Season 5 Episode 2

The Peacekeeper Wars (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2004 on Syfy
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The Peacekeeper Wars (2)

With Sikozu's help, everyone manages to escape from the Scarran prison. Joining up with D'Argo, Jothee, Chiana and other Luxans they cripple and leave the Scarran ship and return to Moya.

Crichton returns to the wormhole where he gets Einstein to give him the ability to build a wormhole weapon.


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  • You don't wanna miss this!!!

    OMG!!! the greatest ending i could've ever possibly imagined unfolded in front of me as i watched the 2-parter series fianle of farscpae peacekeeper wars!

    i was a devoted viewer and was complete;y and utterly destroyed whent he show was cut short after season 4 and i never thought i would receive my happy ending :( *shed a tear*

    But! (there is a god!) when i heard about the mini-series i made no hesitation at going to watch it.

    with the whole cast and crew back and no cut backs in the special effects i was not let down at all with the finale.

    (do not read next bit if havn't watched it!!!)

    Even with the death of our beloved D'argo (with which a whole tissue box was needed!) there was a sybolism between his death and the birth of John and Aeryn's son (little baby D'argo! How cute was he!!!).

    I was a HUGE John and Aeryn shipper and was ecstatic with the happy families ending and fully believe the show has been put to rest perfectly.

    (Although there would be NO objection if it were to start agian! *Hint*)moreless
  • Annoying for two reasons...

    When I discovered that they were going to do a mini series for Farscape after its cancellation I was ecstatic, however they have annoying managed to finish Farscape seemingly once and for all (even more then having the happy couple disintegrate at the end of season 4).

    My other main reason for disliking this episode though (look away if you haven’t seen it now) is the fact that they kill off D’Argo! Though not my main favourite character to me he was still a central part and I really don’t like the way the writers have killed and left him :(.

    Apart from that it was funny and kicked arse as ever. Aeryn in pregnancy made no effect on the fact that she was going to defeat everybody, and Rygel in pregnancy was just hilarious. Such a shame they ended it, please find a way out and a way to rekindle it!

  • Could've been better, but it's something.

    I guess all the Farscape fans like myself were expecting some sort of resolution for the series. The cliffhanger from the fourth season was brutal and when they announced that there wouldn't be a fifth, well... it's fair to say that I wanted to punch some network executives.

    While the miniseries isn't great, it's still very good and even more: IT'S SOMETHING. It gives us an ending, which is more than I was ever expecting when I heard Farscape was cancelled. The story is OK and we get to see pretty much everyone that ever set foot on an episode. I'd say that considering the amount of time they had in the miniseries to resolve everything that was going on, they pulled it of quite well. One thing that bugged me a lot and every single Frascape fan that I know....

    (Don't read ahead if you haven't seen it yet, it's a big SPOILER. You may continue after the next paragraph)

    ......is when they killed D'Argo. You can't just wake up some day and kill a character that has been in the series since day 1 (and one of the coolest, if I may add) just to make a dramatic effect. That's just not right... even if you need a name for John & Aeryn's child.

    Other than that, it was more than OK.

    Farscape had a chance that many series never do: to have some closure. It deserved more, but at least it's something.moreless
  • The big final which has been long awaited...

    So this is it, the final part of the mini series, and the end of Farscape. Well not exactly the end because we have the webisodes coming up, but this was an end to the Farscape we knew for four years. And what an episode this was, finally Crichton ends the war! This episode was fantastic, i loved the part where Crichton released the wormhole weapon and it began to eat up the universe. Grayza and the Scarrens were forced to agree to peace and they did so now the fight is over.

    So Crichton and Aeryn finally had the baby, that really was a touching moment for me. But the best part in my opinion was D'Argo's death. I really did not think that they would kill off such a great character but i understand that someone needed to go. I think D'Argo's death made part 2 stand out. You really have to admire the writers who had to cram a whole seaosn 5 into three hours but what a great job they did. Yes in my opinion the mini-series did feel rushed but at least we now have a proper ending to the show. I thought a few of the characters were a little left out in this episode but for the most part everyone had a good scene. So Rygel is going back home and Chiana is going with him. The D'Argo's son is with the Luxans and finally Scorpius is off Crichton's back, and Grayza and the Scarrans are co-exsisting. I would have loved to have seen more episodes or a part three to the mini series. But i guess we will have to make do with the episodes we have. Farscape was a great show and will forever stand out in my mind a sone of the best science fiction TV shows ever on television. I have nothing but fond memories of this show which will stay with me for a long time. I really can't wait for the ten webisodes lets hope they are as good as the mini seires, because who knows what the writers could do next?moreless
  • This show is the bomb i love it...

