Season 3 Episode 13

Scratch 'n Sniff

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 01, 2001 on Syfy
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While enjoying their holiday away from Moya, Crichton, D'Argo, Jool and Chiana get a little too drunk. The next day when Crichton and D'Argo come to they find that Chiana and Jool are nowhere to be seen, now Crichton and D'Argo must work out what really happened the night before.moreless

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  • The worst so far.

    What the hell is going on with this show? When I started watching it, it was a good sci-fi show that injected a little humor from time to time. But, now in season 3, it feels like they are trying to make it a comedy with sci-fi elements. The show is getting worse every season. I don't even feel like watching it anymore. This episode epitomizes everything that has been going wrong with it. I agree with the reviewer below, in that, I couldn't even watch this whole episode. After 15 minutes I began fast forwarding it. God I hope it gets better after this, or I'll feel like I wasted my money blind buying this show.

    And get rid of Jool already, one of the worst characters I've ever come across.moreless
  • couldnt stand this episode...

    For some reason this one and the one prior was just plain disapointing. Its like they tried to pull a quinten terrintino and failed. The show was all over the place and the story was a save the "X" typical crap. I love this show mind you and Farscape has kept me entertained for a good while but this one episode and the one prior need to be show from the sky before some one gets hurt. Truly sick to say the least. Truly sick to say the least. Truly sick to say the least. Truly sick to say the least.moreless
  • Totally funky!

    This is one of my favourite episodes - it's cool, fun, and runs away with its own bizarre logic, taking you with it. Why shouldn't we see Crichton and co go on a bender once in a while - if you were in their situation, it's probably the first thing that you'd do. The character relations, one of Farscape's strongest areas, are a huge bundle of fun in this episode. Pilot's irritable narkiness with the rambling Crichton, and the odd-couple relationship between John and Harvey are particularly good. It's like Farscape went to Glastonbury, got a bit mashed, and someone stole its tent. Fabbo.moreless
  • Oh boy.. I really loved season one, had some problems with season 2 but this episode is more than embarrassing..,.

    Yes, season one is excellent, season two just average (a good bunch of stupid plotlines) but I had hope for season three with some really good episodes. And now that...

    What were they thinking? I guess the writers were under the effects of somme illicit substance.

    All the characters here act so stupid that it's becoming difficult to take them seriously in other (better) episodes. I now laugh when I see Scorpy instead of being afraid, not to mention the tough (pfff) Luxan and the horny Nebari...

    It's the first Farscape episode I've not been able to watch 'til the end, I used the fast forward button to end the torture...moreless
  • It was seriously silly but seriously funny too.

    At the start of this episode i wasn't sure if it was going to be very good but i dtuck by it and loved it. Some of the scenes were very funny. Other bits were stupid but most of it was good. The main story was that John and D'Argo were banned from Moya for 10 days so they go to a planet and party it up. They get seriously drunk and wasted and wake up the next day, but Chiana and Jule are gone, nowhere to be seen. With a little help they track them down but find they are being drugged, John and D'Argo are forced to come up with a plan to recue the girls. But with every passing moment the danger of death for the girls increases. Overall i loved the episode, it was really well written and was funny! Hope they make more episodes like this in the future.moreless
Tamblyn Lord

Tamblyn Lord


Guest Star

Laura Keneally

Laura Keneally


Guest Star

Tony Martin (II)

Tony Martin (II)


Guest Star

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Tammy MacIntosh

Tammy MacIntosh


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Chiana yet again shows signs of precognition, when she removes Crichton's night vision googles, telling him that he won't want to damage them. Almost immediately after she says this, Fe'Tor appears out of nowhere and punches Crichton in the face.

    • D'Argo still gets jealous when Chiana cavorts with other males.

    • For the first time another member of the crew, D'Argo, gets to meet Harvey, the Scorpius-clone in Crichton's brain.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Crichton: (after Pilot kicks them off the ship... again) You would argue with a lamppost.
      D'Argo: I do not. Open the door.
      Crichton: You open it.
      D'Argo: You open the door.
      Crichton: What, you're a girl, I'm going to open the door for you? Open the door.
      D'Argo: I'm older than you, show some respect. Open it.
      Crichton: You can't open it? I'm not opening the door.
      D'Argo: I'm not opening no door. You open it...

    • Crichton: (when he and D'Argo wake up together hung over and semi-clothed) What happened?
      D'Argo: What didn't happen?
      Crichton: Oh god, there were girls, right?

    • (After telling the story to Pilot)
      D'Argo: What, he didn't believe you?
      Crichton: No.
      D'Argo: Well, what was that thing about a slim duck?!
      Chichton: Slam dunk.

    • Chiana: (after pouring a beaker of Freslin down Fe'Tor's throat) Sad thing is... he's gonna die happy.

    • Chiana: Has it occurred to you why Pilot banished from Moya? No? Because you're both acting like a couple of immature dredgenauts! (flashblash to Crichton and D'Argo arguing about who pissed off Pilot as they leave his den) Grow up! Or ignore each other, or kill each other, but just stop fighting all the time.

    • D'Argo: Pleasure planet, my mivonks!

    • D'Argo: Girls. Breasts. Blue breasts, green breasts, I don't know. All I know is...they spiked our drinks and took our money.

    • Raxil: (to Crichton) You're not very smart, are ya? (looks at D'Argo) Now he, he's got a brain. But you... you're a bit of an idiot. (makes a face at Crichton)
      Crichton: Yeah. (shoves Raxil down onto a beach chair) But I'm bigger!

    • Crichton: (referring to Fe'Tor) Does this guy just scream Vegas, or what?

    • Crichton: D'Argo, we're in a window.., there are people watching.
      D'Argo: Uh-huh. I think they've been there for about seven arns, so why don't you just get dressed and give them a good show sweetheart.
      Crichton: I am dressed. (looks down to see he's wearing stockings) Aaaaaaaaahhhh!

  • NOTES (9)

    • The original script called for the episode to be like a film noir detective story.

    • Gigi got a new Chiana wig in this episode, and the old one that she'd been using for almost two years was retired.

    • The beach scenes were filmed at Marubra Beach, a popular Sydney resort, at 8 A.M. in freezing cold temperatures.

    • Gigi Edgley juggles firesticks in real life and was asked to do so on the show when they noticed her playing around with it in her off-camera time.

    • Anthony Simcoe originally had a different voice for the disguised ("Dandy") D'Argo, but his regular voice was redubbed in ADR so viewers would know for certain that it was him.

    • Claudia Black and Paul Goddard are credited but do not appear. Lani Tupu is listed in both the opening credits, which usually indicates that Crais appears in the episode, and in the closing credits, which is where he is listed for voicing Pilot. Crais does not appear in this episode. Rygel, voiced by Jonathan Hardy, also doesn't appear in this episode.

    • Due to all the drug references, rather than show the episode heavily cut, the BBC aired this episode past the UK 9pm watershed.

    • This is the first episode in which the opening theme has not been used for the closing credits.

    • Raxil was played by Ben Browder's wife, Francesca Buller. She has previously appeared as M'Lee in "Bone to be Wild" and ro-NA in the "Look at the Princess" trilogy.