Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2001 on Syfy
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When Talyn draws dangerously close to a sun because he is being pulled by some mysterious force, Talyn's crew learn that a creature named Mu-Quillus is responsible. Stark then makes a pact with a spirit of a dead alien woman and puts the whole of Talyn's crew at risk.moreless

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  • This was a weird episode.

    This definatly isn't one of my favourite episdoes of season 3, but it wasn't too bad. Really this episode was a Stark episode.

    The plot was enjoyable, but prehaps a little far feached at times. Talyn seems to br growing more independant and seems now not be listen to Crais. Anyway the John and Ayren storyline was good. They made lots of love in this episode. I'm beginning to wonder whether Aryen will get pregant, this would be really intresting

    Anyway i really enjoyed most of this episode. I hope the next one is better. This episode was lacking D'argo, China and Pilot, and i thikn that on some levels the charactors in thia episode had a to big of a gap to fill.moreless
  • Stark, the captain.

    Another excellent episode, this time on Talyn. Talyn has had issues since like, forever and this time it wants to fly into the sun.

    The most gripping subject about this episode is Stark, there is a lot of Stark. He makes the sun shine and becomes the new and improved captain.

    When Tylon flies into the sun, there comes heat and everyone gets an adrenaline attack. Crichton and Aeryn can barely stay away from each other, they keep wanting to bump each other. While Rygel wants to eat a whole lot and Stark begins to see a woman, who has been dead for a long while but can’t cross over because a man that lives in the son doesn’t let her.

    The woman soon grows onto Stark, who tells her that she is dead even though she didn’t know and that he will guide her to the next world. But the guy who keeps her from doing that wants her to come with him. She’s trapped. Stark decides to go into Talyn and begins to control it. He tries to get away from the sun but as he does, he looses the woman he promised to guide to the next world, she can’t leave. So he decides to go back and risk everyone just to help a woman he can’t, she is under the control of that other guy.

    When Stark doesn’t think he can save anyone anymore, Crichton gets into him and makes him act, so well that Stark destroyed the sun and is able to let the woman cross over. The episode was a very great episode for Stark. I also loved that nobody listened to Crais who is just unbelievably irritating. I loved how Stark didn’t listen to him and had a big mouth and how Rygel bit Crais. The episode was well written and interesting. Mostly thanks to Stark.moreless
  • The crew descend into silliness as Talyn has the urge to fly into a sun.

    A stupid villain, terrible plot and pretty poor set for Talyn’s Pilot Den let down an episode with hilarious one-liners and the regulars acting in silly mode to great comic effect. Crais is very funny as the obsessed captain, as are Aeryn and John - barely able to keep ther hands off each other. However, this is probably the weakest of Season Three certainly and is disappointing compared to the episodes which surround it.moreless
  • this was, as always, a very good episode

    Talyn fells the urge of flying into a sun. Turns out it was an alien that "liked" to make the leviathans fly into the sun to destroy them. After many attempts they manage to make Talyn fly away from the sun. They manage to do this because of Stark that "bonds" with Talyn (in a pilt chamber that Talyn made). But Stark decides to come back because of this dead girl that has been trapped by the bad alien (the girl was in a leviathn and died when her ship went into the sun), Stark belives he can save her but fails because the alien is too powerful and keeps the girl between life and death (she isn't alive but she hasn't made it to the after life).

    So now it all seems lost but John makes a plan and destroys the alien allowing the girl to be free and die like she was supposed to.

    The best part of this episode was the part taht, because of Talyn's "vapor" the crew had this strange urges: Rygel ate a lot, Crais said that he was th4e captain and Aeryn and John had this sexual urges, it was hilarious.moreless
  • Taln has deadly urges

    This episode was a shippers delight. Splitting the Johns have allowed the writers to do somethings that might not have happened until well into a final season. Crais is a masterful crazed captian and Stark gets to be even more wacked out. Tayln, though he is just a ship, is comceptualized perfectly. Great episode.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The drexim seems to effect each Talyn's crewmates differently, though all become obsessed in acting out their most powerful emotions. Crichton and Aeryn become physically aroused with each other, Rygel feels a ravenous desire to eat, and Crais becomes consumed with demanding strict military discipline, taking any lack of obedience in the others as being mutinous. Lastly, Stark becomes obsessively focused upon helping Sierjna in crossing over to the other side.

    • Nitpick: When Stark first attempts to release Sierjna, he doesn't unstrap his mask and lift it from his face as he does every other time he's guiding someone to the other side. He does do so the second time, when he successfully sends her on her way.

    • Talyn now has the facility for a pilot, something that was supposed to be removed during the breeding.

