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Season 3 Episode 17

The Choice

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2001 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Still grieving for Crichton, Aeryn travels to a planet to make contact with someone claiming to be her father. After meeting with him, Aeryn goes in search of a creature who, according to her father, can channel the dead. But where her father is, can her mother be far behind?moreless

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  • The Coice: A+ Choice

    The bottom line: Acting is what makes a show. You can have all the special effects and gadgets in the world, but without acting, none of it matters. Claudia, as well as the rest, did a great job in this episode. People can try to pick apart little insignificant details, but the truth of the matter is that the actors did a brilliant job. Period. Everyone did a magnificent job with the level of emotions they were given (even the voice actor portraying Rygel). This was a great character building episode, as well as just a great episode period. As to the questions raised:

    1. Xhalax was a peacekeeper. Do you really think that she didn't know how to get money??

    2. Would you think too seriously about the appearance of your father if you had seen him for the first time after losing your mother and you lover?? Besides, Aeryn herself stated that she knew it wasn't her father.

    3. Of course Aeryn is upset about John's death. Yes, it is true that there is a clone. From the time they split, however, they ceased to be the same John. The experiences she had with the john aboard Talyn are unique and irreplaceable. Just because there is another John does not mean that she has not suffered a tremendous loss. The writers wouldn't have made it so long if it wasn't the same as losing a whole John.

    So if anyone has anything negative to say about this episode, just take at least five seconds to actually think about everything that is happening with an objective mind. I think you will see it differently.moreless
  • Aeryn goes to a strange planet to mourn John's death even though there is a perfectly good clone of him waiting on Moya.

    While I can understand some that some people felt the need to give this episode high marks because of the emotional development Aeryn displays over the death of John and finding her mother again, the episode is just plain terrible.

    The good: Aeryn does a good acting job and we get to learn what really motivated her mother to eventually hate Aeryn. Also Rygel was actually enjoyable this time. Stark leaves on some odd quest which is great because he is just too annoying and crazy. I really hate his character.

    The bad: The episode is plagued by lazy writing. Xhalex somehow pays a whole city to go along with her plan for revenge, but where did she get that kind of money? At one random point several townspeople start fighting the crew, yet there is no reason to for them to do so. Mybe Xhalex paid them to do it? Who cares, the writers certainly don't.

    The Ugly: I can understand Aeryn being upset over John's death but there is a freaking exact clone of him so get over it! It's a cheap plot device. Also every time Aeryn and John nuzzle each other I die a little inside. Their PDA is gross.moreless
  • Aeryn mourns Cricthon's death.

    Aeryn travels to a plannet of mystic's and frauds and makes contact with a man who claims to be her father.

    Aeryn belives this is impossable as Talyn Lyxcak died many years ago. Talyn puts Aeryn in touch with a creature who can channel the dead and Aeryn contacts Cricthon. Meanwhile Stark and Rygel search the planet for Aeryn but come across Xhalex, Aeryn's mother who Crais said he killed several episodes previously. Rygel and Stark get the truth out of Crais who tells them that he had to let Xhalex or other peacekeeper units would come after them. They track Aeryn down and get into a gun fight. Crais kills Xhalex and at the end Stark reveals that he going to stay on the planet in seach of Zhaan who he keeps hearing voices of. Aeryn decides to board Talyn and go back to meet up with Moya.moreless
  • Aeryn goes to a planet and attempts to contact her 'dead' father.

    I thought this episode was ok, it was not the best episode ever. But it was watchable. It showed a different side of Aeryn, this episode showed how much she card about Crichton, she really did love him. I do have a quieries though such as if that false Talyn was her father I gotta ask why didnt she ask what happend to his face? Like if she was half bread why wasnt she looking like Jothee or Scorpius? I must have missed that part. This episode proved how annoying Crais is! He is seriously selfish, Stark is also a crazy man but Paul is a great actor.

    Not a good episode but was average.moreless
  • Aeryn mourns John and makes a new encounter.

    Here comes an episode less excellent than the previous three!

    We are back on Talin, but Aeryn isn't there. She left for a bizarre Planet full of shady people. The atmosphere of this episode is realy suffocating.

    Aeryn rents a room on the planet, while Crais, Stark and Rygel are searching for her and encounter a familiar face: Xalax Sun, Aeryn's mother.

    Once again, we wonder about Crais' allegiance. On which side is he? Stark and Rygel overpower Crais and cuff him, even if he pretends to have acted in their interest by letting Xalax Sun live.

    We also learn that Rygel was once in love and lost someone that apparently forgives him. Maybe this storyline will be developed later on.

    Aeryn encounters a strange person, which pretends to be her father, Talyn Sun. But he was in fact hired by Xalax.

    Stark seems to hear Zhaan's voice among all the shooting at the end of the episode and leaves the team, leaving his mask for the Crichton on Moia.

    The episode ends with Crais shooting Xalax, who wanted to kill her daughter in order to ease her pain! She loved Talyn and killed him so Aeryn could live.

