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  • Response to Patricia Turnbulls review

    There is a 3hr mini series that was produced after the show cancellation to tie up loose ends called Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. That's your missing piece of the puzzle and a fitting ending to the series.
  • End of no end.

    I just watched all 4 seasons of Farscape on Netflix. I love this show, Chricton's character always having to have his own way was a tad annoying, seemed no one else got a say in it, but it made for good entertainment either way. I am however disappointed as the last episode, "Bad Timing" says to be Continued, and all I could do was stare at the screen and scream GRRRRRRRRRR Is there going to be another season? if so when? I want to know what happened, I can't believe they could end it this way. He finally proposed to Erin and she said yes. Please, I want to continue watching it. I would gladly give this show a 10 had it not been for the jaw dropping ending of season 4
  • An ok show except earth references

    Overall this is an ok show with interesting stories and plot.

    What drives me crazy is:

    - Chricton's character and he's constant reference to earth pop culture. It's getting very old very fast.

    - Rygel is a puppet controlled character. That could have been done better considering it's age.

    What I loved in Farscape is:

    - Living ships.

    - A wide variety of alien races.

    - Wide space with many different worlds.

    - Magic (yes - there are some good old fashion magic also in few episodes)

    - The story

    - The acting.

    What I however struggle with in this show is, the fact that a human is shot through a wormhole in the middle of advanced alien races and yet - our hero knows about every tech wonder he is presented and those more advanced alien friends suddenly relies totally on our hero's judgement and knowledge.. For real!?!?


    Season 4 first half is a drag. It gets better though and goes back to be more "serious" again.

    Its an ok show with an ok story arc - but nothing more, which is why I rate it to a fiver only.
  • Latest news on Farscape revival!!

  • Crichton: the Older, lamer, much much dumber, red neck Abed.

    Overall a good show -especially weird/cool if marathoned closely with Andromeda and SG-1.

    My biggest problem with the show has always been Crichton, specifically the way his character changes just to move the plot along.

    We are constantly told how smart he is and he most certainly is but only when the plot needs something repaired or a defense shield needs installing -the rest of the time he is a blathering idiot.

    I am currently re-rewatching the show: Crichton just had to be taught 'brute force' style by 'Einstein' that the ability to travel through space and time almost instantly is incredible dangerous and should be feared -WTH?

    One moment he is telling Pilot to activate the 'tractor beam' and then he is completely genre blind, it seems like Crichton has watched/interacted with Scifi -absorbing basic mechanisms like phasers and warp drives but missed everything else, the hypothetical scenarios and concepts or the questioning of moral and ethical reasoning.

    Another thing that drives me insane is his incessant use of Earth pop culture references for absolutely no reason.

    If a reference was not pointless, it would be explained like when 'the dog with 2 bones' or even the term 'wormhole' was explained.

    The rest is just drivel that no one onscreen (and a good chunk of those in front of the screen) understands.

    Crichton 101:

    -Never kill your Arch enemies, even when it would solve virtually all of your problems but feel free to kill dozens, hundreds, even thousands of their minions because having mass killers as protagonists is better than having to be creative when conjuring up a half baked plot.

    -Remember to always pull your gun out and point it at people, even at unarmed people and especially at inappropriate times.

    After all pointing guns at people especially when it wasn't called for is always a good idea, made even better when you are untrained and prone to accident discharges.

    -A powerful ambivalent (but with a streak of benevolence) being is deciding whether he should kill you to prevent violent use of the knowledge you possess -so what do you do? you randomly kick him in the head, expecting no effect.

    -After just having 'traveling back in time and screwing with things is bad' drilled in to your skull, you proceed to travel back in time.

    But wait there's more -getting caught/noticed just so you could steal a bottle of milk is totally worth it and totally not what half witted hick would do.

    -Go on about how you know Scorpius is just using asylum aboard Moya as a way to get your wormhole knowledge and then let him stick an injector/probe thing into your skull like 2 minutes after he suggests it.

    Venting complete.


    I really dislike major parts of Crichton.
  • By popular Demand...

    I am bringing Farscape back to the Community page! My recent article on the best romantic scene in SciFi (Look At the Princess Part III) just blew up this week. So starting tonight, I will post once or twice a week, picking (by broadcast order) my favorite of the favorite starting with the Premiere. Later this weekend, I will be writing about Exodus from Genesis - if you would like to rewatch and take the trip with us! Look for the first article Saturday Feb 1st.

