Season 1 Episode 6

Thank God It's Friday... Again

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 1999 on Syfy
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The crew visits a planet full of happy workers. Soon D'Argo and Zhaan start working and refuse to return to the ship. Meanwhile Rygel's body fluids become explosive and Aeryn and Pilot must learn why before Rygel dies.

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  • It wasn't the best.

    This episode wasn't that great. After Chrichton and D'Argo have fight they get a transmission from D'Argo three days later welcoming them to a planet. Moya's crew go along and see that D'Argo is no longer angry he now is happy to see Chrichton and welcomes him into his new home. Rygel falls ill and Zhaan an Crichton are forced to stay at the new and imporoved D'Argo's house. Zhaan realises that something is up meanwhile Chichton is infected with a parasite and Zhaan turns like D'Aargo. Soon Crichton learns that they are being controlled by something in the food and anyone without the parasite becomes infected.

    Now Crichton is forced to expose what is happening and reveal the peacekeep involvement. Overall it was an average episode i have seen much better but it wasn't that bad. This one was to do with D'Argo.moreless
  • Rygell falls ill and we see him in a pair of large knickers

    Thank god its Friday, again- what a strange name for this episode. Anyhow, D’argo goes into Luxon hyper rage, and the crew follow him to a strange worker planet (which is a bit Nazi like as they are all blonde). All is not as it seems and John uncovers a conspiracy as D’argo and Zan are brainwashed. Rygell falls ill and we see him in a pair of large knickers and then he starts to pee acid. Peacekeepers become involved in the story and Aeryn Sunn becomes a scientist. It’s not as mad as it sounds, and it’s an ok episode. It is also the second episode directed by Rowan Woods, the director of “Back and Back and Back to the Future.” He also goes on to become a regular Farscape Director.moreless
  • Shiny happy Aliens

    Yet another excellent episode that starts very weirdly, D’Argo wants to harm John and kill him but when John tries to find him D’Argo suddenly starts to hug him. There is something strange going on and everyone seem very happy.

    There is also a girl who tells him not to try to leave, he doesn’t get it and when he tries to confront her the next day on a working day she and some men put a worm in him and tell him to eat.

    Meanwhile Rygel is being under attack or at least he thinks so. His body fluids have become explosive and they have to freeze him or else it will kill him. Aeryn tries to cure him and she succeeds. The fluid came from the food.

    While John and Zhaan stay with D’Argo, John isn’t feeling well and he noticed that Zhaan is now under the same influence. John cannot tell anyone about the worm or he will be killed. The people who are immune try to ask for help because they are being controlled and the food is being made as weapon by the peacekeepers.

    So when Aeryn and de-frozed Rygel come back they use him and show that the fluids really are explosive and they tell the people to be free and make weapons for their own.

    Back at the ship D’Argo thinks he will never be happy but Zhaan says that he will.

    This episode was excellent, adventurous and just downright entertaining. Another Farscape success.

  • When Moya's crew goes looking for a missing D'Argo, they encounter a civilization brainwashed by a drug. Furthermore, D'Argo is now part of this cult-like society. Back on the ship, Aeryn and Pilot must discover why Rygel's body fluids have become explosimoreless

    When Moya's crew goes looking for a missing D'Argo, they encounter a civilization brainwashed by a drug. Furthermore, D'Argo is now part of this cult-like society. Back on the ship, Aeryn and Pilot must discover why Rygel's body fluids have become explosive.

    The white lady on the planet was really annoying. Her halting speech pattern was very distracting. No explanation is given on why she looks the way she does. Her skin is totally white. While its unlikely she goes outside much, her skin should be simply pale and not white. Also, no reason is given for her bright red eyes.

    This episode did have a few important parts. The first is that Aeryn is starting to learn that she has more to offer than just her skills as a warrior. D'Argo breaks down towards the end of the episode and says that all he really wants is happiness. So both of our warriors are growing slightly out of the stereotypical warrior image. And another indicator about how ruthless and cruel the Peacekeepers are.

    I am wishing that the series would get into storylines that more directly tie into the main storyline of the series. So far, most of the shows have dealt with the characters developing and growing as a crew while on various meaningless adventures.moreless
  • They came, they saw, they got brainwashed...

    Perhaps not my all time favourite, and in my view not a lot going on in the overall plot. Good episode though, as they run around doing their thing to solve the mystery of D'Argo turning into a farmer.

    My favourite part of this episode is what is going on with the characters - D'Argo we learn more about particularly his childhood aspiration to be either a farmer or warrior. As for Aeryn, the shock of having to turn scientist for the day to save Rygel’s life showed she has more then just warrior instincts also. Rygel spent most of the episode frozen or ejecting exploding liquid from his body in various ways bringing a definite humour to the situation as well as letting Aeryn get on with the “junior chemistry set” instead of a pulse rifle.

