Season 1 Episode 20

The Hidden Memory (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Everyone are on the same place...

    John is still captured by Peacekeepers, but Gilina finds a way to distract them... she alters his memory so it would look like Crais had a wormhole technology all the time. Stark, John's roomate prisoner has his own secret... or even few. Aeryn is awake and she is deteminated to go back for John, and Zhaan and D'Argo are volontaring to help her. Same time, at the ship Chiana must help Moya have her baby, baby that is not quite Lieviathan... or anything like anything ever seen before. As this episode comes to an end John must decide something very important: Gilina or Aeryn.
    My personal favorite moment of this episode were Gilina's death. I really hate her. Also, my second favorite scene is Crais/Aeryn dialog... Very well written.
  • Death and life

    After the amazing ‘Nerve’ came the second part ‘The Hidden Memory’ which was even better.

    I loved the storyline on Moya, the ship is having it’s baby but it keeps having trouble. Pilot, Chiana and Rygel are the only ones there so they have to try to make the baby get borne but the baby has weapons and it’s planning to shoot itself out. The baby turns out to have peacekeeper weapons and it eventually shoots itself out but the farscapers don’t know if it’s a bad ship or a good one.

    Meanwhile John is still tortured and being put in the chair. He can’t hold on, then he makes contact with Stark who has his own powers and his own secrets. He cures John a little (which was a very beautiful and intimate moment) and makes me love Stark immediately.

    Anyway, meanwhile Aeryn discovers that John didn’t come back so she decides to go and Zhaan and D’Argo leave with her. There Aeryn meets Gillian again and they try to help John. Gillian puts something under the chair that makes John think of something and makes the chair reveal something that isn’t there. It says that Crais knows about the wormholes and that makes Scorpius want to put Crais on the chair and so he does. (good for him, Crais was really beginning to irritate me.)

    So anyway, eventually they have to leave after all those adventures. Aeryn comes to rescue John and Gillian but Gillian doesn’t want to leave with them until John tells her who he really wants. John doesn’t answer so Gillian doesn’t go with them.

    Upstairs is Zhaan, D’Argo and Stark waiting for them. They begin to shoot at the peacekeepers who are after them. When Scorpius catches John and tries to eliminate him, Gillian comes to the rescue but is too slow and gets shot.

    Eventually the escape, but Gillian is too weak and she dies in John’s arms./ Before she dies she asks for a kiss and he gives it to her, but it was obvious that he only loved Aeryn.

    The whole episode was powerful, I loved the scene between Aeryn and Crais and how she spoke to him and made him watch his life. All the actors gave their best and this makes up for my second favourite episode so far.
  • Secrets about Pilot and Aeryn are reveled

    This was a great instalment of the show. We are shown painful chapters in the past of both Pilot and Aeryn. Aeryn's past, her relationships and the choices she made are both painful and reveling. Pilot, too, is reveled to have made a choice that haunts him still. Great episode.