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Season 2 Episode 13

Look at the Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2000 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Now married, Crichton and Katralla are frozen into living statues so that they may watch over the presiding governments of the next eighty cycles. Immediately, Clavor and the Scarran emissary attempt another assassination and succeed in removing Crichton's head. Empress Novia threatens to kill all off-worlders, putting D'Argo, Chiana and Rygel in danger. Finding Crichton's head is now a matter of life or death.moreless

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  • Crichton and Aeryn were meant to be after all.

    Excellent third episode of a three part one.

    This episode continues with Crichton continuing as a statue. As soon as his friends leave him, the lame prince comes with his butt-monkey and they cut off his head. Then they try to melt it. Scorpius then grabs it and is on planning to take it but someone shoots him. It’s the peacekeeper girl and she puts him back on Crichton and turns him back to human.

    But she realised that Crichton isn’t a peacekeeper like she thought he was. But like any other girl, she learns more about him and falls inlove. I liked it, even though I wished she was Aeryn. Their tender moments were sweet and their scenes in water were great, it’s a big surprise she survived.

    Anyway, I didn’t like what D’Argo did. He punked out when two sucko’s were questioning him and he told that Chiana knew where Crichton was, Thanks to that they went after Chiana and the poor girl was hurt, She almost fell in acid and got killed but she got saved by D’Argo. Her superhero even though it was his fault she was there in the first place.

    Meanwhile Aeryn was going out with the strange weak guy. They even climbed together but the dumb guy made them fall which almost killed them. Aeryn’s leg was broke and she had to carry him back. Even though he was stupid and whiny, at least he had a good conversation with her telling her to explain her feelings to Crichton and not to be afraid to deal with them.

    Anyway, that strange annoying demon was irritating. The only goodthing he did was to kill that annoying prince painfully. I was glad when he was defeated and thrown into the green acid where he melted, good for him. Crichton also threatened Scorpy who acted to be the weakling but he wasn’t, he decided not to step him.

    The other very emotional scene was when Crichton discovered he was going to have a child and only for her he wanted to go back and turn into stone but that wasn’t possible so he gave the chance to the guy who did love the princess. Crichton saw his child and said goodbye.

    The second storyline was about Zhaan on the ship, she tried to make one of those guys turn Moya back but she failed and thought she killed him but didn’t. When he came back he revived Moya and Pilot and Moya made her sing for her which was all very emotional,.

    The episode ended with Aeryn stepping up to Crichton and making him kiss her with that potion which turned out to be that they were meant for each other.

    The entire episode was wonderful, John and Aeryn also finally too their first step into the relationship and it worked perfectly.

  • part 3 of 3 from my 3 review for this 3 part episode. This is the final episode of the best trilogy of episode ever made.

    There is another attempt to kill Christon but once again it fails. The prince is killed and Aeryn almost dies.

    This episode finally answers all the question and surprises that the previous two episodes created.

    In the end of the episode John learns that he has a daughter that he will never meet. the secen where they manage to virtually create his daughter so he can see her is hearth-breaking. I almos cried so I must say that the writers and the actors really nailed it. They made an autentic masterpiece.

    Everyone is back on Moya but will their life ever be the same? Zhaan and pilot decid not to tell the others about what happened while they were gone. Dargo and Chiana are closer to each other than they have ever been and John and Aeryn's relationship has changed forever eother they want to admite it or not.

    This trilogy is a great one. It has everything: passion, drama, comedy, lust... So worth watching.moreless
Matt Day

Matt Day

Counsellor Tyno

Guest Star

Jonathan Hardy

Jonathan Hardy


Guest Star

Tina Bursill

Tina Bursill

Empress Novia

Guest Star

Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram


Recurring Role

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Scarrans are notoriously hard to kill. Here, it takes Crichton a number of shots just to faze Cargn, and then he has to be knocked into the acid pit to drown before he finally stays down.

    • Scorpius' body suit, and the cooling rod inserted into his brain, regulate his temperature. Because he is half Sebacean and half Scarran, the latter part of him loves the heat while the former despises it. Therefore, if he is exposed to high temperature for any prolonged period of time, he gets gradually weaker.

    • Crichton couldn't kill Scorpy when he had the chance, something that could come back to haunt the crew later. It would appear that Scorpius was testing whether or not Crichton could actually do it, and with Scorpius having left Crichton something to remember him by, it would seem that Scorpius has some sort of subconscious hold over Crichton. This is again foreshadowing future events.

      Scorpius: You... underestimate the strength of our relationship. Even your friend does not yet understand.

