Season 5 Episode 1

The Peacekeeper Wars (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on Syfy

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  • OMG i loved this show so very much! Then when they pulled it after a wonderful four seasons and ended it with aeriyn and john dying in an embrace with dargo screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i cried my butt off!

    Then for the die hard fans, which i am! They made the peacekeeper wars! I was like :o and then :D! lol, i couldnt help but be happy. this is my fav show above all others including heroes. I bought all four seasons and the peacekeeper wars just so i can watch it over and over again. Everytime i see it i get excited. Its funny dramatic and has the best couple! The peacekeeper wars was awesome! i loved scorpious in this when he interupts john and aeriyns wedding. but then the scarins come in and that was mind blowing. Rygell caring their child was the hilarious part though. Its like having a parasite inside me, was just too funny to say to a mom wanting to feel pregnant. i recomend this show to anyone who wants a little sci fi humor and action all rolled into one. the graphics are the best too! they are wicked cool with special effects and the actors are awesome!
  • An outstanding conclusion to a spectacular series that was rudely and prematurely cancelled by an uncaring network.

    A fitting conclusion that nicely explained most of the questions fans had at the end of season 4. Breathtaking special effects and a stirring musical score. I would never spoil this for you by revealing the plot so I am sorry if you came here for spoilers! Go buy the DVD and watch it and see for yourself! You will not be disappointed.

    Great work Brian Henson, David Kemper, Rockne O'Bannon and the cast and crew! Ya done gooood! We (the fans) could not have hoped for anything better and you certainly did not disappoint us. All the campaining and waiting was worth it.
  • I was looking forward to the peace-keeper wars but found that the continuity sucked.

    I was left very disappointed by the ending. If you are gonna finish off a series like this you need to make sure that the makeup for all the characters is the same as in the series, just because you got a different actor to play dargo's son the makeup didn't need to change. I would have much preferred to have another full series to end the show properly, and not this rubbish they showed. I have always been a big fan of Farscape and wish they had never canceled the series.
  • Part one of the Mini series...

    The only word i can use to sum up what i have just watched is WOW! I mean i think that the Peacekeeper Wars may be the best mini series i have ever seen. It is so great to have John and Aeryn back, and even the rest of Moya. So this episode takes place 60 days after the season 4 final where Crichton and Aeryn died! So D'Argo manages to get someone to bring them back, but all is not well. The Peacekeepers are now at war with the Scarrans and Rygel is somehow carrying John and Aeryn's baby. Cricton and Aeryn want to settle down, but they know that as long as he contains the wormhole knowedge he does both the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers will come in search of him. He is a means to the end of the war, if he creats a wormhole weapon. This episode was just so well written, it make you wonder what season five of Farscape would have been like if it was ever made. Thsi episode brought back Jool and D'Argo's son. I was shocked when they killed Jool and also i really thought Chiana wand D'Argo were dead. This episode left us with a big cliff hanger, it now seens that no matter what the crew of Moya do, the War will continue. I also loved that we got to see the Unrealized Reality again. I have to say that i can't wait for part two, what will Grayza do? and wil they stop the war. Are they all ok now that they have been gassed? I don't know, i am going to watch part 2 now...
  • Closure to the Series

    This 2-part TV "movie" gave the four-year series some closure.

    While the show was in its fourth year, there were rumors of a nation-wide cinema release of the Farscape motion picture. Since the series was uncerimoniously canceled, The SciFi Channel opted to make The Peacekeepers a SciFi Original movie.

    Without spoiling the movie for those who have not seen it yet, this movie lived up to its expectations, and if you liked the series, you will love the movie.

    I was a big fan of the series, and bought the video sets.

    This show and Sliders were my two favorite SCiFi Channel original series.

    MenifeeManiac, out.
  • this episode is exactlly what it should be. closiure to all ends, sadness, laughter, romance and action. although it loses much of it's value without the series behind it. note:this refers to part 2 as well.

    this is a mini series- or season 5 of Farscape.
    if u like farscape, ull love this.
    if u love farscape- this will mae u cry.
    if u dont know farscape- its just a good movie.

    This is a MUST!
    for a long time from today i wont say it again- thats the best movie iv'e ever seen.

    advise- watch seasons 1 through 4 to uderstand everything better.

    in the movie they upped the budget by alot- more effects & better everything.

    everything is in its place and time. no words to describe the prefectness of this episode/movie but PERFECT.

    so if u just skipped everything- WATCH THIS MOVIE!