Season 2 Episode 16

The Locket

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2000 on Syfy
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Moya gets stuck in a temporal anomoly but is unaware of it. Aeryn returns from recon after only a few hours but has aged many years.

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  • Aeryn and Crichton get old.

    ‘The Locket’ was a very good episode, surprisingly.

    The storyline didn’t really interest me at first and I didn’t get what Stark was doing there (don’t get me wrong, I loved him in the first season).

    The episode is about Moya going into some smoke thing and Aeryn goes alone to a planet and when she finally comes back she has gone more than 100 years old. She says that she has to go back to her grand daughter. Crichton follows her and when he tries to go back he gets trapped and the same happens to him, he becomes a very old man.

    The best thing about this episode was Stark being back and having a unity with Zhaan which was exactly my favourite moment on the first season. When they do the unity they discover that they are trapped in time so it’s not that Aeryn was in a place that got faster, it really happened. It’s the place they are in which doesn’t contain any time.

    When Aeryn and Crichton are finally able to go back on the ship they get very old, but Aeryn was having pain in her heart and when she comes onboard she dies in Crichton’s arms. Aeryn’s death was very emotional and sad, Crichton opens her locket which she said to contain a picture of the only man she loved and he finds his own picture inside, a very beautiful and touching moment.

    Anyway, Moya has to starburst backwards and when it does, it gets stuck and time freezes again, John is the only one who is able to move so he moves and puts an extra energy which makes time go back to where they didn’t know. Everything didn’t happen even though Stark and Zhaan remember it, everyone else forgot an the locket had the picture which turned into dust.

    The episode was very touching, Aeryn’s death and Stark’s unity with Zhaan. It was a very good episode which fails on other shows when they try to make the characters older. D’Argo also finds out that his son is still alive and imprisoned, Stark tells him this which makes his character have even more purpose.

  • Romance, mistery, surprises, Aeryn and John as old people. That's about it.

    The first thing that really makes your herath skip a beat with the excitment is the fact that Aeryn is an old woman. You can see the worry in everyone's eyes but expecially in John's eyes. She says that the only reason she is there is because she wanted to warn them so that they wouldn't fall into the same "trap" as she did. After the warning she decided to leave but John followed her.

    Turns out that the "trap" was a weird and unusual phenomenon that was making Moya and everyone in it prisioners in time: the time kept passing but not to them.

    So now John is trapped too with Aeryn and her grand daughther (in the years she lived she had a husband and kids that had died). They both lived on the planet together for many years until the "trap" opened again so that they could go to Moya.

    They managed to get there but Aeryn died on the way.

    A plan is made and they manage to turn back time. Only Stark and Zhaan rememeber what happened.

    The best part of the episode was when John was saying goodbye to a dead Aeryn and opened the locker that, according to her, contained the picture of the only man she had ever loved and it was a picture of himself.

    The make-up was very impressive. You could really believe that they were old. The acting was very, very, very great. I find this episode to be one of the best I've ever seen.moreless
Alyson Standen

Alyson Standen


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Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard


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Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

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Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Pilot: Kahaynu protect Moya.

      Kahaynu is the Builder/God of Leviathans who was introduced earlier in the "Look At The Princess" trilogy.

    • This episode marks the return of Stark to Moya for the first time since season one's "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory".

    • Though it initially appears that everyone but Stark and Zhaan forget the events of the episode, and they're never mentioned again, this is slightly appeased in season 3's "The Choice", when Aeryn remembers some of the events from here in that episode, also written by Justin Monjo.

    • Crichton tells Aeryn he was four years old when man landed on the moon. If he meant the first time it would mean Crichton was born 1965. Of course he could also mean one of the later landings which would make Crichton born either 1967 or 1968. No matter which moon landing Crichton referred to it means he was born in the later half of the 60s.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Crichton: (when Zhaan tells him it's up to him to save the day) I am too old for this ****!

    • Aeryn: (to Crichton, after returning to Moya as an old woman) Look at you. I've forgotten how beautiful you are. You're so young. I've also forgotten how wrong you can be!

    • Chiana: (when D'Argo tells her to stop acting like an outsider) Yeah, but you're not going to change me.
      D'Argo: I'm only just beginning to realize that.
      Chiana: You're pretty straight, huh?
      D'Argo: Yes I am.
      Chiana: We're not going to make it, are we?

    • Crichton: I don't think it's him in there, I think you got my picture.
      Aeryn: Don't flatter yourself.
      Crichton: Yeah, my picture. Surrounded by roses and hearts and yotz...
      Aeryn: Open it then.
      Crichton: What?
      Aeryn: Take a look inside, you'll see his image, the only love of my life.
      Crichton: No, no... I don't want to see his ugly face.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Crichton: Aeryn. You are the one thing which has kept me from doing a kamikaze in the transport.

      "Kamikaze" is the Japanese word meaning "divine wind", and was the name given to a typhoon that destroyed Kublai Khan's naval fleet as it tried to invade Japan in 1281 AD. It came to be used during World War II as a term for Japanese pilots who would make suicidal attacks against enemy ships by crashing their planes, loaded with explosives, into them. More colloquially, as in the above quote by Crichton, it refers to a person making a suicide attempt by crashing a plane or other vehicle, or to the attempt itself.