    • Aeryn and Crichton are quite clearly genetically compatible.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • D'Argo: Rygel! Have you seen Chiana?
      Rygel: No. Have you tried looking under your sheets?

    • Cargn: ... and to you, biological mistake, I commend your plan. Having an agent marry the Princess... how did you defeat my DNA alterations of her?
      D'Argo: Scorpius is not in league with Crichton. We despise him.
      Cargn: Truly? Have I misjudged the situation that badly?

    • D'Argo: You're half Scarran, aren't you?
      Scorpius: By which measure I should not be judged!

    • Clavor: They're still reconstructing the data, but it seems, 'o great frell-up!', that his head was attached at the time!

    • D'Argo: (speaking to Crichton the statue) He can hear us... Do you feel any pain?
      Crichton: No, but I'd really love to pick my nose.
      D'Argo: (to the others) He remains without a sense of humor.

    • Zhaan: (as Kahaynu begs for his life) How does it feel for your prayers to go unanswered, Kahaynu?!

    • Scorpius: (to Cargn when they're told Chiana knows where Crichton is) I will offer you a deal.
      Cargn: I would rather race you to the Nebari girl Chiana.

    • Crichton: (to Scorpius) I'm not your enemy, I'm not your friend. You leave me the hell alone or the next time we part one of us will be dead.

    • Dregon: Would you be lying here helpless giving up, if Crichton were back there waiting for you?
      Aeryn: You don't understand.
      Dregon: Does your leg hurt? It's broken.
      Aeryn: I'm trained to deal with that.
      Dregon: That's the answer. You're not trained to deal with emotions, so you're afraid of them. Emotional pain, you wear like a badge, it means you've been there and it can't get callused because each fresh hurt stings like the first.
      Aeryn: Why would you want that?
      Dregon: Because of all the days before it hurts. The good days when you're in love. It's too bad you can't get back to at least tell Crichton how you feel.
      Aeryn: What difference would it make? He's a frelling statue.
      Dregon: But he can hear, he can see, he'll know Aeryn, at least he'll know.

    • (Jenavian enters the statue room with Crichton's head. Crichton gets a first view of his decapitated statue)
      Crichton: (panicking) Ahh! my body, my body!
      Jenavian: I'm working on it.
      Crichton: Working on it, that's impossible.
      (Jenavian repositions Crichton's head on his body and slots it into place)
      Jenavian: Strangely not. If I do this right your current state is not terminal.
      Crichton: And if not done right?
      (Jenavian goes over to the re-animation controls)
      Jenavian: Terminal.
      Crichton: Get experts!

    • Crichton: (about to leave) Well, there you go. Good guys win for once, and I have a child that I'll never know.
      Hologram Girl: Are you my dad?
      Crichton: That's right.
      Hologram Girl: I love you, daddy.
      (Hugs Crichton)
      Crichton: (to Tyno) You take care of my little girl.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Both Claudia Black and Aaron Cash took an indoor rock-climbing lesson before shooting their climbing scenes. Ther scenes themselves were filmed in Darling Bay, an area north of Sydney that has some notoriety as a dumping ground for bodies!

    • It took them two hours to free Ben Browder from the body cast after he posed for the statue, because they used the wrong material.

    • The Crichton statue remained at the top of the stairs at Jim Henson's Creature Shop at Homebush Bay for the rest of the series' shooting.

    • The "Look at the Princess" story was originally written by David Kemper as a two-parter, however after filming, there was about eighteen minutes of footage left over, all of which was considered good, and so the decision was made to expand the story, and in three weeks David Kemper wrote eleven extra scenes and threaded them in throughout the story. The bulk of the "new" scenes take place in Part 2, and it's because of this that it is out of sequence in terms of production number (Parts 1 and 3 were already assigned 10210 and 10211 respectively, and the late Part 2 was assigned 10221).


    • Crichton: How 'Batman' was that?!
      D'Argo's leap to catch the falling Chiana before she hit the pool of acid obviously reminded Crichton of the way the comic book hero Batman would swing by to catch people falling from Gotham City rooftops. It could also allude to Batman Forever (1995) when Batman does a flip over a fountain at a party.

    • Title:
      The title is an obvious allusion to The Maltese Falcon, a 1941 film based on a novel by Dashiell Hammet. A small statue (of a falcon) was very important in the movie. It's not the only episode title that refers to a Humphrey Bogart movie, as the first installment of the "Look At The Princess" trilogy "A Kiss Is But A Kiss" is a reference to Casablanca.