Season 3 Episode 16

Revenging Angel

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2001 on Syfy
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There is an accident whilst D'Argo is demonstrating what his ship can do. He blames Crichton and knocks him out. In his unconscious state, Crichton has some animated dreams.

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  • 4.4
    Very innovative episode from the Farscape crew. This show is at heart a very basic action show, with Chricton being a very basic action hero who spouts one-liners like their goin' outta style. In Revenging Angel, we try somethin' a little different, as Chricton, knocked unconscious by D'Argo, gives us all a real chuckle in his Looney Tunes world. In his coma, Chricton is battling an upset D'Argo with the former taking on the role of Road Runner and the latter the Coyote. Amidst the silly chase scenes, Chricton talks to each of the crew members (minus Stark and Rygel) about how to best solve his problems with D'Argo. Each person gives the way they would solve it, but at the end, it's basically Chricton's heart that wins. He knows he can and will forgive D'Argo and that the action will be replicated, and that he does want to live because he loves Aeryn so much. The cartoon episode is not unheard of, but it is pretty rare, and I think that this episode makes really good, funny use of that medium.moreless
  • INcredible!

    I just loved this episode.... It was total filler, but it was well done and made me laugh so hard hot coco spewed through my nose! Well done folks! I just loved this episode.... It was total filler, but it was well done and made me laugh so hard hot coco spewed through my nose! Well done folks! I just loved this episode.... It was total filler, but it was well done and made me laugh so hard hot coco spewed through my nose! Well done folks! I just loved this episode.... It was total filler, but it was well done and made me laugh so hard hot coco spewed through my nose! Well done folks!moreless
  • I didn't really understand some of it...

    This episode was weird because on the DVD set Crichton is already dead in the previous episode Infinate Possiblitities but in this episode he is very much alive with the crew of Moya. This was really a filler episode. D'Argo has to stop his ship from exploding by finding his sward. Crichton is hit on the head and goes into a coma causing him to have weird cartoon dreams. It was a really weird episode. I personally didn't like it. This season has been top's, i hope in the final few episodes of the series some questions are answered.moreless
  • Excellent episode with lots of funny elements.

    At the beginning of the episode, the tension between D'Argo and Crichton culminates as D'Argo attacks Crichton and puts him in a coma.

    D'Argo's ship then accidentally activates its auto-destruct, which will eventually be deactivated by D'Argo's blade. The ship is in fact an ancient Luxan ship and I can't wait to see it in action in the next episodes.

    We also learn that other creatures live inside Moia and contribute to her metabolism...

    But the real story in this episode happens inside Crichton's mind during his coma. Scorpius wants him to take revenge on D'Argo in order to survive, but John insists that he is not like Scorpius and turns him into a animated character. It goes on with the animated D'Argo chasing an animated John just like the Coyote and Beep Beep of the Looney Tunes! Absolutely hilarious!

    Finally, John will confront D'Argo in his mind but he will not take any revenge. He clings to life by thinking of his love for Aeryn.

    A truly hilarious episode.

  • Farscape meets looney tunes

    ‘Revenging Angel’ is possibly one of the most original episodes I’ve ever seen, extremely creative fun and yet character developing. A complete mess in the best way possible.

    The episode is simply about D’Argo’s issues that keep him from being able to control himself. His machine is suddenly activated and is going to explode, he immediately suspects Crichton and when he tries to kill him something falls on Crichton’s head which knocks him unconscious.

    While Crichton lies unconscious the crew of Moya have to figure out how to save each other. D’Argo continues being a hothead and throws his blade into a hole which is exactly what they need to keep the ship from self-destructing. Chiana’s relationship with Jool keeps being interest. Jool is the one who cost this all, she went into D’Argo’s ship just because she likes him and wanted to know him better. When she goes to look for D’Argo’s blade and finds it, it opens the ship and can finally be used by DArgo. The thing that makes this episode so fantastic and original and the cartoons. While Moya tries to stay alive, Crichton is having mind games in his brain. Scorpius keep telling him to revenge but Crichton wants something different. Pilot tells Crichton to be the one who runs away, but that doesn’t work. Jool tells Crichton to work it out but that doesn’t work either. Then Chiana tells Crichton to outsmart D’Argo but once again it eventually turns into nothing.

    The Looney tunes make this episode, as they are very memorable from the road runner series. The best scene of the episode was when Crichton sees Aeryn again and how he changes her outfits and clothes. But After being attacked and killed by D’argo in his mind he comes to realise that he has to revenge. But without the actual revenge, he manages to win from D’argo in his mind anyway which makes him wake up. Crichton’s chemistry was once again perfect with Harvey, he proves him wrong about revenge being the only way. Love was apparently the way, and Crichton wanted to come back only for Aeryn, even though he thought that she was with the other him.

