Season 1 Episode 19

Nerve (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Amazing acting. One of the best episodes of any show that I\'ve watched in a while.

    First I must mention that the scrip is brilliant. Old characters come back and new ones are introduced. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Guess who's back? Crais and Gilina. I really didn't see that coming until it "hit" me. Another great thing about the script was the Character development it had. Not only for one character but for all and also the development of their relationship with each other. We had the chance to see Chiana more like a member of the team and not like an "outsider".
    As Aeryn was dying we could see how much Ka D'Argo cared about her. I also loved the effort John made to save her.
    Great acting from all the actors but I must mention Claudia Black and Ben Browder. Claudia had to "pretend" she was dying and she really made it real. You could almost fell her pain. Ben had to be tortured. John was in the chair having in brain "read" and making an "experience" like that seem real has to be difficult but Ben made it. He even drooled and seemed really in pain. That's why I say that this is one of the best episodes of any tv series that I have seem in a while.
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