Season 4 Episode 12

Kansas (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Crichton is home but it is 1985...

    This was another great episode of Farscape. Finally after three and a half years Crichton is home but not as he imagined he is back in 1985 and things are not as they should be. But he realises that as long as he fixes somthing which is not right then everyhting else will fall into place. So he finally stops the future from going wrong but they get into some trouble present day when Grazer comes aboard Moya and lets loose some alien creature. Overall i thought this was another fantastic episode. I just love where this show is going why was it cancelled i will never know.
  • John is finally back to Earth, but not quite as he imagined!

    There it is: Home. Kansas. But it is not the right time! It's 1985 and John risks to mess up the future because his dad is scheduled to board the doomed vessel Challenger!
    If this would happen, the Farscape Project would never take place and John would never end up at the other end of the Galaxy!
    We get to meet John's mother, the young John, and his old girlfriend.
    It is funny to have everyone from Moya on Earth! Especially Rygel! He gets Sugar-addicted!! Hilarious!
    This was a very nice episode to watch and it's exciting to finally be back on earth and see how this is gonna go on...
  • This one is so good, it'll make you weep...

    After a bit of a downer last week, we are back on top form. The script was witty, and the performances superb. I particularly enjoyed Rygel being described as a toy and thrown across the room. Although everyone put in a good turn, Claudia Black was stunning, - and not just when she changes into the hippy clothing. Watching her interact with Sesame Street, repeating the alphabet, was a clever piece of writing, beautifully delivered. Her human appearance with her other worldly style made you feel that aliens could be among us. The script writers did resort to a few old tricks to pull it off, like Halloween, sending a message through a mystic etc, but with Farscape you take that as a knowing wink to existing conventions, rather than a straight rip-off. Amid all of this we still have Grayza plotting, and the neat twist that Braca may not be as self-serving as he usually appears. It all ends with a cliff-hanger to die for – is it the Ancients, his father, or is someone messing with John's mind? In short, this episode shows a very special series doing something very special. If you don't love this, you might as well give up.
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