    In this we learn more about the ruthlessness of the peacekeeper, and I think for the first time we truly see what affect they have had on other cultures and how devastating they can be.

    Generally a good episode, not the best but okay.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This episode introduces Luxan hyper-rage. It would later be important in the episodes "Revenging Angel" and "Mental As Anything"

    • D'Argo reveals to Zhaan another fold of his personality: two very different dreams, one of a fearless warrior and one of a simple life with a family and garden.

    • If you watch carefully, you will see that the warehouse where Volmae takes Crichton for a private conversation has the same design on the wall as the floor where Aeryn practices her martial arts on Moya, the first indication that Peacekeepers are involved with the planet.

    • Volmae, the Sykaran leader, is in fact Sykaran herself, despite looking slightly different to the others. This is because she never goes out in the sun, she's always inside and never exposed to the sun, whereas everyone else works outside everyday so they have a bit of a tan.

    • Apparently, Sykar was once a garden-- lush and beautiful. But the Tannot root is slowly killing the planet; the more that is planted, the more it turns the land into wasteland, and is slowly killing the planet.

    • Eating the Tannot root causes humanoids to become highly susceptible to suggestion, and they will do and believe anything they're told.

    • Tannat root is not native to Sykar. It was brought there by the Peacekeepers, who return every half-cycle to collect all the Tannot root harvested. The Tannot root is then used to make an oil that serves as an important fuel component in Peacekeeper weapons called Chakan Oil.

    • Terms:

      -The Glarion Frost Point is a temperature benchmark used in reference to cryo-stasis.
      -Hentas are a measure of distance analogous to inches.
      -Altex functions are an aspect of Hynerian metabolism, apparently related to the processing of toxins.
      -Chakan Oil is a substance derived from Tannot root, used to fuel Peacekeeper pulse weapons.
      -Cryo-Stasis is a medically-induced cryogenic state.
      -Tannot Root is a bulbous root grown on Sykar, from which chakan oil is made; it can also be used as a foodstuff, although it has some strong side-effects.
      -Dren is a vulgar term meaning excrement.
      -A Frotash Garden is a variety of garden D'Argo once dreamed of cultivating.
      -Hyper Rage is a Luxan state of excessive anger and aggression.
      -Palmolian Meat Hounds are presumably a variety of vicious canine.
      -Sykarans are a species genetically connected to Sebaceans, but with a higher tolerance for heat.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Zhaan: There are no guarantees, D'Argo. We take each breath as if it is our last, and hope that the air is sweet.

    • Crichton: Oh, yeah... I think I've seen this one before. Mel Gibson, Tina Turner... (Crichton grabs Rygel by his jowls and speaks dramatically) Cage match!
      Rygel: What?!
      Crichton: Oh, don't worry. Nobody saw the third one, anyway.

    • Crichton: Kissing cousins, just like Humans and Sebaceans.
      Aeryn: (laughing derisively) Yes, well, the day that they prove that is the day I let Palmolian Meat Hounds tear all the flesh from my bones.

    • Aeryn: D'Argo, you've been laboring.
      D'Argo: I have.
      Aeryn: What is wrong with you?

    • (An announcement comes over the sound system and the native people begin to leave the bar)
      Crichton: Definitely a simple people. They never heard of the last call.

    • Aeryn: We have a situation up here. Crichton: I'm sure it's not any more interesting than the situation down here. Aeryn: Well, remember Rygel's assassination attempt? He caused it himself. His body fluids have turned explosive. Crichton: I stand corrected.

    • Crichton: Isolate him. No fluids, no food.
      Rygel: (Gasping) What?

    • Voice from speakers: Good morning, citizens. A new day begins. Remember, rejoice in your work and you will be rewarded. Be temperate. Be strong and healthful. Keep production lines flowing. Efficiency in your task will be observed and noted. Your reward status can therefore be improved. Keep your mind on your task. Free yourself from all concerns. Focus only on the task... Be content. Be strong. Keep production lines flowing...

    • Crichton: (referring to Rygel) Well, Sparky here is male. I think. Sort of. I mean, how come he's not after you?

    • D'Argo: (referring to his dream of the simple life) I thought I had found that.
      Zhaan: Those kinds of dreams cannot be found, brave Luxan. You have to build them.

    • D'Argo: When I was a boy, I dreamed of two very different lives.
      Zhaan: Only two? I wanted hundreds....

    • Crichton: (about Aeryn) What's with her?
      Rygel: Oh, she thinks she's a scientist now. False superiority!
      Aeryn: I am not a scientist; I am, however, what I have always been, and that is superior.
      Rygel: If I were warmer, I would have an appropriately venomous reply. Be warned: I owe you one.