    Can I get a HELL YEAH!
  • irreversibly contaminated

    One of my favorite shows ever made nothing really equaling it besides a few manga cartoon shows I like and just recently Fringe. Had a real unique feel, like a Jim Henson space opera full of pop culture references and interesting Australian landscapes with just a little bit of ice pirates thrown in.
  • simply the best

    with no doubt my favorite sci-fi show cool story funny and dark with cool aliens who really earned to be called alien and kick ass characters
  • One of the best

    By far, one of the best Sci Fi TV shows ever produced. Dark, funny, full of Adventure and great characters.
  • An Addicted Fan

    I thought it was an awesome show and am sorry it ended. How could they do such a horrible thing and end it the way they did and with a Continued no doubt. I want more!!!!!! Does anyone know if there were actually 5 seasons because I only saw 4. If so where can I get the 5th season. I watched a total of 88 episodes and it just not enough, I have a craving for more please help me!!!!!

  • Moya still flying?

    farscape is a great show- i was practically raised on it.

    i have recently heard that farscape minisodes may contain new farscape material and may result in a t.v. revival of the show. is this true?

    RIP Jonathan Hardy (the voice of Rygel)
  • Love Blue

    The women in blue was a great actress as she changed with each season. Sorry to see show end.
  • Could it get any worse...

    I'm really surprised this show got such a good rating and survived for 5 seasons (hell, I'm surprised it got past the pilot). I'm all for sci-fi, but this was just a good idea really badly executed. The acting was average, the lines were boring and characters looked so fake. I mean, Star Wars characters looked so much better and I liked Star Wars...still do....but Star Wars was filmed in the 70s, this show is relatively new and still looks like it was made with the resources available in the 70s. So, I decided not to waste any more of my time on it. Watch Fringe...that is a very cool show.
  • My name is:

    How, How can a show like this be canceled and a show like Enterprise stay on the air?

    Farscape: funny, sexy, smart, exciting, dramatic, silly, groundbreaking. Hands down, one season of Farscape runs circles around Fringe, Enterprise,Andromeda,The River, and it was canceled. Why? Because The Sci Fi channel wanted to drop millions a year in bad television instead of good televison programming
  • Can someone really say this series was BAD?

    The only reason this show was cancelled was they were dropping a Million an episode and they couldn't handle it (not sure if it was the network or the producers).

    They utilized the cast to the fullest.

    If you check the cast, many of them played multiple characters.

    Administer Agnot (maybe right spelling) was also another character in a different season.

    And yes the cliffhanger at the end pisses everyone off, but that is what the mini-series was for.

    I believe the comic starts off just after the mini-series.
  • An epic ride that was short lived. Killed by penury and short sightedness, revival is futile. October eighteenth two thousand and four will live in infamy.

    This is si fi adventure in it's purest. In this vehicle I don't equivocate between fiction and science fiction this is the singularly the best show ever produced for television.

    The serial format is seamless the genesis of plots and characters evolution is genius. Animatron, animation, computer graphics, set designs made it like a beautiful children book brought to life with all of the extravagance of Broadway and splendor of Hollywood.

    Moya glided through an improbable galaxy not unlike our own and millions of others in the universe with her pilot and her crew and put a stamp on imagination unimaginable.
  • A fresh, new show for its time, and still today. It still lives, but I only wish it could have made it a bit farther. I love it.

    The cast is amazing, on of the best out of all the tv shows I've ever seen. There is a natural chemistry it seems which helps to define the show. The right mix of action and adventure, with the perfect amount of romance and humor, which makes this show great still in my book. If only it hadn't ended.Ben Browder and Claudia Black make the best tv show couple I've seen in a long time, and they have you on the edge of your seat all the time, you know there is something between them, they know it, but it comes just slow enough that you'll be hooked. Not to mention all the obstacles they face. My favorite two actors of any tv show. The rest of the crew is awesome too.
  • Haha, i really didnt get it.

