Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2001 on Syfy
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Talyn lands on a planet covered mostly with vegetation that will help him to heal. Crichton, Aeryn and Crais leave the ship in search of Xhalax.

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  • Aeryn's mum is not as sweet as she thought

    ‘Relativity’ is an episode that finally brings this show into entertainment, development and brilliant writing.

    The best couple right now is Rygel and Stark who are just simply hilarious together, they feel each other in so well, Stark is mostly the sweet guy while Rygel is the one who is actually mean to Stark, but that’s how he shows his affection.

    Crichton and Aeryn are also together now, they sleep together and finally admitted their love. Crais isn’t completely happy about that and is definitely on the jealous side. Crais, Circhton and Aeryn go out to find something in the jungle while Xhalex who is Aeryn’s mom is there with monsters tracking them. They soon begin to shoot and Crais gets hit, while Aeryn and Xhalex have a confrontation and Aeryn beats her down.

    The Aeryn/Xhalex relationship was sad and beautiful at the same time. Aeryn wanted to turn her mother who had become cold, she had to kill Tylon when she went to Aeryn that night. When Xhalex gets the chance in the ship she beats Aeryn and Stark and injures Rygel which kills him.

    Meanwhile Crais and Crichton and trying to get away from the trackers, they cover themselves with something icky. When Crichton gets a visit from Scorpy in his head he realised that those trackers were after Crais who had been using them all this time. With that info he made the trackers track them and then Crichton killed them. He wanted to leave Crais to die for what he did but Talyn needs Crais so he decided to take him with him after all.

    Xhalex tells the crew of Talyn that she was after Crais and that she is ashamed for her emotions she showed Aeryn. Then they are able to catch her anyway but she tells Aeryn that if they let her live that she will track them down and kill them, there is no other way than to kill her. Aeryn tries to but can’t and instead hands it to Crais, when Aeryn changes her mind it is to late because she hears the gunshots. That whole scene was heartbreaking, Aeryn loved her mother no matter what. I loved Stark getting sort of intimate with Rygel and telling him he was handsome, Stark really became my favourite character after this. He also says that he saw Zhaan. This was a fantastic episode, finally the storylines thickened and Aeryn got a hell of a good episode.moreless
  • This episode was very revealing.

    We finally meet Aeryn's mother and she is bad news.

    We also find out that Chrichton and Aeryn are officially sleeping together now. We learn Crais true motives and what happened to Aeryn's father. We learn that Zhaan is fine and looking out for them.

    Aeryn's mother almos kills Talyn and Rygel but misses on both ends. Well she did kill Rygel but Stark managed to save him.

    This episode had great performances with special attention for Claudia Black, she had to show the pain that Aeryn was feeling because she discovered who her mother realy was. In the end Aeryb can't kill her mother but Crais does. Now I have some questions taht I'm sure will be answered soon : Is she really dead? What will happen to Talyn? Will the peacekeepers send someone else after them?

    We'll just have to wait and see.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Xhalak's mercenaries are from a low gravity world, and have multiple hearts, which means that they can continue to function even after one of their hearts bursts from overexertion.

    • When Rygel was dead, Stark linked with him to bring him back, and met with Zhaan, who is watching over them.

    • The Scorpius clone still resides in the head of this Crichton (Crichton-black). Is it still in the head of the Crichton on Moya?

    • Xhalax Sun was forced to kill her mate, Talyn (Aeryn's father) because of the visit to Aeryn while she was a child (which was shown on the vidchip Crais gave Aeryn).

    • The jungle, in particular its vines, have healing properties, that may have been able to heal Xhalax Sun, depending on how Crais shot her and what they did with the body.

    • Crais' true motive is finally revealed... he commandeered Talyn in "Family Ties" because he knew the Peacekeepers would be after him and that his only chance for survival was to use Talyn for leverage.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Crichton: You lied to us! You betrayed us, and you used us!
      Crais: I used all my assets to stay alive, and those assets were you!

    • Crais: You leave me here bleeding, they will find me and kill me.
      Crichton: ...And?

    • Stark: Friend or foe, friend or foe, friend or foe-
      Rygel: Will you shut the frell up? Of course it's a foe! We have no friends!

    • Xhalak: (to her mercenaries) Cinch up your mivonks and keep moving!

    • Xhalax: (to her mercenaries after she kills one of their comrades) Good news- your shares have just increased.

    • Crais: We have no idea where we are going. We could be going around in circles!
      Crichton: We're not going in circles, Nimrod, 'cause we've never been here before. We're completely lost!

    • Stark: (waking Rygel by pounding on his bed) Rygel!
      Rygel: Ugh! I may be small, but allow me to remind you- that only serves to put me at castration level! (Stark immediately covers up his privates)

    • Xhalax: Is that why you're sparing me?! Because I'm your mummy?!
      Aeryn: No. Because, with that wound, out here, you will die. Alive, you're potential leverage.
      Xhalax: Regulation field op procedure insists you terminate all hostile personal on point of contact. Eliminate the threat! And when I'm dead, you can name your Prowler after me!

    • Aeryn: I am right, aren't I? We let you live, and you come and you find us again.
      Xhalax: What, do you expect me to lie, to beg for my life? Crais is right. I will hunt you down and I will kill you.
      Aeryn: Goodbye mother.

    • Crichton: OK, welcome to the butthole of the universe.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Lou Elsey, who designed the "Creature" costumes, gave the Colartas' look an Egyptian themed look in order to hide the costumes' zippers and seams in a new and interesting way.

    • Crais' yelp of pain as Crichton manhandles him through the jungle was originally genuine. Lani Tupu stumbled as Ben Browder was pulling on his arm, and he insisted on repeating the cry on each subsequent take.

    • This is the first episode written by Producer and co-Creator Rockne S. O'Bannon since season one.

    • Anthony Simcoe and Gigi Edgley are credited but do not appear. Lani Tupu is listed in the closing credits as voicing Pilot, but Pilot does not appear in this episode.

    • Dominique Sweeney, who played the two Colartas Thek and Kek, played similar creatures in season two's "Out of Their Minds".

    • Master alien guest star Thomas Holesgrove returns in this episode, playing the Colarta Vek.


    • Crichton: We've been here. That's Old Faithful. We must be near Talyn.

      Old Faithful is the name of the world's best-known geyser, located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

    • Crichton: As long as you're here...these pina colada things chasing us... are they everything Crais has cracked them up to be?

      The Pina Colada is an alcoholic beverage of Caribbean origin.

    • Crichton: Remind me not to put that on my Cocoa Puffs.

      Cocoa Puffs is a brand of cereal made by General Mills. Its advertising shtick was Sonny the Cuckoo Bird saying, "I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!"

    • Crichton: We've left a trail Stevie Wonder can follow.

      Crichton substitutes the proverbial blind man with the internationally famed blind singer Stevie Wonder.