Season 1 Episode 5

PK Tech Girl

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 1999 on Syfy
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The crew find an abandoned Peacekeeper ship adrift in space. On board they discover that Crais recently deposited a unit of techs to make repairs. Meanwhile Rygel learns that this was the ship where he was first held captive and starts getting paranoid. Things get worse when a group of fire-breathing aliens show up.moreless

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  • An odd episode.

    This episode was weird, i know that sounds strange becasue so many episodes of Farscape are weird but this one didn't completly work. Anyway the writers pulled off a good job.

    I really didn't like how easily Crichton and that Teck girl got so close. Crichton and Aeryn have been on-off since he got there and now he goes straight to a Peacekeeper Teck girl in frount of her, no wonder she gave Crichton the cold sholder.

    Also Zhaan and D'Argo have to come up with a way to stall the aliens who want the abandoned Peacekeeper ship for salvage. Overall this episode was ok, everyone was a little out of charactor. Especially Rygel. Hope the next one is good.moreless
  • Tech girl is spending just a little too much time with John for my taste.

    This episode isn't very interesting, but it's also not bad. Rygel is confronting his fear from Durka, and Zaan & D'Argo are defending a ship, while John makes out with Gilina, Peacekeepers tech girl. I kinda hated him for hurting Aeryn the way he did. I mean, what's with males and the blondes? So, the only interesting part of this episode for me was whe Aeryn told John that she thought he was cute, first time she saw him. And the part when they left Gilina on that big ship. Aeryn is just so much better then her, in so many ways, but I guess that in the begining of every show (that is not a soap-opera) main caracters have to have other lovers & crushs. Still I hated the way he hurted her. But, I forgive him a lot after their conversation in the end of the episode, plus he is totally cute...moreless
  • classic

    PK Tech Girl- what a great Farscape episode. Filled with emotion, great characters ect. Moya and the crew discover an abandoned Peacekeeper cruiser, with one survivor, a female technician on board. Shiang’s attack the ship, while Aeryn, Crichton and the Tech try and defend the ship. There is a lot of sexual tension between Crichton and the Tech, leading to a “Will they, Wont they” thing. And they do. Crichton gets his first proper snog in the series and Aeryn catches him, she gets jealous and tells him she liked him the first time she saw him. While all this is going on Rygell faces demons from his past. Most of Characters are developed at and at the end of the episode we feel sorry to see Crichton and the Tech part ways. A classic episode.moreless
  • Love in space

    My least so far, I had trouble with the blond hooter girl and the fire spitting fish guys, they were annoying.

    So the gang finds a ship that belonged to the peacekeepers but instead of really developing that storyline or Aeryn, we met another girl who got a crush on John and he got a crush on. I found their relationship too forced and unlikely. She was already willing to die for someone she met a few hours ago? I didn’t feel sadness for her leaving and just simply hardly cared for her character.

    The worst about the episode were those lame-o fish guys who attacked the ship for no purpose whatsoever. And when one of them went into the ship to kill and started to spit fire I couldn’t stop my eyes from rolling.

    This episode was sort of disappointing but wasn’t bad at all, It developed Rygel and made me understand him better. I liked his flashes and sort of felt bad for him.

    But definitely, Aeryn was my favourite. I felt so bad for her when she found John kissing the blond twit, and then she said she found him interesting. It made me go ‘aw’. Also her talk with John at the end of the episode and John’s references to earth were awesome, but not enough to make me love this episode.

  • Moya and the crew stumble across a legendary Peacekeeper battleship, and stop to investigate.

    Moya and the crew stumble across a legendary Peacekeeper battleship, and stop to investigate.

    We get to learn some more about Rygel in this episode. The Zelbinion was the first ship he was put on after his nephew stole the throne from him. It was here that he was first tortured, and those demons come back to haunt him in this episode.

    Zhaan has to convince D'Argo to mislead the Sheyangs to keep them from attacking. He seems to hold ethical problems with this, although the priestess does not.

    Aeryn also admits that she likes Crichton. Meanwhile, Crichton is falling for Gilina. Which, of course leads to a scene where Aeryn walks in on a making out Crichton and Gilina.

    Luckily, the crew got a shield for Moya. Hopefully they can make it work.

    This episode the best visuals of any episode so far this season.

Peter Astridge

Peter Astridge

Lomus / Voice of Lomus

Guest Star

Peter Knowles

Peter Knowles


Guest Star

David Wheeler

David Wheeler

Selto Durka

Guest Star

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • It is revealed in this episode that Moya and Pilot are afraid of fire.

    • Goof: When bodies are first discovered on the Zelbinion, Aeryn says that they have undergone "deep space dessication", which basically means that they have been mummified. But the same passageway where they see the first body has liquid dribbling freely from the ceiling to the floor, and mummies deteriorate quickly in humid conditions. Unless the flow of liquid was a relatively new phenomenon in that area of the ship, the corpse should have been reduced to mere bones as the flesh was broken down by the growth of bacteria fostered by the humidity.