    To be honest, in Australia this show was usually on at like midnight. I'm only 16, so it was on when i was younger. If i was even up at that time, understanding that show would be like a drunk dude doing triginometry.
    All i really remember from this show was that little creature on the ship, you know the one, he was WEIRD and he gave me nightmares. he had a creepy voice.
    Very odd show...
    I would probobly watch it again just for the hell of it, but it would cost someone $100.
    If anyone can tell me what it was all about it would be muhc obliged
  • Not a bad show...

    i think that farscape is a pretty good show, but i feel that it is prematurely put together. it just doesn't feel like big time producers put this one together. it also feels corny, the aliens that live around with Jonh Chicton are just not realistic and i think that that my be a factor of it feeling unprofessonial, i like the actors, two of which are now on my favourite sci-fi; Stargate SG1, and they do a good job.i am not suprised that they only made four seasons of this show and a miniseries. but overall, it's a decent show in all resects. later.
  • Why it was cancelled is beyond me!

    Farscape has to be one of my all time favourite sci-fi's (besides the X Files).

    The show centred around astronaut John Crichton (played by Ben Browder), who, when experimenting one of his theories, gets sucked through a wormhole and dumped on the other side of the universe. There, he meets a number of "aliens", including D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe), Zhaan (Virginia Hay) and Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) on a ship called Moya.

    Farscape journeys through Crichton's efforts to find his way back home to earth, as well as his funny humour/wit and the small amount of intelligence he does have (at first) in a world so far away from his own.

  • Sporting a great scifi cast like Stargates Ben Browder and Blaudia Bllack, Farscape is one of the best scifi shows out there. Originality, comedy, action and the surreal. A must see for any Scifi fanatic.

    Farscape was the best scifi show out there back in those days (Stargate excluded), sporting an amazing cast of Ben Browder and Claudia Black. Jon Crichton (Ben Browder), is an astronaut shot through a wormhole by accident when doing research in Earth's atmosphere. Immedeately thrown into a warzone he ends up on an escaped prison ship(the ship is a living creature), where he meets his future crewmates. The crewmates are all different sizes and colours, and only one is humanoid. They slowly form a bond and try to escape a deranged captain chasing after them. The story continues with great adventures and psychopatic captains, admirals...all chasing after Crichton's wormhole knowledge. Upon their travels they meet all sorts of creatures and get into all sorts of predicaments. Ulimately, an amazing show that died well before its time.
  • An astronaut is transported to the far edge of the universe and is trying to get back.

    This is a rather inventive sci-fi show that knows not to take itself too seriously. Initially, I thought of the concept of using muppets as main characters would be strange and distracting. However, just like the muppet movies, one is able to easily buy into the concept and enjoy the story line.

    The overall verse of this show is quite inventive which sets it apart from the other sci-fi shows. I am particularly fond of the way they have created the living ships that interface to the world through a "pilot." As mentioned above, it is easy for one to buy into the use of muppets. Because of the writing, the characters really come alive rather easily. It is also nice to have muppets because the directors are not able to go beyond their means as often happens in CGI characters that look simply silly.

    Overall, this is a decent show that is entertaining throughout.
  • Another case of networks cancelling a brilliant show while letting the rubbish stay on air!

    It never ceases to amaze me how networks can justify cancelling a series as brilliant as Farscape, or Firefly, or Invasion... the list goes on.

    Farscape is funny, sweet, sensitive, exciting and showcases an amazingly in-depth universe which is unmatched. It also features one of the best love stories ever committed to the tv screen.

    But what makes the show so special is it's stars/characters but above all else: Ben Browder. He created a character in John Crichton who is so real and someone you could really empathise with.

    The storyline was exceptional, each of the many characters had their own individual storylines, even minor characters had a chance to grow and add to the story. The relationships were lovingly developed and were constantly changing. Farscape never stagnated, the story and characters were always creating something new. There was always something exciting going on and the story full of surprises.

    It's wonderful to look back to the early days of season 1 and then move to season 4 and the mini-series and see how the series grew into something spectacular. It was a great ride while it lasted and even better, it's on DVD!
  • I cant believe its already been so long since its been canceled. Its still some of the best Scifi stuff I've ever seen on TV.

    Well, what can I say this show is just great!

    I know some people say they don't like it even though they usually watch Scifi I was one of these people once.
    When it first aired I started watching a few episodes mid 2nd season, if I remember correctly, and thought it was kind of odd and not very original. I put it on hold for a few years but gave it another chance because I was borded and had a heated discussion with a friend a few days earlier who told me the show is awesome.

    So I started watching it from the start and it turned out to be one of my all time favorite shows. Once I got into the storyline it became this incredible funny, rich and exciting show. When I finally caught up to the running series it was almost over or more precise it got canceled.

