Season 2 Episode 12

Look at the Princess (2): I Do, I Think

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2000 on Syfy
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Plots swirl around Crichton and his fiancee, Princess Katralla. The empress promises Crichton that if he doesn't marry her daughter, she will hand him over to Scorpius. Meanwhile, Prince Clavor plots to assassinate Crichton so that he may ascend to the throne in his sister's place.

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  • Crichton as a stone

    The second part of this three part episode was a lot better than the first.

    At the end of the first, John was left with almost being killed. But this wacky chick that was going to marry the prince turns out to be a peacekeeper who is there to prevent the guy from marrying.

    The weak thing about this three-part episode, the casting is so bad. Both princes and prince are terrible actors and so is that peacekeeper b!tch.

    But anyway, the episode isn’t that interesting until John goes in space after almost being killed for a second time. From on that moment, everything gets so good. He almost dies in space but is the third time he survives. He was able to escape from Scorpy and decides to officially marry the girl. Aeryn is heart-broken about it and decides to take a chance and go with the guy who has been forcing himself on her form the moment she arrived to that world.

    John is really tired of being chanced by everything and says goodbye to his friends. He will be free in a very long time. He ends up into a stone together with the princes, he ends up in pain because it wasn’t meant for someone like him to feel that.

    The second storyline was about Moya which was pretty emotional, her makers want to destroy her and Moya is going to as well. The Pilot also begins to die after Moya shuts down, it’s goodbye with Zhaan is very emotional and beautiful but Zhaan is definitely not going to let something like this happen.

    Anyway, this episode had many emotional moments but also some hilarious ones like John getting crazier and making that peacekeeper confused on the ship.

    This episode was perfect, it takes a little while to get into it but when it really starts, it does it so well.

  • part 2 of my three part review of this three part episode. Oh my god this part was so good. My hearth almost didn't make it through it.

    John gets a new "allie" and learns that he will be turn into a statue after his marriage and will stay that for 50 years.

    Meanwhile Moya decided to go meet her creators and they decid to "kill" her. Zhann trys to save both Moya and pilot. Will she be a ble to do it? That wsa what I kept asking myself during the episode. There was this moment that I thought Moya was dead. That comes to show everyone just how good the script and the acting in this show are.

    I have to mention Ben Browder and Cladia Black's performance. Ben was amazing in the part where John almost di4ed in space and Claudia really transmited the feeling that Aeryn was feeling hurt by what John was doing.

    In the end John gets turned into a statue, it is a very painful transformation and Ben Browder really captured that feeling. I loved the goodbye scene between Dargo, Chiana and Christon. (end of part 2 of my review)moreless
Matt Day

Matt Day

Counsellor Tyno

Guest Star

Felicity Price

Felicity Price

Princess Katralla

Guest Star

Jonathan Hardy

Jonathan Hardy


Guest Star

Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram


Recurring Role

David Franklin

David Franklin

Lt. Meeklo Braca

Recurring Role

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When people are turned into statues in this episode, they can still see and hear, yet when Crichton is turned into a statue, because of the pain, his eyes are squeezed shut, so how can he still see?

    • For the first time ever, we hear Moya's soft, gentle voice.

    • Crichton is now hearing Scorpius' voice in his head, and it seemed to persuade him to stay alive, and jump to the transport pod. Again, this is foreshadowing one of the key stories of the second season.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Braca: You're insane!
      Crichton: What? You're just figuring that out?! I though that was common knowledge!

    • Crichton: (when Braca threatens to shoot him) Do me the favor! (calling his bluff) I don't think so, you know. I don't think Scorpy is going to give you your badge of commendation if you shoot 'unique'.

    • Braca: Oh, how disappointing you are in the flesh.
      Crichton: Oh, I get that all the time.

    • Crichton: (sighs) I live in a converted cell. I don't have a VCR, no remote control... damn, no Charlie Parker albums. And I do miss my '62 T-Bird.

    • Rygel: You are most wise, Empress.
      Novia: And you are most manipulative, Dominar.

    • Aeryn: (to her suitor Dregon) Now, don't feel bad. It's not you; it's me. I don't like you.

    • Chiana: (after Crichton decks Clavor) You bitch-slapped the Trill!

    • Rygel: (after John and Katralla are wed) Magnificent, I smell power again. (he chuckles to himself)

    • Chiana: (referring to Crichton) Have you even told him how you feel?
      Aeryn: He knows what he needs to know.
      Chiana: Look Aeryn, all men are stupid, okay? Men- stupid! If you want them to know something, you gotta tell them!

    • Scorpius: (at Crichton's wedding) You're making a mistake, Crichton.
      Crichton: Oh, I don't think so, Scorpy. I had one request for a wedding present- that you be banned from this planet forever. Do you know what they said? 'Yes, Your Highness.'
      Scorpius: Oh.

