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Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2002 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

D'Argo, Rygel, Crichton, Chiana and Sikozu get back to Moya, only to find that Scorpius is there waiting for them along with Aeryn, now suffering from heat delirium. Aeryn has granted Scorpius asylum and claims that Scorpius saved her life.

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  • Aeryn's back.

    So finally Aeryn is back! But there is a problem she is protecting the evil Scorpius because he has apparently done something for her. We eventually find out the Aeryn was suffering from the living death, Scorpius found her and put a cooling rod in her head. Now is begs Crichon not to kill him. Anyway the crew find out that there is a cure for Aeryn's sickness but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile Grayza continues to try and capture Crichton this time by trying to distroy Moya. I thought this was a great episode, so now Scorpius is on our side. Or so he is leading us to believe. Poor Aeryn what has he done to her. Also Harvey id gone from Crichton's mind. This episode is unmisbale. Tottally loved it.moreless
  • Now we are talking! Everybody, absolutely everybody is back! That is what I call a great storyline!

    Finally, Crichton, D'Argo, Chiana, Rygel and Sikozu are back on Moya! Unfortunately an unwelcome guest is also aboard! Scorpius! But he is not alone, he brought Aeryn, who suffers from heat delirium! She claims that Scorpius saved her and granted him asylum!

    Another Ship appears and wants information from Aeryn about an assassination in exchange for her cure! First time we see holographs on Farscape, isn't it? The ship is able to take any form thanks to it!

    Scorpius also erases Harvey from John's mind! I will miss him though! I loved those scenes inside Crichton's head, especially the last one, where they are dressed like men in black!

    On the bad guys' side, Braca flies a Prowler equipped with an anti-Leviathan Missile! But the gang manages to let him shoot at the other ship, producing an exact copy of Moya, because Scorpius has a spy aboard the Command Carrier! Wonder who it is! Maybe it is Braca himself!!

    I'm quite happy to see Scorpius again! And seeing Aeryn in his suit was also very creepy! At last the storyline is picked up where it was left! Everybody is back on Moya and ready for new adventures!

    Though I still do not understand how Scorpius survived!

    Great episode!

  • It twists, it turns, it entertains.

    NB I originally wrote this review, along with many others, for submission to the BBC's Farscape website. It was written immediatly after viewing, so I genuinely didn't know where the series was going. Many of the reviews got posted on the Roll of Honour, before Auntie Beeb was forced to dump its cult pages.

    We all knew there’d be a twist to the much awaited reunion between John and Aeryn, but what would it be? Despite the TV schedules trailing 'Aeryn has heat delirium' I’ll bet not one of us figured we’d see her in a Scorpy-like plastic cooling suit. And with Farscape there was always the chance that she might end up in the suit for the rest of the series and become some dark soul-mate for Scorpy. In the end the Aeryn thing was resolved with a rather weak 'It’s a virus, lets get the antidote' plot line. The real kicker was the death of Harvey. I have enjoyed the Harvey moments immensely over the series, and this episode’s Quentin Tarantino pastiche - all shades and suits - was a real pleasure. I’ve always preferred Scorpy in John’s head rather than Scorpy in the flesh, so I’d have been happier if John had topped the real one instead. Okay, so the tension between John and Scorpy is one of the drivers in the series, but having him on Moya, Crais-like, looks like pulling the same trick twice. And then, the moment we were all waiting for, right at the end. Where has the baby gone? Was it born or aborted by the heat virus? When will the agony end? The tortured relationship between the only human in the uncharted territories and our favourite PK continues...moreless
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Richard Carter


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Aeryn has returned to Moya with Scorpius. He found her in the early stages of heat delirium, and brought her back to Moya to save her. Although it's revealed that she was inflicted with heat delirium by Ullom, the extent of what she did during her time away from Moya, as an assassin, is not clear.

    • Scorpius managed to survive his burial on Arnessk, through "foresight and preparation." Exactly what happened is not clear, however he does have a spy on the Command Carrier.

    • Pilot says that when Moya was sucked down the wormhole, she was not harmed, merely examined. He claims, however, not to know who by and says he remembers nothing else of importance, despite telling Noranti he knew what happened.

    • Scorpius, as part of his bid to stay aboard Moya, made a device to remove Harvey from Crichton's brain with Sikozu's help.

    • When Ullom shoots Aeryn, she is shielded by the Tarkan body shield the crew got in the previous episode "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing".

    • Scorpius tells Crichton that only he knows where Earth is, as he purged all other records, so Crichton has the choice to either use that knowledge, or kill Scorpius and lose it.

    • Moya and Pilot have decided they can't serve properly with so many people giving them orders, so they want the crew to elect a spokesperson to act as Captain.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Braca: (as he fires at the fake leviathan) Here's your rematch, Crichton!

    • Sikozu: (to Pilot) Send DRDs immediately.
      Chiana: Ignore her, Pilot. Hey, that's a new record. You've been on the ship for less than an arn and you're trying to run it. Nice!
      Sikozu: Chiana, someone has to.
      Chiana: That someone is not you. You're cargo, baggage.

    • Crichton: It's just fate, as usual, keeping its bargain. Screwing us in the fine print.

    • Rygel: Plan?
      Crichton: Yeah. You're going to talk Ullom into letting us aboard under a flag of truce.
      D'Argo: Then we take that flag of truce and hit him over the head with it.

    • Rygel: Ah, Scorpius. Your room's prepared and we've relocated your possessions. How many coolant rods do you need? (smashes another rod)

    • Crichton: Damn it, Harvey, guns are dangerous, man! And ain't no smoking in my head.

    • Chiana: What if, what if the people who examined Moya are still on board? Maybe it's a trap?
      Crichton: One sure way to find out.
      D'Argo: Walk straight into it. Okay.

    • Aeryn: (protecting Scorpius from the crew) I gave my word that he would not be harmed.
      D'Argo: Do you expect us to honor that promise?
      Aeryn: Yes, or I leave Moya now.
      Chiana: What's he doing here? What does he want?
      Aeryn: He wants asylum.
      Crichton: Asylum? What is it with Peacekeepers? First they hunt us. Then they want to move in! What, do we have a bed and breakfast? Do we have a sign outside that says free HBO?!

    • Crichton: (to Scorpius) Kryptonite, silver bullet, Buffy. What's it gonna take to keep you in the grave?
      D'Argo: Perhaps we should just take your head off. Worked for Durka.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the only real glimpse we get of Aeryn's life as an assassin after leaving Moya. The writers discussed having another story involve further repercussions of that period catching up with her again, but it never happened.

    • The set supervisor, who's nicknamed "Safety Bob", got to play a walk on role as one of the background aliens. Having an on camera role was a job perk he liked to exercise from time to time.

    • Richard Carter (Ullom) previously voiced the alien creature the Hangi in the third season episode "Scratch 'n' Sniff".


    • Crichton: (To Scorpius) Kryptonite, silver bullet, Buffy, what's it gonna take to keep you in the grave?

      Crichton alludes to the comic book hero Superman, who could move faster than a bullet and fly among other powers, but his one fatal weakness was a radioactive rock from his home planet of Krypton which could kill him. Crichton also refers to silver bullets, which are said to be the only thing to kill supernatural creatures from various films and literature such as werewolves. Buffy is a reference to the popular television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which aired from 1997 to 2003. As the slayer it was her duty to keep the undead and other evil supernatural beings, dead and/or permanently inanimate.