    • This episode introduces a new race, the Sheyang, but this is not the species' first appearance on Farscape. A Sheyang can be spotted briefly in the first episode "Premiere", speaking to Zhaan in the background whilst the crew are down on the commerce planet.

    • The Zelbinion was the most feared ship in the Peacekeeper fleets. It is revealed later that the ship's destruction was caused by the Nebari.

    • D'Argo dismisses the Sheyangs as nothing more than opportunistic scavengers. Apparently, the Sheyangs have earned this reputation.

    • When Rygel was deposed over one hundred cycles ago, the Zelbinion was the first ship on which he was imprisoned and tortured.

    • Aeryn's entire unit was demoted after her defection. They can only be reinstated upon her death.

    • Moya acquires a semi-operable defense screen in this episode.

    • Terms:

      -An Arn is a unit of time analogous to an hour.
      -A Microt is a unit of time analogous to a second.
      -A Command Carrier is the Peacekeeper flagship military vessel.
      -Data Spools are an information storage medium.
      -A Defense Screen is a type of force field used to protect a space-going vessel.
      -Five-Line Conduit is a cable needed to repair the defense screen.
      -A Kkore Cannon is a ship-based weapon, possibly Luxan.
      -A Plasma Conductor is aship-based Sheyang weapon.
      -A Wetox Missile is a ship-based weapon, possibly Luxan.
      -The Zelbinion is a legendary Peacekeeper ship, missing for over 100 cycles.
      -Frax is an expletive, as in, "Frax your father!"
      -Frotein is aPeacekeeper foodstuff served chilled.
      -A Grot is presumably, someone who performs routine or mundane tasks; in the Peacekeeper military, analogous to "grunt."
      -A Sheyang is a species of scavengers, with the ability to spit fire.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Crichton: On my world, they say that loss is the hardest emotion to deal with.
      Aeryn: In my world, showing pain is a sign of weakness.
      Crichton: How can you not feel pain, after what you've been through?
      Aeryn: Don't presume to understand me, John.
      Crichton: If I somehow, someday, get a chance to return to my world, walk around my old neighborhood, see my old house, Dad's truck, best friend's bike on the lawn, and then I get a chance to go inside...I walk through the living room, upstairs to my room...and then I think, what if everyone were dead? What if all my friends and family were lying there, dead? Now, what would it be like to go home then?
      Aeryn: I stand corrected.

    • Crichton: (when the Sheyang is coming for them) Gilina, I want you out of here!
      Gilina: If you die here, John, I die, too.

    • D'Argo: Such a large ship, and nothing to scavenge!
      Aeryn: How disappointing that others scavengers have robbed us of our glory.

    • Crichton: Listen, gas-hole! You kill us, you kill yourself!

    • Zhaan: Confront your demons Rygel, or they will chase you from the shadows to your grave.

    • Gilina: I can't believe you're not Sebacean.
      Crichton: Human. It's kinda like Sebacean, but we haven't conquered other worlds yet so we just kick the crap out of each other.

    • Crichton: Why don't you give it a rest, Miss Drill Sergeant. Can't you see she's gonna pass out?

    • Aeryn: When you told me endless tales of your home, you spoke of forests and rivers and valleys. While I was thinking of walls not unlike these.
      Crichton: Well, I'm sure it looks better with carpeting.

    • Crichton: You know what happens in these movies? The guy and the girl always end up surviving...liking each other.
      Gilina: We have such fiction also.
      Crichton: It's a small universe.

    • Gilina: It seems Human and Sebacean men are much the same.
      Crichton: Yeah, I'm not noticing differences in the females, either.

    • Crichton: I got my doctorate in it.
      Gilina: A doctorate? What is that?
      Crichton: It's, uh, a couple of letters they add to the end of your name.

    • Aeryn: Crais will ask you many questions.
      Gilina: I will lie.
      Aeryn: I wish I had been so smart.

    • Crichton: (keeping two explosive panels apart) Look, Aeryn, it's a long story but I kinda have my hands full right now, so you're gonna have to get here! (the Sheyang appears at the door) And make it fast, because froggy's outside the door right now!

    • Crichton: (from the passageway) You free this weekend?
      Gilina: Well, I have to overhaul a Prowler engine, but apart from that, yes.

    • Aeryn: I hate being ambushed.
      Crichton: Well, you got him in the end, that's all that counts.
      Aeryn: I wasn't talking about the Sheyangs.

    • Crichton: Hey.
      Aeryn: A greeting I will never understand.
      Crichton: It's kinda all-purpose. You see, it let's the other person decide what they wanna talk about.
      Aeryn: What if they don't want to talk?
      Crichton: Then they say `hey' back.
      Aeryn: Hey.

    • Crichton: (takes Gilina's hand and he leads her to the door) Life sucks.
      Gilina: It brought us together.
      Crichton: Okay. It sucks a little less.

