Season 2 Episode 9

Out of Their Minds

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 07, 2000 on Syfy

Episode Recap

John joins Aeryn and Rygel in command as they observe an unidentified alien ship that's locked weapons onto Moya without provocation while Chiana and D'Argo are in Pilot's chamber struggling to bring their defense screen to operation. John asks Aeryn where Zhaan is and she explains that Zhaan traveled to the other ship in a transport pod to try and delegate their peaceful nature. Zhaan arrives to find the alien vessel had been severely damaged and a survivor trapped under the debris. When Zhaan explains that Moya is unarmed the alien and a hidden second officer reveal that their injuries were a ruse and they capture Zhaan, stating their intentions to destroy Moya. D'Argo and Chiana manage to reenergize the defense screen just as the vessel fires at them, but the impact of the weapon causes the remaining six to switch bodies; Rygel becomes John, John becomes Aeryn, and Aeryn becomes Rygel. Down in Pilot's chamber, Chiana becomes D'Argo, D'Argo becomes Pilot and Pilot becomes Chiana.

Unaware of the situation on Moya, the ship's captain reveals that their ship had been damaged by Talyn and that launched their initial attack. Zhaan convinces him to travel to Moya to prove that they have no weaponry and they mean them no harm. Meanwhile the crew encounters problems with each of the bodies they've ended up in. Pilot's mind seemingly is being rejected by Chiana's body while Rygel continues to try and figure out how to work John's body and John can't help himself being trapped in an attractive female body. D'Argo also has difficulty adjusting to Pilot's multitasking which unnerves Moya as well. The captain arrives and Rygel as "Crighton" gives him a tour of Moya as Aeryn and John work to repair the defense screen further. Meanwhile Chiana tries to enthrall Rygel to leave Moya with her before they are destroyed, but without his body Rygel refuses to go anywhere. However the captain becomes ill and his vomit, unknowingly crawls up the cables for the defense screen, shorting them out. He returns to his vessel and readies his ship to fire at the defenseless Moya. It's revealed to Zhaan that Talyn did not fire on the vessel first, but in defense. John and Aeryn discover the short and manage to reroute the power to the defense screen just in time to bring it up again. Zhaan convinces the other alien to usurp her captain as he had failed in his first attempt to destroy Moya, but as he hasn't failed yet on this attempt she holds off. The captain fires on Moya again and again the shot is deflected, the energy sending Aeryn into John's body, Rygel into Aeryn's body and John into Rygel's body while Chiana now as Pilot struggles for control while a weakened Pilot in D'Argo's body is unconscious and D'Argo as Chiana is struggling to revive him and calm Chiana down.

At his second failure, the subordinate alien overthrows the captain and rips his throat out, but does not rebuke her determination to destroy Moya and attempts to ram her. Chiana and Moya work together to evade the ship as Zhaan escapes her bonds and knocks out the new captain. John works out that the shields being only at 62% both times was what let the energy in to swap their bodies. He has Aeryn as himself order Zhaan to fire on them again while they get back into their original positions for another swap. Zhaan does as she is told and fires on the ship, swapping them back into their original bodies at last. Later after Zhaan is filled in on what happened, John and Aeryn both admit teasingly to exploring the others' body while D'Argo and Chiana have grown much closer from their experiences hinting at a more sexual relationship now.

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