    • Aeryn: What I had to do up there was like a field strategy exercise, only the enemy wasn't trying to kill me, the enemy was a puzzle! There were lots of different... pieces! And, independently, separately, they didn't... they didn't make any sense! And I had to think it through really hard, and I had to work out- try different combinations of putting them together, and then, finally, I worked out what had happened, and I worked out what I had to do. (Crichton laughs) What?
      Crichton: This is great! You're trading in your pulse rifle for a junior chemistry set!

    • Crichton: I got...I got a worm in my gut, crawling around in places where the sun don't shine, and I'm sick of it!

    • Rygel: I don't feel well at all.
      Aeryn: Quit complaining. You're lucky to be alive.
      Rygel: Well, I'm barely that!
      Aeryn: I did the best that I could, and it wasn't in my training, you know.
      Rygel: Fa-pu-tah! Peacekeepers are trained only to kill!
      Aeryn: So don't forget that this Peacekeeper just saved your life.

    • Aeryn: (about her analysis) So, what are you saying? That it's done? That I did it?
      Pilot: You did.
      Aeryn: No, you helped me a lot.
      Pilot: No, Aeryn Sun--it was you.
      Aeryn: It was me....

    • Aeryn: (about data analysis) Yeah, but you're good at it.
      Pilot: I study, every chance I can. Moya was born with a very complete bank of scientific data. I only comprehend a fraction I'm afraid.
      Aeryn: The others know about this?
      Pilot: I have told no one. I'd...prefer they didn't know.
      Aeryn: But you told me?
      Pilot: I feel I can trust you.

    • Aeryn: Look, all the analysis dren comes really naturally to you, it just doesn't to me.
      Pilot: On the contrary, I too have difficulty with the complex sciences.
      Aeryn: Yeah, right.
      Pilot: When a Pilot is bonded to a Leviathan, as I am bonded to Moya, it as a... navigator, a monitor of all the living ship's functions. The analysis of scientific data is not something I know or easily understand.

    • Pilot: (after Aeryn breaks off a piece of a frozen Rygel's moustache) I strongly suggest you don't touch any of his other...protruberances.

    • Rygel: I've suffered numerous assassination attempts on Hyneria, but...
      Aeryn: Nobody knows you here. It's only people who know you who want to kill you.

    • Crichton: My boy D'Argo into the promised land.
      Aeryn: Yes, and he's left his brain behind.

    • Crichton: This is the end of hyper-rage? I get hugged to death?

    • Aeryn: (to Crichton) D'Argo's been off the ship for three whole days, but we couldn't find you to tell you. You hide very well, you must have had a lot of practice.

    • Aeryn: (about Volmae) She gives me a woody! (Crichton gives her a very odd look) A woody- it's a human saying, I've heard you say it often when you don't trust someone, or they make you nervous, they give you...
      Crichton: Willies... she gives you the willies!

  • NOTES (3)

    • O'Bannon did a final pass on the script by David Wilks and talks about the early episodes with affection, and while discussing the scene with Aeryn and Pilot trying to figure out Rygel's problem, he said, "even though they're pretty rough, they're ones that really helped define the show and helped us find the show. There was no plan early on for Aeryn and Pilot to have any sort of sympathy for each other. [...] Aeryn was quickly becoming one of the most interesting characters, because she had the most at stake and had given up the most onscreen. Here it just seemed nice to give her that vulnerability, because she didn't know what she was doing. Pilot was developing at that point too, and that scene showed that although he seemed like he knew everything, he actually didn't."

    • Rygel's urination scene was one of Jonathan Hardy's favorites in the entire run of the series.

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on October 20, 1999 on YTV.
      -This episode aired in the UK on January 17, 2000 on BBC-2.
      -This episode aired in Australia on June 24, 2000 on Nine.


    • Crichton: Oh, give it a rest, Snow White.

      This is a reference to the famous character, from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

    • Crichton: I know -- and we're all grateful that you did the Madame Curie thing, but...
      Aeryn: What? Who?
      Crichton: Madame Curie. She's... she's a scientist.

      Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist of Polish descent. She is famous for her pioneering work in the field of radioactivity, as well as being the first ever winner of two Nobel prizes, and also for being one of only two people (as of 2009) to ever win Nobel prizes in different fields (physics and chemistry).

    • Aeryn: Where's Zhaan?
      Crichton: Look, she's with D'Argo, OK? Dancing with The Grateful Dead.

      He is referring to the rock band that's generally perceived as a favorite with hippies.

    • Crichton: (referring to Rygel) Fine. Just get Spanky back to the ship.

      Spanky is the name of one of The Little Rascals.

    • Crichton: I think I've seen this one. Mel Gibson, Tina Turner... Cage Match.

      This is a reference to Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The trilogy starred Mel Gibson, and the soul/rock & roll diva Tina Turner guest starred in the third installment of the series.