    Xalax falls off a building and we can therefore assume that she is finally dead.

    The most painfull thing to watch in this episode, were the scenes between Aeryn and her imaginary Crichton. It must hurt so much to loose someone so close under such circumstances... I realize now that what Aeryn had with the Crichton on Talyn can never be restored with the Crichton on Moia... But I still hope something will happen between those two in later episodes.

    This was a good episode, but not as good as the mid-season episodes.

Raj Ryan

Raj Ryan

Hotel Owner

Guest Star

Mario Halouvas

Mario Halouvas

Voice of The Seer

Guest Star

Steve Bowers

Steve Bowers


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is the only episode in the entire series where a "real" Crichton does not make an appearance; Aeryn does hallucinate seeing John, however.

    • When Stark, Crais and Rygel were questioning the Hotel Owner, they were attacked by a number of townspeople. Were they all acting under Xhalax's orders? Or are the inhabitants of this planet just scavengers and opportunists who perceived the crew's wealth and vulnerability because of their focus on Aeryn's grief?

    • Nitpick: Even if it would've been the real Talyn, the blood spectras wouldn't have matched since Aeryn has some of Pilot's DNA. Then again, it still might have been a close enough match to be suggestive of a familial relationship.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Aeryn: And now you want my pity.
      Xhalax: Oh, no. I want your pain. To know how close I was... to love. So close... and then to lose it all in an instant. I've heard loved ones leave you in pieces, that little by little you start to forget things about them... but that's not true. You lose them, everything, instantly. And suddenly nothing can replace them... nothing. And now you have nothing. How does it feel?

    • Stark: (To Crais) Do I look like an idiot? Huh? Huh? Does he look like an idiot? Do I look like an idiot? Yeah? Well, I'm not! And we're not fooled by you. If you've got a deity, you better make your peace with it now, because I'm going to lead you to the other side, real quick!

    • Rygel: Look, I'm not like Crais or Stark, I'm not trying to save you or recreate with you. You can do whatever you like, but Crichton loved you, Aeryn. He wouldn't want his death to lead you here.

    • Aeryn: Come on Crais, you can tell the truth.
      Stark: You get up, get away from him!
      Aeryn: (referring to Crais) That's all right, he wants me. Isn't that right? You always wanted to take me from Crichton, and now here's your chance. (whispering in Crais' ear) And you know what, Bialar? If I squeeze my eyes closed tightly enough, you could be some one else!

    • Stark: OK that does it! Get down on your knees, face the wall!
      Crais: I am not getting on my knees!
      Stark: GET DOWN!
      Crais: You told Rygel you'd be calm!
      Stark: I AM CALM!!! YOU GET DOWN NOW!!!

    • Crais: Get these off me.
      Rygel: (laughingly) Hahahahahaha.
      Crais: You're not a child, like he is. How how can I help if I'm cuffed?
      Rygel: Oh you'll help. If someone starts shooting, you'll make a very good shield.

    • Aeryn: (about Peacekeepers) I've realized we're not remarkable. We do nothing for love. Not one thing.
      Xhalax: You're wrong. Cycles ago after your birth I was given an order. They called it a choice. One of you must die, they said. I killed your father so you could live. I did that for love.

    • Aeryn: Was it easy to be a hero? Leave me behind?
      Crichton's Spirit: You never think you're gonna die. I didn't know...
      Aeryn: You, you did.
      Crichton's Spirit: No.
      Aeryn: Yes you did.

    • Aeryn: I returned from the dead, why can't he?

    • After seeing the dead Crichton and meeting her alleged (and also supposedly dead) father Aeryn sees Rygel floating out her window.
      Aeryn: Let me guess you're my long lost sister.

    • Aeryn: (threatening Stark with a knife) Don't you touch me or I swear I will spear the last eye you have left. Do you know what makes you so much worse? Is that fact that you think you're so much better than him. Always pressing against me... stealing looks... Get out of here, both of you get out!

    • Crais: Get him off me! Let me up!
      Rygel: The only time we let you up is when we flush you down the airlock.

    • Stark: Can't leave her on Valldon, it's dangerous, it's filled with mystics and criminals.
      Rygel: Then it's just like here, you're a mystic and we're criminals.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Stark, Paul Goddard's character was written out of the series by sending him on a quest to find Zhaan at the end of this episode in order to allow the actor to appear in a production at the Sydney Opera House. He will continue to be listed in the credits for the rest of the season, however.

    • Director Rowan Woods was heavily influenced by the sci-fi noir movie Blade Runner when setting the atmosphere of the planet Valldon.

    • Linda Cropper considers this to be her favorite episode; it's her final appearance on Farscape, as well.

    • Farscape regular Thomas Holesgrove makes a brief cameo as a Diagnosan in the background on the planet's surface.

    • Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgley, and Wayne Pygram are credited but do not appear. Lani Tupu is listed in the closing credits as voicing Pilot, but Pilot does not take part in this episode.

    • The Seer's voice was performed by regular puppeteer Mario Halouvas.