Season 2 Episode 9

Out of Their Minds

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 07, 2000 on Syfy

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  • One of my favorite episodes.

    This is easily one of my favorite episodes of Farscape, it takes something that seems so common on the genre and puts it's own mark on it. All the actors did a fantastic job impersonating each other, and I really need to take my hat off to the puppeteers, who rose to the opportunity to show off their skill. Despite the fact that Moya is being threatened by some unknown force, the show never loses it's natural tone of comedy; but it is also careful not to make things so silly that you lose all investment in the plot. This is the perfect example of one of Farscape's greatest strengths. One minute, you can be laughing you head off, but you never lose that sense of danger that lies underneath. Great episode.
  • Changing of bodies.

    ‘Out Of Their Minds’ is a very creative and mostly extremely fun episode.

    Probably the only thing that bothered me were those bird aliens, they looked very fake. But their ship was needed to give us this wonderful episode.

    It begins with a ship that is going to attack Moya, Zhaan goes on the ship to ask not to shoot them but is caught and chained. They think Moya and her annoying son-ship attacked them, later we learn that this ship attacked first.

    Anyway, when they shoot the bodies switch which makes up for hilarious moments. First is Aeryn sucked into Rygel who is in Crichton’s body who is in Aeryn. There are so many countless funny stuff in that like Crichton in Aeryn’s body and shaking her boobies and ofcourse Rygel in Crichton’s body trying to pee and asking how to do it. Then the second time they are hit Rygel goes into Aeryn who on her turn goes into Crichton who changes into Rygel.

    The other three were also in a room and they changed from Pilot to Chiana who goes into D’Argo’s body who gets sucked into Pilot’s, poor Pilot doesn’t seem to react well in the other bodies while everyone in his body has to realise how difficult it is. Chiana in D’Argo was just completely hilarious the way she moves and talks./ The second time Pilot goes into D’Argo who goes into Chiana who changes into Pilot.

    The entire episode was entertaining except for the bird aliens, they need to destroy ships to survive, but Zhaan can’t take it anymore so she kills them. Then she has to shoot once more to bring everyone into their own body.

    This episode had depth like D’Argo’s talk with Pilot about who had a more meaningful life and ofcourse the extremely funny scenes where Rygel has to bee in Crichton’s body and when Chiana is in D’Argo who sexually plays with Rygel who is stuck in Crichton which makes a very big D’Argo/Crichton slash moment.
    The episode was excellent.
  • Everyone is out of their minds only literally.

    This was indeed a very well writen episode. One of those episodes capable of making you forget everything else and only focus on the TV. It's breath taking.
    This episode has everything that an episode can ever have: drama, charcter development, comedy, friendship and even romance.
    The relationship between some the crew of Moya became stronger: Dargo and Pilot; Aeryn and John; Chiana and Dargo; Well actually they all became closer.
    Zhaan made a huge sacrifice so taht she could save them and she did it. They all returned to their bodies but the expiriences that they learned will never be forgotten.
  • In typical Farscape fashion, a common sci-fi cliche is used in an original and humorous way

    When I think of qualities that I love in Farscape, near the top of the long list are Farsape's use of humor and its use of sci-fi cliches in original ways. Out of Their Minds may be the best example of these two elements put together.

    The "MindSwap" or "BodySwap" has appeared numerous times in the sci-fi genre on televsion (such as Star Trek ("The Turnabout Intruder"), Buffy The Vampire Slayer ("Who Are") and the X-Files ("Small Potatoes")), in movies ("Face/Off") and in comic books. Like other common cliches, it is used so often that it has becomes predictable: a villain switches minds, bodies, or appearances with a hero, incapacitates the hero, and then uses the hero's body for their own nefarious purposes.

    In Out of Their Minds, Farscape frells with this cliche by having multiple mind swaps in the episodeice, swapping minds only between the heros, and making the point of the episode to let the hijinks ensue. And it works perfectly for several reasons. First, it's done with humor at the characters themselves, putting each character in hilarious situations caused by the switches. For instance, Crichton's experimentation with Aeryn's chest. Wow. This scene was one of the reasons I love Claudia Black. In a very small time, she captures a man in a woman's body perfectly, while also being sexy and funny. This scene was one

    Second, the actors themselves are able to make the swap believable by adopting the tics, habits, mannerisms and speech patterns of the usual actor portraying the character. The performances by Ben Brower, Claudia Black, and Anthony Simcoe in this episode stand out, but the other members of the cast (including the voice actors and puppeteers), also did a remarkable job.

    Third, while the episode could stand on its own, it does progress the overall storyline and relationships of the characters. Because of this episode, D'argo and Chiana get together, and Crichton and Areyn get closer in a funny and realistic manner of two person who clearly love each other and are attracted to each other. The episode also provides further insight into Pilot's character and underlying feelings.

    All in all, one of my favorite Farscape episodes not only of season two but also of the entire series.