Season 2 Episode 19

Liars, Guns and Money (1): A Not So Simple Plan

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2001 on Syfy
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Stark returns to Moya with a plan to rob a shadow depository and buy a contingent of slaves, one of which is D'Argo's son Jothee. D'Argo attempts the robbery on his own however and now the crew must recover him as well as the money they require.moreless

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  • It wasn't a simple plan

    A brilliant episode and the beginning of season 2’s end.

    Stark has been communicating with Zhaan about his whereabouts but nobody believes her, up until they find the space ship with Stark inside. He’s ill but tells the farscape gang that he knows where to find D’Argo’s son.

    They have to steal a bank from some bad people and with the money they will be able to buy D’Argo’s son. But he keeps lying about something and none of the crew trusts him, Crichton even points out a gun to him a few times. Stark also keeps leaving out stuff and lies a lot, towards the end he cowards out and looses a bit of my respect.

    When they are on the planet D’Argo gets caught which was part of the plan apparently, Zhaan and Chiana rescue him and stay there together with Aeryn and John, they also find out that Scorpy is there and that he has some thing in his head because he can’t handle the heat, that is his weakness and Crichton decides that he wants to put him to justice.

    But soon they get caught and all the doors closed. Crichton also keeps getting madder and madder, he keeps hearing Scorpy’s voice and the thinks that he is going to be taken away so he confessed his feelings for Aeryn. But thanks to Rygel they were able to escape even though Scorpy attacks Crichton and almost kills him but Crichton had stuffed something into him that makes him die, or at least it makes us think he did.

    The acting in this episode was superb. All the characters were interesting and even though Stark wasn’t at his best, he was still brilliant.

    It ended with something waking up in those packages they brought into the ship.

    To be continued…

Nicholas Hope

Nicholas Hope


Guest Star

Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown


Guest Star

Jennifer Fischer

Jennifer Fischer

PK Nurse

Guest Star

Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard


Recurring Role

Matthew Newton

Matthew Newton

Ka Jothee

Recurring Role

David Franklin

David Franklin

Lt. Meeklo Braca

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Crichton: Hiya, Braca. Tell me, is the rematch ever better than the original fight?

      Crichton is alluding to the fight he and Braca had back in the episode "Look At the Princess (2): I Do, I Think", when Crichton defeated Braca relatively easily.

    • Stark's race apparently see their bodies as shells. When he was dispersed, he travelled out-of-body where he wanted to go before reconstituting his body. The question I have is why then couldn't he do this all the time? Can he only reform himself once he's been dispersed and not disperse himself at will? It would seem so.

    • While Scorpius held Crichton at the Gammak Base (shown in the first season two-parter "Nerve"/"The Hidden Memory) at some point Scorpius has a neural chip inserted into Crichton's brain, but we never actually see it done.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Rygel: Frell! The blue bitch said this would be easy!

    • Stark: (when D'Argo is captured by Natira) Don't worry about a thing, I've got it all figured out. It's all part of the plan.
      Aeryn: You better have it all figured out. D'Argo bet his life on that!
      Stark: No. He bet his son's life.

    • Chiana: (after hearing Stark's plan) Are we gonna rob a bank?!
      Stark: Yes.
      Zhaan: Steal other peoples' currency to help ourselves?! We can't do that! I can't!
      Chiana: Sure you can.

    • D'Argo: (when the others are wary of following Stark's plan in order to rescue Jothee) When you asked me to do something, did I ever, EVER question if it was possible?!
      Crichton: D'Argo...
      D'Argo: (interrupting) No! I did it! You're cowards. You're all cowards.

    • Natira: (after D'Argo is captured) As a race, Luxans can be inartful in love, inadequate at war and intrinsically inept. But this one is intelligent.
      Gan: Shall I execute him?
      Natira: No. He also expects to be interrogated. Don't you?
      D'Argo: Ka... D'Argo.
      Natira: See! It's a dance, gentlemen. Let's not disappoint him.

    • Rygel: (as they are being chased by Scorpius and the depository's security) Ten percent of this plan is lunacy! Fifty percent of these riches is not enough! One hundred percent of dead is dead!

    • Scorpius: (as Scorpius lays desperately in need of a new cooling rod) Insert the rod, John!
      Crichton: You're really not my type.

    • D'Argo: (when Chiana asks him to forgive Crichton and the others for not backing him immediately) Friends support each other unconditionally.
      Chiana: They also forgive each other.

    • Crichton: Aeryn, listen, if Scorpius gets me...
      Aeryn: I know, shoot you.
      Crichton: No! No, no, shoot him!

    • Akkor: May I help you?
      Zhaan: NO. Bring me who ever is in charge here.
      Akkor: I assure you madam, I am more than capable . . .
      Zhaan: Don't elevate yourself. I know a functionary when one crawls in front of my face. Now fetch me your master like a good little minion.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Around fifteen takes were needed for the scene with Crichton and Scorius involving the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner". The song was not scripted, but added by Ben Browder and kept by the episode's director.

    • This episode includes the favorite scene played by recurring star David Franklin (Lt Braca). In it, he ruthlessly chops down an ally, steps over the man's fallen body as it jams the door open, and pushes his way through saying, "Excuse me."

    • Matt Newton, the actor that plays D'Argo's son Jothee, was credited as a guest star even though he didn't appear in the broadcast version of the episode. It can only be assumed that he appears in the unedited version.


    • Crichton: Bonnie and Clyde...oh, no, forget about that one, it was a bad ending.
      Crichton's alluding to the end of the notable 1967 gangster film Bonnie and Clyde, in which real-life criminals Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) and Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty) meet an unfortunate end.

    • Crichton: Hang on, before we hear about any plan, enquiring minds want to know how the hell did you get here?

      The National Enquirer, the infamous tabloid newspaper, made famous the phrase "Enquiring minds want to know" as part of their advertisement spiel.

    • Crichton: (referring to the ruthless Natira) Freakin' Attila the Hun!

      Attila the Hun has the reputation as being one of the most ruthless and warrior like barbarians of the ancient world. Early in his life Attila was an ally of the Roman Empire, but after he consolidated his rule over the Huns he became their worst nightmare until he died in the bed of his newly married wife.

    • Crichton: (when Aeryn asks him why he's changing security video feeds rapidly) I'm doing what guys do best - I'm looking for Baywatch. Better yet, the Discovery Channel.

      Baywatch is a show which features gorgeous male and female Lifeguards, wearing bathing suits, rescuing swimmers in distress. It has become a byword for shows that are more concerned with their T&A factor than on great acting and deep plotlines. The Discovery Channel is famous for its programs on animal mating habits.

    • Crichton: Hey, Stark, riddle me this...

      The catch phrase of one of The Riddler, one of the main villains of the DC Comic book series Batman.

    • Crichton: You ever heard of KFC?
      Akkor: KFC?
      Crichton: It is to my knowledge, unique in the Universe and unique is always valuable. Now, we have managed to procure the eleven secret ingredients...

      KFC is short for Kentucky Fried Chicken a very popular fast food chain.

    • Title:
      The episode title is a play on the Warren Zevon song "Lawyers, Guns and Money." "A Not So Simple Plan" is most likely a twist on the title of Sam Raimi's 1998 film A Simple Plan, based on the book of the same name by Scott Smith.