Season 2 Episode 20

Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These...

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2001 on Syfy
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The crew is stunned when they learn that Scorpius has bought the slaves out from under D'Argo. Rather than trade Crichton for Jothee, Crichton, D'Argo, Aeryn and Rygel seek out mercenaries to help them steal the slaves. In the process, they encounter some enemies they've fought in the past. Meanwhile, back on Moya, the stolen money has turned into metal-eating spiders that begin to consume Moya.moreless

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  • We finally met Jothee

    A great second part but not as good as the first part.

    The episode continue with D’Argo wanting to buy his son now he can but his son was sold to Scorpius who will give him in return for Crichton, no other way.

    D’Argo wants to change his son for Crichton because even though John is his friend, Jothee is his blood.

    Meanwhile Socrpy kills all the slaves except Jothee.

    While on Moya, Chiana and Rygel were going to steal money but the thing they find is walking money, they are back to being poor and are now in trouble because those things are eating up Moya.

    Meanwhile the farscapes try to bring back a few old friends, Crichton goes to the aliens of ‘Throne Of A Loss’ who isn’t a killer anymore until Crichton temps him. D’Argo saves his tortures of ‘Till Blood Runs Clear’ and saves their babies and Aeryn goes to the fish guys of ‘PK Tech Girl’. Rygel has to find The Flax but instead finds Durka who is planning on torture him but Rygel cuts off his head, I found that to be useless but at least he was now finally dead.

    Zhaan finds a way how to kill the creatures but the only way for her to do that is by burning him and Moya, the scene was powerful and the way Pilot and Zhaan were hurt after absorbing some of Moya’s pain who is now very weak and can’t starburst anymore.

    AT the end of the episode D’Argo had a beautiful ruination with his son Jothee but the problem was that his son was exchange for Crichton who gave himself up to Scorpy and will give him all the info as long as the ship is taken out of his brain.

Jeremy Sims

Jeremy Sims


Guest Star

Nicholas Hope

Nicholas Hope


Guest Star

Phillip Hinton

Phillip Hinton

Voice of Teurac

Guest Star

Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard


Recurring Role

Matthew Newton

Matthew Newton

Ka Jothee

Recurring Role

David Franklin

David Franklin

Lt. Meeklo Braca

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Scorpius calls D'Argo's son Ka Jothee. It's interesting that despite his extreme youth, Jothee has acquired a military rank well beyond that of his father, who only took on the rank of general as a ruse de guerre. Jothee also lacks the chin tattoos that are supposed to indicate that rank, but since his chin is less developed than a full Luxan, perhaps he has other markings of rank that Scorpius was able to see.

    • Stark has a mental link with his people, and is attuned to the dying, so he knows when his people have been killed.

    • Natira and Scorpius seem to have alien sex in this episode, and they also appear to have a very long history between them.

    • It's rather far-fetched to think that the crew were within transport range of all these other races' planets, and they just happened to come across the same people they've met before.

    • D'Argo is finally reunited with his son, Jothee, for the first time since D'Argo was forced to abandon him following his wife's murder. But seeing his son came at the cost of losing a friend.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Natira: (referring to Crichton) Why do you want him so badly?
      Scorpius: He destroyed my Gammak Base.
      Natira: Revenge? He's not a Scarran. You wouldn't waste you hatred on anything else.
      Scorpius: This is why I can't have you around- you know me too well.

    • Rygel: (upon discovering their treasure is gone) But who? Crichton's too... 'honorable'.
      Chiana: Well, Aeryn's too dull.
      Rygel: D'Argo's too... ah...
      Chiana: Say it.
      Rygel: Simple?

    • Natira: Without me, you'd still be the same angry hotheaded young creature I took in so many cycles ago.
      Scorpius: Without me... your head... among other things, would be a trophy on the wall at Peacekeeper Command.
      Natira: See. We were made for each other.

    • Crichton: How... H-How did Scorpius find out about Jothee? Stark, you said you didn't tell anyone about the auction.
      Stark: (frantic) No. No, I didn't. The data was stored only on my console. I mean, Scorpius did try to trace the datalink -- during the break-in, but I stopped... him. I mean, uh, I ... think I stopped...
      Crichton: (quietly almost to himself) Oh, God. We led him straight to Jothee. Stark...

    • Scorpius: John... (Stark and D'Argo stare at Scorpius's image. Crichton looks shocked and full of disbelief) ...as recordings are so... sadly impersonal... I'll have to imagine what your face looks like now. Etched with failure, I expect. I have Ka D'Argo's son. Surrender to me, or the boy dies.

    • Bekhesh: You want the gauntlet, then you take me with it.
      Crichton: Why should I trust you?
      Bekhesh: You said there was currency for me in it, lots of it.
      Crichton: What about your great reformation?
      Bekhesh: It's easier to reform when you're rich.

    • Chiana: See... I'm gonna get some Bennigan Fire Silk. ... It's for my bed.
      Rygel: Hah! Hah! Every time I think that there's more to you than a pair of pushed up loomas and a corset... you disappoint me!
      Chiana: From you? I'll take that as a compliment.

    • Chiana: (speaking to Rygel) This has got to be a first. We're rich, you're miserable.

    • Crichton: (referring to Scorpius) We can still beat him.
      Aeryn: Forever the optimist.
      Crichton: Yeah, well, it's a common human trait. (under his breath) Humans with a death wish.

    • Rygel: Oh, checking on our treasure? Or are you helping yourself?!
      Chiana: The way I see it, beating you to it!
      Rygel: How dare you! I... em, fifty-fifty?

    • Rygel: What the yotz were those creatures?! They look like...
      Chiana: They look like our money! Our money's alive!
      Rygel: You realize what that means?!
      Chiana: They're eating the ship!
      Rygel: Yes, but we're poor.

    • Akkor: (seeing Jothee) A Luxan-Sebacean hybrid.
      Braca: (sneering) Despite Peacekeeper Command efforts to keep the bloodlines pure, there seems to be a few more of them every cycle.
      Scorpius: (coming up behind them) Have you got something against hybrids, hm?
      Braca: No! Of course not, sir! Not at all!

    • Scorpius: (learning Natira filled his cases with metal eating creatures) You intended to destroy my Marauder, kill my crew, killing me!
      Natira: Yes. You wouldn't have respected me, otherwise.
      Scorpius: How commendable. Very fortunate I was robbed.

    • Crichton: (after he turns himself in to Scorpius) You want the wormhole technology, I want your chip out of my head. So suddenly the rift isn't so great. You do what you have to do- you win.

    • Scorpius Clone: It wasn't easy, there are vast regions of your brain that are filled with nothing but gibberish.
      Crichton: That would be high school.

  • NOTES (1)

    • David Wheeler, who played Durka, didn't learn about his character's death until he found out they needed to make a cast for Durka's decapitated head.


    • Crichton: (talking to the Scorpius Clone) Okay, Leatherface.
      Crichton is referring to the famous 1974 movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It featured a family of cannibals, including one who wielded a chainsaw while wearing a mask made of human skin.