    • Teurac: (to D'Argo) You had nothing...but you used it well. Evran, there is no shame in losing to a clever opponent. And, Ka D'Argo, I make it a point to someday kill my clever opponents.

    • Crichton: (about the Sheyangs) They spit fire?! How come no one tells me this stuff?! How come no one told me they spit fire?!

    • Rygel: Is it really you, Durka? You killed yourself, Durka--you coward. You once told me I would never leave your ship alive. You robbed me of so many cycles. But no matter what you did to me, I'll always remember one thing: you lose!

    • Aeryn: (to Crichton) In the beginning I found you...interesting.
      Crichton: Me?
      Aeryn: Yes, but only for a moment.
      Crichton: Good...good, I mean this is good to be on even terms.
      Aeryn: I agree.
      Crichton: It's always a good idea to clear the air.
      Aeryn: Very clear air.

    • Aeryn: (after discovering Crichton and Gilina) Sorry for interrupting!

    • Teurac: (to Lomas) Perhaps one day, they will sing songs of your early death.

    • Durka: (in flashback) I'm greatly disappointed in you. Somehow, I expected the Dominar of Hyneria to be more dominating!

    • Zhaan: Oh, there you are! We've been looking all over for you, Rygel! You're making the DRD's nervous!

    • D'Argo: I cannot lie to an opponent in battle.
      Zhaan: It's not lying. Simply mislead them.
      D'Argo: For a priest, you certainly have a very flexible morality!

    • (Rygel spits on Gilina)
      Crichton: Knock it off, Weasel!
      Rygel: I've barely gotten used to sharing my accommodation with one of these...abominations! Dispel the thought of two!

    • John: If you guys only used your know-how to...
      Aeryn: To what? To fulfill your vision of who we should be?
      John: To do good.
      Aeryn: We are Peacekeepers. Other cultures hire us to keep order, to keep harmony.
      Rygel: As well as assassinations, torture, kidnap.

    • Crichton: I try to save a life a day. Usually it's my own.

    • Zhaan: How long have we known each other, Rygel?
      Rygel: Long enough for me to see your blue backside meditating, but not long enough for you to touch me!

    • Rygel: Still alive? How is that possible? She can't be from the original crew.
      Pilot: I don't have those answers. I suggest you go over, and ask them yourself.
      Rygel: To that ship? Never! Never again!

    • Aeryn: This is my world, John--don't interfere.

    • Aeryn: Someone has regenerated communications?
      Crichton: Recently? Or do you guys have like the best car batteries of all time?

    • Zhaan: I'd expected you to go looting, Rygel.
      Rygel: Looting?! I am Dominar of over six hundred billion subjects! I shouldn't stoop so low!
      Zhaan: As I recall, you 'stooped' through the last three derelict ships we came upon...or was it four?

    • Crichton: So what is it with the Zelbinion?
      D'Argo: It is the most feared ship in the Peacekeeper armada.
      Crichton: Yeah, well clearly someone didn't get that message.

    • D'Argo: This ship is legendary, even in my culture. It was thought invincible.
      Crichton: Yeah, well, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, even the big ones go down.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Claudia Black had to re-dub her lines after she interrupted Crichton and Gilina. She said "I was able to fix the scene in post-production, and was able to create that moment of vulnerability. When I had to lift the heavy object, I needed to physicalize it in the ADR booth, so I actually lifted [director] Tony Tilse as my heavy object as I rerecorded that line."

    • Like a number of first season episodes, "PK Tech Girl" was partly shot at the White Bay nuclear power station near Sydney.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on November 24, 1999 on YTV.
      -This episode aired in the UK on January 24, 2000 on BBC-2.
      -This episode aired in Australia on September 16, 2000 on Nine.

    • The first time Ben Browder filmed the scene with the line about the Zelbinion: "Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio. Even the big ones go down", he ad-libbed Bill Clinton's name in the place of Leonardo DiCaprio. They were forced to shoot it as written because it was decided such a line might be inappropriate.

    • "PK Tech Girl" was actually the first ever episode of Farscape aired in the world. It aired as a special preview to the upcoming series on Sci Fi Channel's sister channel USA Network four days before the "Premiere" episode aired on Sci Fi.

    • This was the first episode of Farscape shot as a single episode (the previous six were shot in three back-to-back blocks). The change was made partly due to an upcoming holiday. Rockne S. O'Bannon noted that "shooting episode 7 by itself became the only viable way to shoot and not lose days. When the film came in, it was much better. The crew was less harried and stressed. The actors were less stressed, because they weren't having to learn two scripts and weren't having to carry two stories around in their heads. It immediately became apparent that it made a lot more sense to shoot the episodes individually."

    • In the original script for "PK Tech Girl", Gilina was to be killed off at the end of the episode, but when executive producer David Kemper saw Alyssa-Jane Cook, he had the script re-written, figuring they'd have a two-parter later and kill her off in that! Also, he wanted to give Crichton a love interest, since the show was about people and their relationships, not just the usual sci-fi ships in outer space kind of show.