    • D'Argo: Security is so tight that last night they burst into my room just as Chiana was, ah, screaming.

    • Aeryn: (pushing Katralla and Jenavian's faces against the mirror) Hello, ladies. Hope I'm not disturbing. Now listen to me closely so there's no misunderstanding. I don't know what game's being played on this little planet of yours, and I don't really care. What I care about is that a good friend of mine is not hurt, in any sense of the word, and if he is I will personally take revenge on both of your overly made up faces.

    • Aeryn: I'm very proud of you.
      Crichton: Really.
      Aeryn: Yes.
      (Aeryn sits on a bench across from Crichton)
      Crichton: Why?
      Aeryn: For being Crichton. The Crichton I always knew.
      Crichton: Yep, getting my ass kicked all over the universe.
      Aeryn: (Smiling) Putting yourself into a position to get your ass kicked, fighting, resisting, never giving up.

    • Crichton: (holding Braca's gun to his groin) Here John Wayne Bobbit, Vienna Boys Choir, Ahhhh (singing)
      Braca: You're insane.
      Crichton: (holding gun to his hand) My sex life, kill my sex life.

    • D'Argo: Well, now I can only speak truth, and that comes as good and bad news.
      Crichton: All right, give me the bad news first.
      D'Argo: The bad news is that you're married, and you must endure as a statue for eighty cycles in a strange world.
      Crichton: What's the good news?
      D'Argo: Chiana and I are having fantastic sex.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Jonathan Hardy gave his character Kahaynu a Welsh accent after he saw his costume for the part.

    • Originally, Dave Elsey, one of the Creature Shop artists was to play ro-NA. He was unable to fit this into his schedule, however, and Francesca Buller was asked to play her second role on the show.

    • Crichton's reference to a 1962 T-bird was an ad lib by Ben Browder, and refers to a college friend of his who owned one of these classic cars.

    • Jonathan Hardy, who voices the regular character Rygel, makes an on screen appearance as Kahaynu, Moya's builder. The "Look At The Princess" trilogy is the only time we get to see what he actually looks like.

    • Goof: When Katralla slaps Crichton because she thinks he showed her up, the sound is a tinny effect as opposed to a slapping sound.

    • The "Look at the Princess" story was originally written by David Kemper as a two-parter, however after filming, there was about eighteen minutes of footage left over, all of which was considered good, and so the decision was made to expand the story, and in three weeks David Kemper wrote eleven extra scenes and threaded them in throughout the story. The bulk of the "new" scenes take place in this episode, and it's because of this it is out of sequence in terms of production number (Parts 1 and 3 were already assigned 10210 and 10211 respectively, and the late Part 2 was assigned 10221).


    • Kahaynu's face in the steam is a homage to the 1999 movie The Mummy, which includes a scene in which Imhotep's face appears in the sand.

    • Crichton: Shoot me in the heart... uh, kind of your left, right? Oh, yeah! My right, your left... my left, your right.

      This is similar to what Stark acted like when they first met in the cell in "Nerve"- "my side! your side! my side! your side!"

    • Crichton: Never get off the boat. Never get off the boat, man.
      A reference to a line by Chef (Fredric Forrest) in Apocalypse Now just after he and Capt. Williard (Martin Sheen) encounter a tiger in the jungle.

    • Crichton: (pointing to various places where Braca can shoot him, including the crotch Here. John Wayne Bobbit. Vienna Boys Choir.

      John Wayne Bobbit gained some measure of notoriety (and became the target of many jokes) back in 1993 when his penis was surgically reattached after being cut off by his wife Lorena in revenge for his allegedly having raped her.

    • Jenavian: Clavor, I'm trying to bathe.
      Crichton: Oh, my. The future Ms. Valiant

      Crichton is, by proxy, referring to Prince Clavor as "Prince Valiant", the Arthurian-era hero of the late Hal Foster's famous Sunday newspaper comic strip.

    • Crichton: (acting insane to distract Braca and ro-NA) Ah! Get back! Get back, or the white boy gets it! Oh, man! Don't let 'em kill me! Don't let- You people are so dumb!
      This is a paraphrase of what Cleavon Little's character says in Mel Brook's Blazing Saddles when he pulls a gun and threatens to kill himself to get away from being shot by the town's people.

    • Chiana: I love you.
      Crichton: I know.
      This is a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when Han gets frozen in Carbonite. Han says the same thing to Leia.

    • Crichton: (A round object appears. Katralla asks John if he knows what it is) Obiwan had one, only his was smaller.
      This is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Obiwan used a small round floating ball to train Luke Skywalker.