    Well i love it it was sad when it finnishe because there was no more left the best part was when they were fighting in the war and aeryn was having the baby. and also when crichton was saying to all the enimies that he was goin to make a massive wormhole and it was true he did and it devoured alot af enamie and a planet.He eventuallystoped it because the all said they would make peace and eventually signed a paper and all were happy.... then at the end was the best when aeryn and crichton were together with the baby out side o the terrist and said to the baby that all those stars and his :)moreless
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Linal Haft


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Nathaniel Dean


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John Bach


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David Franklin

Captain Meeklo Braca

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Rebecca Riggs

Commandant Mele-On Grayza

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Duncan Young

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Crichton: This woman could chew her own arm off, what the hell are you doing to her!?

      This isn't as much hyperbole as it sounds. In the first season episode "The Flax", Aeryn's leg was trapped and she quite seriously asked Crichton to hand her an axe so that she could get free by chopping off her foot!

    • Nitpick: While marrying Crichton and Aeryn, Stark tries both a Sheyang prayer for the dead, and a Delvian puberty chant, which were both recognized by the others as being wrong. How do D'Argo and Chiana know these specialized foreign rites so well enough to call him on his mistakes?!

    • For the second time, Chiana is called upon to birth a baby. The first was Moya's son Talyn.

    • Goof: Stark asks Braca if Muoma is present in the Temple, and Braca replies, "Yes, he's here." But Muoma is a female.

    • Nitpick: Scarrans are notoriously hard to kill, but Aeryn kills War Minister Ahkna with one shot of a pulse pistol?!

    • Once the wormhole knowledge is removed from Crichton's mind by "Einstein", Harvey's usefulness ends and so he self-eradicates.

    • Rygel kept Crichton's mother's ring safe in one of his stomachs for him.

    • The right (light emitting) side of Stark's face scarred over, no longer needing it to be covered.

    • Aeryn: (Speaking to the baby) See all these stars, their yours.
      Crichton: (Pointing to the brightest star) Except that one. That one's yours.

      This is a reference to Season 3's "Green Eyed Monster". At the end of the episode, Crichton was showing Aeryn his star chart, he said he always named the brightest star of the chart/his universe, Aeryn. The Crichton who told Aeryn this was the one who died, and fathered the baby. When Aeryn returned in Season 4, she said part of the reason she left was because she wanted to come to terms with that Crichton's death, and the surviving Crichton. By the star reference, he demonstrated to Aeryn that there really was no difference between the two Crichtons.

    • Crichton and Aeryn name their son D'Argo Sun-Crichton.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • D'Argo: (after the mortally wounded Luxan says his last goodbye to John) Do me a favor.
      Crichton: Name it.
      D'Argo: Chiana
      Crichton: I'll look after her. I'll take care, nothing's gonna happen to her.
      D'Argo: Go away! I want to speak to Chiana! (they both laugh together)

    • Aeryn: We should disassemble the weaker munitions, make our own shock grenades.
      Crichton: Arts and crafts. She's gonna be a great mom.

    • Aeryn: You went there, didn't you?
      Crichton: I went the whole way there.
      Aeryn: I didn't want you to do that.
      Crichton: Yes, you did. Everybody wants to see the great big wormhole weapon.
      Aeryn: I want to see war turned into peace.
      Crichton: War and peace. War and peace. Did you know that Woody Allen's version is better than Tolstoy's because it is funnier? And absolute power corrupts absolutely. Where the hell's my pen? Where's my pen?
      Aeryn: This is what you want. This is what you want!
      Crichton: No, Aeryn, it is not what I want! It's just that fate keeps blocking all the exits. And no matter what I do, I just keep circling closer to the flame!

    • Rygel: (as everyone waits for Staleek to agree to peace) If it's the largest black hole, then it's a death worthy of a Dominar!

    • D'Argo: I saw the most amazing thing before I almost died.
      Chiana: What? A vision? The light? Your ancestors?
      D'Argo: No. I saw a big wall of water and the ground as my nose was scraping along the floor. (they both laugh hysterically)

    • Crichton: (to baby) Shh. Crichtons don't cry. Often, or for very long.