    The episode was a big masterpiece, very enjoyable and well written. D’Argo also realised that he has to much rage and that it’s not good for him while Crichton promises to never pay his revenge on D’argo no matter what,moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Harvey the Neural Clone: (Harvey the Neural Clone is presiding over Crichton's funeral in his head): Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our final respects and to say farewell to our dear friend Commander John Crichton....a schmuck. Mule headed, reckless and probably brain dead before I met him. Alas, his death...is mine also.

    • Crichton: You really want revenge?
      Looney Tunes Harvey: Yes!
      Crichton: Okay. (a 1000 ton weight drops on Harvey) Revenge... but only for you.

    • D'Argo: We have a code- aggression against an ally entitles retribution.
      Crichton: D'Argo, look at me. There's nothing that would ever make me take revenge on you.

    • Jool: Ew! Why do I get the cellar and you guys get the catwalk? This place smells horrible!
      Chiana: Guaranteed by your arrival, shliznat!
      D'Argo: Chiana!
      Chiana: What do you want, D'Argo? What, should I bottle it up and become a Luxan?

    • Harvey: Do you know what's happening?
      Crichton: Yeah. I'm dying.
      Harvey: Lets see what's left in the old fuel tank.
      Crichton: Go away and let me do what I gotta do.
      Harvey: What, find a reason to live?
      Crichton: I've got plenty of reasons.
      Harvey: Then give me the Letterman list.
      Crichton: (quickly) Earth, dad, pizza, sex, cold beer, fast cars, sex, Aeryn, love.

    • Chiana: Hey princess
      Jool: We're gonna die, aren't we?
      Chiana: Eventually. You got the mivonks to push the date back? Help D`Argo in the transport hangar. When he's sick of you, find me.

    • Crichton: I don't want to be like other people. I don't want to be like you. I don't want to stoop that low. Kirk wouldn't stoop that low.
      Harvey: That was a television show, John. And he made Priceline commercials. But if you insist, then look to Kirk the way he really was, savage when he had to be.
      Crichton: He's fiction, Harv. I know the difference. I'm real. I have to live with what I do.
      Harvey: You can no more deny your biologic heritage than change your grandparents' birthplace. These primitive animal urges you think you must resist they're not relics from an uncivilized time. They are in you for a reason because you need them.

    • Crichton: You're very wise.
      Pilot: I don't get out much, so I read.

    • Chiana: What is your problem?
      Jool: I did it.
      Chiana: You usually do.

    • D'Argo: I am not Ancient Luxan, I do not speak Ancient Luxan and I do not read Ancient Luxan, because I am not Ancient Luxan!
      Chiana: (with less than an arn before the ship explodes) And not likely to become one, either...

    • Aeryn: D'Argo! D'Argo, could you just leave young Johnny alone, please?
      D'Argo: Ummm... no!
      (Chases Crichton)
      Aeryn: Run Forrest! Run!

    • Aeryn: (as Madonna) Hey Johnny, like a virgin?

  • NOTES (4)

    • The episode's animation was done by Gross-EMTV, a company founded by the father of the show's composer Guy Gross.

    • Paul Goddard is credited but does not appear. Lani Tupu is credited twice, once in the opening credits which refers to his character Crais, who does not appear, and in the closing credits, where he's listed as voicing Pilot, which he does do. Jonathan Hardy is also credited with voicing Rygel, but Rygel takes no part in the episode, either.

    • This was an episode for the Moya crew, but they asked Claudia if she was willing to participate, even though she was with the Talyn crew. She said okay. When they filmed the animated Aeryn, she came on set to help Ben Browder give a frame of reference. According to Ben, she wore a "stunning outfit."

    • This is Farscape's first story to contain cell-drawn animation.


    • When John runs into a cartoon Aeryn in the hallway, the second drawn version of her is meant to be like Jessica Rabbit, the wife of Roger Rabbit in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    • Ozme:
      D'Argo's cartoon technology bears the brand name "Ozme", which is a nod to the Looney Tunes brand "Acme" which Wile E. Coyote uses in his infinite plans to catch the Roadrunner. It's also a reference to Australia, which is where the series is filmed- Australia is lovingly known as Oz by its inhabitants.

    • Scorpius: Then give me the Letterman List.

      David Letterman is a late night comedian who is famous for his "Top 10" lists, where he lists progressively funnier quips about a given subject. Scorpius asking Crichton to give him the Letterman list therefore is him asking for a list of ten reasons he wanted to live. Crichton, however, only lists nine items, and of those nine, "sex" was listed twice.