    It still makes me sad the show is gone, this truly is one shows that had to quit before its time was come, but at least they were able to wrap up the story with the "The Peacekeeper Wars".

    If you haven't seen it watch it!
  • I love this show i keep watching it and it never gets old i love john cricton wacky side and it was and is still turly a class a show

    this show couldnt get any better is was a game of cat and dog between john and scorpie. and between peacekeepers and scarran, it gived you ideas with the wormhole and a far off place. i am not a believe her but it was great make up and effects and story line and the actor was turly great it was a grey day when i heared about the final season and how it ended. it end but it was great to know about the mini season and how it all ended final we see the wormhole weapon and what happen with the baby and peace final happen this was a great show and i hadnt the fact that it end and that low rating show was renew and this show wasnt who ever think of that needs to be sack and put in a nut house.
  • One of the greatest sci-fi's!!!

    I had heard from other people that Farscape was good, so when I had the opportunity to watch the two final episodes in the whole series, I took it, and I haven't regret it since. I only regret, that I took me so long to discover the Best Sci-Fi Series on Earth. (It will be difficult to beat this one). By watching these episodes, it made me want to know what had happen prior to the final, how it all had started, I just wanted more of the same.

    So I bought all the episodes on DVD, and what a blast, it does not just take you to the edge, but way behind your imagination. It makes you wonder........what if? It plays with your imagination, it's like an adventure, into the unknown for the 45 minutes an episode last.

    It is well written, and the characters are really well played by the actors. Yes Farscape covers it all; friendship between species's, love at first sight, hate, sorrow, happiness, loyalty, betrayal e.c.t., you name it.

    The red line in this, is that as long you have an open mind, you will accept anything that happens, anything is allowed, because it is Sci-Fi. It only took one episode, to get me hooked forever in the Farscape universe, and I can strongly recommend watching it!.
  • So much fun to watch

    A perfect balance of characters, and some great plots made Farscape one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever watched.
    I grew up with the muppet show, as a child, and to see the Henson legacy taken to a scifi level (that wasn't "Pigs in Space") was fantastic for me. I loved Rygel, and Pilot. Also, one of the driving factors for this show, and something it has in common with another great show, firefly, is the ambiguous moral code. We are not sure whether we are with the good guys, or the bad guys, or the badder guys. This show draws you in.

    Watch it. you will enjoy it, if you enjoy fun scifi.
  • This show confuses me. I like it, really! It's just...I dunno. I REALLY don't know.

    I love Sci Fi. Some SciFi is better than others. This is somewhere in the middle.
    It has a great cast and all, and the effects ((which is probably spelled wrong..)) are awesome- ness in a bottle. It's just...off sometimes. Mainly first season, where everyone on the ship seems to go from loving each other in one episode to hating each other the next.

    It kinda sorta reminds me of...what was it...Lost in Space, the show, not the movie. Every episode's got a different Baddie and planet and... You get my point?

    I really do like the show; I watched a marathon of it at home over the weekend and stayed up till after midnight to finish it. But....
  • i have watched farscape since its debut in 1999 and i always have it on when reruns play its just a unique show that never gets old the charaters are so good and interact with themselves so well it pulls you in

    one of the best shows ever produced i have seen them all and it has a huge fan base thats why they did the peace keeper wars to wrap up season 4 cliffhanger it a shame and poor judgement sci fi cancelled it just so they could use the writers for stargate sg1 which could hold a candle to it s rating were some of the highest in the histitory of sci fi channel but it was decided to scrap it for the stargate in the hopes it would later shadow everything heaven forbid if they keep original programming that helps it in a time of need and sets a bench mark standard for future sci fi
  • The entire Universe conspired to make it one of the GREATEST SciFi shows ever seen!

    This show was a disaster waiting to happen, but the entire Universe conspired to make it one of the GREATEST SciFi shows ever seen. The chemistry between the actors, the dialogues that became more than just screenwriting, the incredible costumes and puppets, amazing special effects and something more. This show is trully more than just the sum of its components, it`s more than talent, it`s more than chance. This show is sooooooo weird you can`t help but love it. It just overwhelms you. Sometimes it may seem exagerated, but then by magic it all makes sense and you`re left thinking "D`oh. That`s what`s supposed to happen." Even using an American lead amongst a primarily Australian cast gave it that little bit of ...something... needed to help create the ambiance within the show.
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