    • Rygel: I would like you to name the baby Rygel.
      Aeryn: Maybe. If it's a girl.

    • Grayza: (as Crichton's wormhole starts to swallow everything) You will not go through with this.
      Crichton: I ALREADY HAVE!
      Staleek: I agree. You are weak. You will not sacrifice the woman and your offspring.
      Aeryn: Our son will be raised in peace.
      Crichton: Amen. You hear that, you bastards? All or nothing. (pause) Wormhole doubles two more times. Moya goes first. Twenty seconds later, you join us. Either way, this war is over!

    • Crichton: Wormhole weapons do not make peace. Wormhole weapons don't even make war. They make total destruction, annihilation, armageddon. People make peace.

    • Crichton: You're the closest friend I have.
      D'Argo: You could have done better.
      Crichton: Not in the entire universe.

    • Einstein: Time...
      Crichton: Flies.
      Einstein: Time...
      Crichton: Bandits.
      Einstein: Time...
      Crichton: Wounds all heal.
      Einstein: Time...
      Crichton: Rosemary and...
      Einstein: Time...
      Crichton: Time ends.

    • Crichton: A monumental black hole. A swirling headstone marking the spot where we used to live and play and slaughter the innocent.

    • Chiana: (to Crichton, after D'Argo's death) Hey, come here. Kill the frelling shliznats! And kill their mothers, too. An-and if you can kill 'em slowly, do it!
      Rygel: Back off, Chiana.
      Chiana: (grabbing a hold of Rygel) Keep away! D'Argo's dead. Do you think I frelling care what I do to you?!
      Rygel: (looking her in the eyes) Yes.

    • Crichton: Aeryn, we have to get ready.
      (Hands Aeryn a knife. Aeryn grabs the knife and aims it towards her stomach)
      Aeryn: Great! I'll cut it out! (Crichton grabs her wrist)
      Crichton: No! It's for your clothes, ... and the cord.
      (Lets go of Aeryn's wrist)
      Aeryn: Oh, right.

    • Crichton: The first Scarran you see, you tell him who his Daddy is! You tell him, D'Argo!
      (After everyone has left, and the Scarran re-enforcements arrive)
      D'Argo: I'm your DADDY!!

    • (Aeryn groans aloud in pain)
      Crichton: This woman could chew her own arm off, what the hell are you doing to her!?

    • Crichton: Is there anything I can do to help?
      Aeryn: Oh, I think you've done enough already. If this was a Sebacean child, a pure one, it would've been born long ago. So how long is this going to take?
      Crichton: Well, on Earth it can last days.
      Aeryn: I have killed men for less.

    • Jothee: Sgt. Learko, you go with them. Stark is now our number one priority.
      Rygel: Stark? How's that for an inversion of normalcy?

    • Braca: You're the reinforcements?
      Crichton: No, we're the band. Looks like Kiss was your opening act.
      D'Argo: Frell, I'm in the wrong band.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The Jim Henson Company, which made the Farscape series, considers The Peacekeeper Wars to be the 23rd through the 26th of season four.

    • Viginia Hey was asked to reprise her role of Zhaan for this movie, but turned it down.

    • Noranti was going to have a bigger part in the mini-series. However, Melissa Jaffer had an allergic reaction to the make up, and couldn't continue with the miniseries. In the original script she was supposed to officiate at the wedding.


    • The Sixth Sense: When Crichton says "I'm hearing dead people!", this is an allusion to Haley Joel Osmet's "I see dead people."

    • Crichton: War and Peace, War and Peace... did you know that Woody Allen's version is better than Tolstoy's?
      War and Peace, by Lev Tolstoy, is a novel about the Napoleon's invasion of Russia. Woody Allen made a movie spoofing the novel called Love and Death.

    • Harvey: Yes, mein Fuhrer!
      In the scene where Harvey is dressed as Einsten, he mimics the scene in Dr. Strangelove where Dr. Strangelove's arm uncontrollably lifts upward in a Sieg Heil when talking about the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent, which is reflected in Harvey's want of worm-hole weapons.

    • 2001: A Space Odyssey:
      The scene with Crichton and Harvey in the white room with the bed is a replica of one of the final scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, complete with the famous black monolith from that movie. In addition, the final scene with the baby may be an allusion to the final scene of 2001.

    • For Whom the Bell Tolls: The death scene of Ka D'Argo is reminiscent of the final scene of For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), where the wounded Gary Cooper makes a last stand against attacking troops.