    • It appears as though other races can be bonded with a Leviathan as a pilot, since Stark is bonded to Talyn in this episode.

    • Mu-Quillus' head is covered in lights that imitate the action of 'Coal Gas Fires'. They light up, and give a glowing effect which can been seen if you watch the scenes closely.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Crichton: The Pied Piper's found a new tune.
      Crais: Explain.
      Crichton: Natural phenomenon my ass, Mu-Quillus is generating these pulses!
      Crais: How?
      Crichton: Ahh... Orbiting boombox, he's, uh, whistling out of his butt... How the hell should I know?!

    • Stark: Do you remember when we met?
      Crichton: (Incredulous) You want to take a trip down memory lane? Stark! My side, your side, my side, your side, my side, your side.

    • Crichton: Godlike aliens, man, do I hate godlike aliens! I'll trade a critter for a godlike alien any day!

    • Aeryn: (shooting the DRD targeting Crichton) You okay?
      Crichton: Yeah, yeah, I'm all right. Thanks for watching my backside.
      Aeryn: Couldn't help myself.

    • Aeryn: Stark, are you still there?
      Stark: You're just like Zhaan, in so many ways.
      Aeryn: If you say so.

    • Mu-Quillus: (as Aeryn prepares to shoot) Power down your weapons, I can offer you better terms!
      Crichton: Damn, Smokey, you can't argue with a woman!

    • Aeryn: (As she jumps onto Crichton) Hi.
      Crichton: (Carrying Aeryn) Hi. I got some control back, lemme show you.
      Aeryn: Oh, I love it when you take control.
      Crichton: That's the drexim talking.
      Aeryn: No it isn't. I can manually prime the cannon.
      Crichton: (smiling) I'd love to see that.
      Aeryn: Talyn's cannon.
      Crichton: I'm stoked, not stupid.

    • Crichton: Let's talk about the good times, huh? Do you remember Zhaan, Stark? Let's talk about Zhaan.
      Stark: I tried to help her but I couldn't...
      Crichton: She would piss on your grave right now, you wanna know why?
      Stark: My soulmate...
      Crichton: Because Aeryn is my Zhaan. She's my Zhaan, in every way, I love her, and I would die for her! And do you know what, Stark?! You're killing her. You're killing her, you freakazoid, psycho bastard! You're killing my Zhaan!

    • Crichton: You comfortable? (as Aeryn sits on his lap)
      Aeryn: Mmm hmm.
      Crichton: Aeryn this is the mist talking.
      Aeryn: I like what it's saying.
      Crichton: So do I but we gotta- we gotta focus.
      Aeryn: I'm doing my job, corridor is all clear.
      Crichton: So it's just you and me?
      Aeryn: Just you and me.
      Crichton: Ooooh.

    • Stark: Must find Sierjna.
      Crais: Stark? Stark! You release control of Talyn at once.
      Crichton: Good old Stark, count on him to jump right in and wig right out.

    • Aeryn: (as she finishes fixing the conduit) Last one... finished! (She and Crichton start to make out) Frell!
      Crichton: Yeah...
      Aeryn: No, no, no. I mean bad frell!

  • NOTES (3)

    • To create the effect of Talyn's tendrils attaching themselves to Stark, the lines were actually pulled away from Paul Goddard and the film was reversed in editing.

    • The scenes located in Talyn's vestigial Pilot's den were shot on the sets of Moya's Pilot's den with the Pilot puppet removed.

    • Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgley, and Wayne Pygram are credited but do not appear. Lani Tupu is listed in the closing credits as voicing Pilot, but Pilot does not appear in this episode.


    • Crichton: How'd you get here? You just beamed in.

      Another Star Trek reference, this time to the transporters used by the Federation's Starfleet ships.

    • Crichton: The Pied Piper's found a new tune.

      A reference to the protagonist of the fairy tale "The Pied Piper of Hamelin", in which a piper is hired to rid Hameln Town of rats, which he does by playing a tune on his pipe that mesmerizes the rats and causes them to follow him out of the town. Afterward, when the Mayor refuses to pay him (whence comes the expression "to pay the piper"), the Piper lures the children of the town away as he had done the rats. It's based on a legend of the disappearance of the children in the German town of Hamelin in the late 13th Century.

    • Crichton: All right, Phantom, new tune for the opera!
      Crichton speaks the above line to Stark, whose face is half covered by a mask, much like the title character in the multimedia classic The Phantom of the Opera.

    • Crichton: Never say never again, 007, that's all I know.
      Crichton is referring to the 1983 James Bond movie Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery in his comeback role as the debonair spy.