that they are going to get attacked and they are.

    The entire crew gets arrested and put in prison by Grayza, who does not want Scorpy to waste his time in this and Braca agrees with her.

    Meanwhile Crais is with a woman that is sent to him, they were inlove in the past but she is put as a spy to investigate Crais.

    Aeryn also struggles as she meets an old friend who sees her as a traitor but Aeryn tries to convince her that she left for the best and that it’s the best thing to do, but her friend does not buy it.

    The best scenes this episode were the Harvey ones in a war who kept telling him to trus Scorpy and that he is much better than the Scarrons but Crichton doesn’t know, he tries to stall but Scorpy realises that at the end and hits Crichton, he then tells him that he will destroy earth if Crichton does reveal all the wormhole technologies.

    This episode was very good and Scorpius works tremendously as a villain. A great episode that begins the end of an area.moreless
Marta Dusseldorp

Marta Dusseldorp

Officer Yal Henta

Guest Star

Lenore Smith

Lenore Smith

Lt. Darinta Larell

Guest Star

Lewis Fitz-gerald

Lewis Fitz-gerald

Kor Tosko

Guest Star

David Franklin

David Franklin

Lt. Meeklo Braca

Recurring Role

Rebecca Riggs

Rebecca Riggs

Commandant Mele-On Grayza

Recurring Role

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • It seems they were going for a Nazi look with Peacekeeper command. The Peacekeeper symbol of an eagle-like creature perched on the circle shown in several places in the episode, which is very similar to a the symbol shown on Nazi coinage, minus the swastika inside the circle and a slightly different appearance of the bird.

    • Scorpius, with great effort, has visually identified Earth, and says Peacekeepers could get there in just over sixty cycles at top speed.

    • The Hynerian political situation has swung in Rygel's favor; he believes if he returned he could lead a revolt and return to the throne.

    • The Peacekeepers have signed a defence agreement with the Luxans, and are trying to unite as many worlds in the Uncharted Territories to improve their bargaining position with the Scarrans.

    • Both Aeryn and Crais were reunited with old comrades; Aeryn her friend and Crais his former lover, who seems to have a hidden agenda.

    • Nitpick: When Scorpius first says Grayza's name (when he orders Braca to get a security team to escort her), he incorrectly addresses her as Commodore Grayza. It is, however, possible that Grayza had only recently been promoted, and as she wears no rank insignia, he might have been unaware of the fact. Also, it could be that just as in most Earth navies, "Commodore" is a rank (above Captain, and below a two star Admiral in the US Navy ranks), whereas the title "Commandant" is a designation of a specific job/function- for example, the Commandant of the US Marine Corps holds the rank of four star General.

    • Scorpius appears to be losing control of his crew, as Lt. Reljik and many others seem quite willing to go against him, siding with the Commandant.

    • The Scorpius Clone claims that he has been able to normalize Crichton's energy signature so that Scorpius can't tell that Crichton is lying to him.

    • Interesting that Scorpius' biography made no impact on the Crichton neural clone, as shown in the episode "Incubator", but it seems to have put doubts as to the proper course in the real Crichton. However, the Scorpius clone in this episode tells Crichton that he has Scorpius' memories, but not his emotions, and can therefore retain his objectivity, so perhaps it was the same with the Crichton clone.

    • When Crichton hits the activation switch on Reljik's jetpack, he flies into a generator pod and is incinerated. Watch the pod Reljik hits. When the other 2 Peacekeepers hit the pods, the lights in the pods went out. Yet when Reljik hits one, it stays lit up. However, Reljik is the only one of the Peacekeepers to be wearing a jetpack when he hit the pods, so perhaps that made a difference in reaction somehow.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Braca: (as he shows Crais his new quarters) Don't bother searching for surveillance- you're not that important.

    • Scorpius: Your shipmates have been invited to refreshments in the officer's lounge. Shall we join them?
      Crichton: No, thank you, I came to work.
      Scorpius: For, or against me?

    • Harvey: Cheer up, John. Scorpius has shown his biography to very few. He must be trusting you now.
      Crichton: Yeah, that's interesting, considering I've been lying to his face.

    • Grayza: And you must be... the infamous John Crichton.
      Crichton: Infamous? Two points Commandant. One: your boy here has made a lot of promises which you should keep because, two: when my friends are threatened, I am... infamous... for making really stupid moves. (to Aeryn) Yes?
      Aeryn: Um hm.
      Grayza: Point two is clearly correct.

    • Scorpius: You give me what I want, or I swear I will keep you alive so you can watch your homeworld's destruction!

    • Grayza: (to Scorpius) You shouldn't have made me into an enemy, (to Crichton) and you shouldn't have pointed a weapon at me.
      Crichton: Damn! I've got to stop pointing guns at people!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title:

      The title is taken from an incident in the Old Testament book of Daniel where the prophet Daniel is thrown into the lion's den because he remains faithful to God.

    • Crichton: Look, Scorpy thinks that Scarrans are Public Enemy No. 1. They want to wipe out other, lesser species. Is that true?

      "Public Enemy No. 1" is a label given by the FBI to the first person on their "Most Wanted" list. The first person to be so labeled was the infamous gangster John Dillinger in 1934.

    • Crichton: Grasshopper, you tried to snatch the feather from my head.

      Two references to the 1970s TV series Kung Fu. "Grasshopper" was the nickname given to the young Kwai Chang Caine (Radames Pera) by Shaolin Master Po (Keye Luke) during a flashback sequence in the pilot movie. "Snatch the feather from my head" is a variation on another oft-shown sequence from Kung Fu.

    • Crichton: I'm here on a big, stinking Command Carrier, Dick Tracy's freakin' neural bracelet linking me to Bram Stoker's nightmare!

      Crichton refers to the comic strip character Dick Tracy, who used a two-way wrist radio to stay in contact with other police officers, as well as Dracula, the subject of Bram Stoker's famous novel.